We also covered the Go USA Bid event at FC Harlem (JPA, Stammler and Albright put on a clinic and met with Clinton before Sunil announced the former President as the Honorary Chairman of the bid committee, and will have more on that in a few days.  But here are a few photos to keep you going until then.

It was a busy day on the web for the Red Bulls today, so instead of rehashing it all, here are plethora of links to catch you up:

Red Bulls Weekly Update

Fox Soccer to air Juventus and Czech/Turkey friendlies: Special note: Red Bull Arena will show the UEFA Champions League Final on Fox Sports between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich for those attending the Turkey/Czech match.

Kristian Dyer’s Monday Morning Gaffer

Dyer’s player ratings from the Seattle match

Red Bulls Academy Update

Dyer on Mike Petke approaching 300 career MLS matches played


6 Responses to “MONDAY WRAP UP”

  1. Claude Says:

    Even in stills the impeached president can’t shut his mouth.

  2. gas huffer Says:

    Too bad W opened his too much…

  3. gigi Says:

    would be funnier if the number on the back of clintons jersey was 69

  4. Cindy Says:

    i love president Clinton personally, if only for the great work he does for Harlem alone. glad to have him on the committee!

  5. gas huffer Says:

    Word Up, Cindy.

  6. Claude Says:

    Hey at least he wasn’t exposing himself to the ladies in attendance.

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