Fredy Montero once again played the villain, coming on as a sub to score the game-winner for Seattle, sending New York to its second straight defeat and ending the Red Bulls’ unbeaten streak at Red Bull Arena.  After a shaky start, New York started to create chances, but couldn’t find the final touch, as several forays into the final third ended in frustration for New York.  Following the defeat, we got reaction from head coach Hans Backe and players Danleigh Borman, and Seth Stammler.



  1. arnold Says:

    when will hans backe realize juan pablo angel is a horse that must be put down…..juan pablo has lost everything that mad him deadly….personally i think hes gotta go for the greater good..especially when henry comes.

    • Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

      Hate to say this,but I agree 100% Angel is seen on th pitch getting pissed at his own teammates. He needs a new perspective,I think we should let chinn and Irving Garcia start,both of these guys have great work-rates! maybe it will put a fire under angel!

  2. pam Says:

    same old red bulls, same old result. give the ball to dane, watch him lose it. pass the ball to the middle, oops, no one there. pass the ball to angel, watch him slap his hands and make a pouty face when yet again he misses the ball. only difference is there was a crowd of people to see it.
    and, speaking of the crowd, it was a nasty one. for the first time i was nervous walking across that stupid bridge back to my car. more drunks flinging food and other crap onto the field and while i’m glad that security didn’t jump all over the idiots, it would have been nice for those of us around them to feel safe.

  3. Tim F. Says:

    The New York Red Bulls played terribly this game… many errant passes, poor movement off the ball, lack of a sense of urgency… that’s two MLS regular season games in a row — against San Jose and Seattle — that reminded me of the 2009 team. Every played poorly except for Petke (and he was defending Montero on the goal) and Borman and I would give them a fair rating. What has happened? May I please have the 2010 team back?

  4. Tim F. Says:

    I would like to see this group of players practice together this week:

    Angel … Salou / Agudelo
    Nielsen … Lindpere … Robinson / Ubiparapovic … Richards
    Miller / Borman … Ream … Petke … Albright

  5. Flintstone Says:

    While the lost was not his fault.Steve and Shep seemed to think that he could have saved that goal last night. Coundoul is very eratic back there. He`ll make a great save, then he will let an easy one in. Sutton is not the answer either.As the season goes on Coundoul could really hurt RB back there. Do you guys think RB should take their chances with him, the rest of the way or should RB get another Goalie.If he was any good wouldn`t Colorado have kept him?

  6. Stu Says:

    I think we should cut our losses with Coundoul. I agree he has great potential and is athletic as hell but there is more to the GK position than that. He has to play with intelligence (not running outside the 18 yard box to miss a pass) and consistency. Once the defenders start to doubt if he will get the ball, they’ll start to make more dangerous plays and we’re in real trouble. I saw Petke screaming at him for not taking a high ball in the box and his kicking is terrible so I think we should really start looking elsewhere.

    I also agree that we need to start getting some of our younger guys up front, either with or without JPA. Misses like the ones in the cup game can get chalked up to youth but with more game time under their belts, those goals start to go in. At least they were getting into scoring positions.

  7. Walter Says:

    I noticed at the game last night Angel ran out of steam, Richards was trying so hard, but could not quite finish the cross over. I had a funny feeling that when Montero came on in the second half, he was going to be a problem. We had many chances to score in the game, the best chance was probably Salou, but………….. Anyway it was great to see Josey Altidore make an appearance. lets put our faith behind him and our USA team in the world cup. We face Columbus Crew on Thursday, lets stick together and win our next game.

  8. Chris Demczuk Says:

    How could anyone possibly think Angel was at fault for not scoring last night. If he doesn’t receive a single service inside the box and when he holds up the ball and plays it outside, that player loses it. However, most find this as a mistake by Angel. WRONG!!!!! A striker’s job is to hold up the ball when a mid fielder passes to them so that the striker can either pass the ball back to that same teammate or to another. If this were to happen, then Angel would be able to spin off his defender and the player he played the ball back to would be able to send him a through ball ON THE GROUND so that the team would not be so readable. Don’t get me wrong, a forwards job is to obviously score goals, but if he never touches the ball, how could he? If anything, the only problem is that there was maybe two crosses that whole game because we tried to shove the ball up the middle.

    On some plays up the sideline, Nielson and ubiparapovich would make bad decisions and cause a counter-attack by Seattle. Most of these types of plays would be a result of a lack of fundamentals. A soft pass or a pass that is rocketed past the intended target. Ultimately, it comes down to possession, which we nearly never had. The midfield needs to work on dictating play so that the team can set up in the opponents end. There were too many times where RBNY had possession in Seattles half only to be broken up when someone for RB made an errant pass or lost the ball on a dribble. The mid-field needs to know where they are because in some instances the player should know not to take a defender on. When they lose it and most players have moved up for an attack, it puts pressure on the defense of RBNY as Seattle comes down on a conter.
    In the first ten minutes, I thought I was watching a U-8 boys team playing by just smashing the ball up the field. We lack composure and unless the team practices their calm on the ball, we will never win the cup.

    Another thing, players on RBNY have had the game drilled into their head to such an extent that they can’t open their eyes on the field. On some plays they don’t see an opening in the defense and continue to try to play the ball wide where a teammate is covered. On one occasion last night, a midfielder brought the ball up the middle of the field looking to play it out wide. With his eyes facing that direction, the defender drifted towards the side line and a huge opening opened in front of the player with the ball. Because that player was so worried about playing the ball wide, “the way the game should be played,” he did not see the gap and attempted a lofted pass over the defenders head, which resulted in the ball going out of play.

    Additionally, in the united states, I have noticed how players insist on their through ball going over the defenders head for an attacker to run on to. However, does that make much sense. The pass would have to be perfect so that it wouldn’t hit the defender and wouldn’t go to far so that the goalie would come out to pick it up. If the midfield played balls on the ground for Angel or Salou to make a diagonal or horizontal run, we would have much better chances. In England, players are taught to never make a run straight down the field because it is too easily covered by a defender. The run must either be a diagonal with s straight ball into thier path or a horizontal run where the ball is sent through the defense to run onto.

    Overall, the problem that RBNY has is a non-creative squad, who’s main goal is to make their coach happy by trying the same pass every time they make it to the opponents side of the field. Unless another Red Bull team shows up next game, they will have the same result.

    • soccer lou Says:

      Im also with you Chris i would also like to add the fact that Mr. Backe keeps on playing Stamler and Richards on the flanks Why????? Seth is does what he can but he’s playing out position and how much more of Robinson in the middle??? he’s playing with a bum knee and can even play 90 minutes once again WHY? sorry bad signing he hasn’t done anything for the team but get hurt if he’s not healthy get Tchani on the field . In Mr. Backe system the midfielders don’t push forward much mostly is in the hands of the side midfielders to feed the forwards results no goals. The sounders coach actually won this one over Mr. Backe (montero coming and scoring late) Red Bulls on the pitch have become predictable…

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        get stammler out of the flank, put tchani in there so he can create something with the ball, I am not a big fan of Ubi but put him in there he seems to have more control with the ball and knows where to pass the ball instead of just putting head down run, and kick the ball in the air…..

        lets face it folks we need a ton of help in the middle. lets see what Tchani can do…once the mid improves you will see Angel have good games.

    • Cindy Says:


  9. harry Says:

    Well put Chris.

  10. fred Says:

    Another week, another slow offensive fire power, play is chase mode for most of the game!

    Too many errant passes, the offense is totally out of sync. they’re not pushing the ball up field at all…not since the second game of the season. Not certain what the coaches are looking at…maybe the team is paying too much attention to all the press they have been getting about their great start.

    They better wake up or they won’t win another match this season

    • Peter Says:

      I think the only word that fits the whole team’s performance is “unprofessional” they were operating way below their ability as individual players and as a team…and that includes the entire management. As individuals they have not grasped the fact that each of them is and represents the entire Team…so as one goes so go all.

  11. Ken Says:

    I agree with Chris and lou. Nice to seem some guys who really know the game.! LOve you guys! I have gone to everygame since the team started and have played the game for many years including in Europe and realize everyone has their own take on JPA.

    I personally love JPA, I think he was the team for the last few years and it a great captain who loves the game and has the right to get mad and sulk when he is getting SHIT Passes from a Shit midfield. If your captain does not get mad and have the will to win then you have a SHit Captain! He keeps himself in great shape for an older player. Look at our injuries. Kandji is always out and Salou got hurt and so was Miller last night. Yes JPA is older but remember Folks without JPA we would never have won one a game in the last few seasons and even this season . He hustles and tries to do to much. The midfield sucks so he has to come all the back on every play and of course is to tired sometimes to run all the way back. He assists everytime the other team takes a corner and is always double or triple teamed so it is not his fault totally it is the midfield which never cuts into open space. Sorry to say but it is the coachs fault for not playing an attacking style like most good teams do. Look at seattle does lindenbugh come back on every play or did Montero who just stands in front of the goal and gets great service.
    Lets look at Buddle who is now all of a sudden a superstar because LA went out and got three quick Brazilian midfielders as well as Donovan. Columbus has Scoletto and Toronto has De Rosario. Look at Emilio with DC all of a sudden everyone says he sucks why is that? No midfield.

    I like Henry but he will be in the same boat as JPA Do you think if JPA leaves and we have Henry that he will not be tripled teamed and get frustrated too?s

    I say sign JPA to international minimum but NOT DP and get Henry, an atttacking midfielder or two. JPAs job is to stay in front of the goal and score goals not be a superman and run all over the field. WHen he is double teamed his partner or other midfielders must go into the box and not be afraid to shoot. We need both Henry and JPA with a good attacking midfielder who can shoot and pass.

    I hate when fans only bring up JPAs name. Last night Richards looked worse than ever, canot put one cross in the middle of the box. Sinsa dribbles with his head down and is very slow and Stammler has no offensive skills whatsover. Linpere tries and has shownsome promise but needsto cut and shoot. We cannot rely only on JPA everytime down and then blame him when we loose. We need other scores when three people our holding him.

    Every good team plays an attacking style and we play sort of a back zone and other teams shoot alot of shots and we hope by luck that they do not score instead of taking the game to them. The defense held their own but we have no coordination in the midfield. We will never be good unless our midfield is revamped with exciting scoring minded midfielders who can both cross and chip the ball in the box. Lets give JPA one season with a new midfield not with the following bench players: Richards has speed but cannot cross or pass. Stammler to slow on offensive end and Sinsa the same. I thought Hall played much better than Sassano could ever and has some speed but Richards never works with him on the give and go down the middle. Bottom
    line we need better players and to play like we did in the beginning of the year. I think we really miss Kandji speed.

    Lets go NYRB! Good luck against Columbus.

  12. Chris Demczuk Says:

    Finally someone who understands what JPA’s role is. Thank you Ken. By the way, I saw Kandji last night and he is still on crutches.

  13. soccer lou Says:

    I really don’t think i ever was going to write this but JPA ‘s days as a Red Bull are over. Very simply the fact that Soler still lookin to add more forwards to the roster from Henry( the worst keept secret), Salou and the never ending rumors of Luke Rodgers. All of them play the same position as JPA does slight diference here and there but forwards anyway remember JPA was here long before Eric and Hans got here. Clearly JPA has slow down and he’s not getting any help from the midfield but the fact that Hans is not set on a lineup yet due to injuries or lack of performance may might help on JPA cause. That’s only my gut feeling..

    • maxwell Says:

      I feel JPA has also lost the spark he had the first year he was here…his pace this season is nothing it was the first year…i was at saturdays game and from wat i saw JPA was struggling with his first touch losing possession too many times. and when it comes to dane richards……i dont know what to say……someone needs to hand him a football for dummies text book…he may have all that speed but its no use if he does not look up and see the field..he is not football intelligent and needs to be replaced..ubi would have done more than richards. hopefully brian nielsen starts on thurdays as hes the only one offensively that is not afraid of pulling the trigger. ONE Last comment GIVE CONNER CHINN A CHANCE!and dont forget about chani, at the moment hes looking better then robbo who is struggling with his fitness! good luck redbulls on Thursday we must recover!!!

  14. jdubs Says:

    what was the debacle on PATH?! they weren’t letting any trains go to harrison!!
    when we finally got a cab the exit was closed and we had to walk over a mile to watch the disaster that was the 2nd half.

    total nightmare.

  15. DRENK Says:

    Wow what a lackluster game, Redbull must’ve assumed they would walk in and get a victory, but Seattle was hungrier for win, it showed from the very beginning.

    Angel needs to sit down, he doesnt chase the ball, he was easily out-sprinted by seattle defenders time and again, he hasn’t impressed me one bit.

    Nielsen has been a good addition to the team, he plays with heart and was the only one that was trying to level the score. Lets hope he starts against Columbus this thursday

  16. BlancDaBody Says:

    I’ve said this before. If Richards is gonna play he needs to play tucked way more towards center and forward of lindpere and robinson. He needs to get away from the wing and allow Hall to come up and occupy that position from the back line.

    He doesn’t have the quality to keep posession of the ball down in the corner, and struggles to deliver service into the box. Defenders are actually starting to give him a cushion of space to run down the line where he is stopped by the fullback and stripped by midfielders tracking back.

    If Backe continues to play Stammler or Ubi along the left wing (purely making that side more defense oriented) the right is going to have help more in the attack. Right now, with the wings absolutely trash, teams are just sitting in the middle of the field making JPA or anybody else irrelevant.

    My advice would be to save Richards for late game situations. 60th minute and onwards. Give Hall a chance in the midfield. Albright/Borman at right full back.

  17. emilio Says:

    Stammler is not a wide midfielder, and Robinson hasnt added much. I would consider starting Tchani as he is a better distributer than Robinson, also if Salou is injured maybe play Richards up top. I remember when we were close to signing Rodgers, how most of you were against the move, saying we had too many forwards. We need a speedy forward, or else we will have serious problems throughout the season. It looks like Backe likes Borman, so why not play Miller in the middle in place of Petke, although we think Petke is great, he makes many mistakes and gets beaten badly by pacey forwards.

    • Chris Demczuk Says:

      thank you emilio, you took the time to actually think about what you are writing, something other people here should take note of *COUGH* Tony and Tony Speaks the TRuth* COUGH*
      IF only everyone understood that they should not blast players that they can’t even define the role of.

  18. Tony Says:


    You cannot dribble you can not do anything but head the ball goodbye man have fun in mexico while henry shows how a real foward plays byee u suck so much

    • Tony speaks the truth. Says:

      THANK YOU! idk why people keep trying to defend angel and get all technical about it while at the end of they day hes soooo slow he cant dribble and his first touch is terrible.. putting in connor chin or agudelo would give more results because there not lazy and willing to run. henry will make a better more experienced captain so its ok people we no longer need him…

      • Chris Demczuk Says:

        Why don’t you go back to fifa and use your tactics cause they sure as hell don’t work professionally. What will change with Henry? what, do you think he will take on an entire team, no dip sh**. We will sit here thinking “Oh Henry sucks, he doesn’t want to run and dribbles too much.” So unless we sign the hand of god, we can quit dreaming about the perfect player to play here and learn how to oh I don’t know, pass and shoot the ball. Believe me, if Henry gets frustrated at Barcelona, he is in for a big surprise when he comes here.

      • Chris Demczuk Says:

        As I mentioned in my post below how angel is making runs, I don’t mean he is sprinting his ass off when the ball is in RBNY’s defensive end, I mean he plays smart and makes runs when they are necessary.

    • Chris Demczuk Says:

      By the way, Angel is from Columbia.

  19. Chris Demczuk Says:

    Are you for real? You think Nielson played with heart? I can point out four occasions where he attempted a pass out wide to Ubiparapovich and either played it into the defender or scorched it out of bounds. Someone save me from the American view of soccer!!!!!!!!!!
    One of the writers for RBNY wrote “Nielson sure does a lot of walking…….when running is necessary” you can go check if you like. I can give you his user name.
    As for Angel, what lack of control are you talking about. If there were 10 Angels playing on Sunday Seattle wouldn’t have touched the ball. He can’t help out the midfield with simple passes, thats their own fault. If angel makes a run in front of the defender and tries his best to control a shitty ball that is pee rolled to him or lined up and fired at him, what more can you ask of him?
    Americans think that a striker is supposed to carry a team to victory. Well, you’re wrong so shut up because unless you watch how other teams play around the world, a striker is useless without a creative midfield that can play balls to the strikers feet.
    Secondly, unless RBNY is gearing up for armagaedon, what the hell do they need another striker for (excluding Henry of course). For a team who can’t play the ball around like a u-13 girls team can in England, I don’t think finishing is too much of a concern especially with a Columbian veteran up front who knows how to play the game.
    Fans need to learn not to ball watch if they are going to comment on how a player is doing because it is not all about who has the ball. Angel is never taking a nap as a teammate is dribbling up field, he looks to make creative runs where the defender won’t catch him, not a lazy ball over the defense. Because thats exactly what those through balls are, LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you see Barcalona lobbing passes over the defense for there attackers to have a race against their man. NO. Their creativity comes from brilliant control on the ball and an understanding of the game.
    So all you RedBull fans out there who are whining “he has lost his spark” and “he is a horse who needs to be shut down, why don’t you shut your mouth and take the time to learn how the game is played. This sport is not your typical game in America and is more tactical than anything played here. Most fans will never truly understand what makes a fantastic squad and who has the best fit for their favorite team.

    • Matt Says:

      Chris, I happen to agree with your technical analysis of Angel, Nielsen, etc, but I have to say your attitude sucks. If you don’t like it in America, there’s the door – nobody is keeping you here. Insulting Americans, and insulting American-style soccer is no way of making a point. You want to criticize the way a player plays, by all means, but do not insult an entire country just because you disagree with a few people on some online message board. It’s not only inconsiderate, but it also devalues your point. Now, I’ve said my peace.

      • Chris Demczuk Says:

        I’m sorry if I offended you or others, I just can’t stand the attitude that Americans have towards their players when they aren’t up to their standards. “He is an old horse that needs to be put down” come on!!! If there were to be valid points instead of “He sucks!!!” I would have no problem with what anyone said. I was only directing those comments towards the people who had those types of posts on here. SORRY!!!

  20. soccer lou Says:

    It’s just not fare when they refer to JPA as and old horse that need to be put down come on now but that’s somebody’s opinion i respect that even if i don’t agree with it for those who want him out what’s your solution to the problem Henry he’s not with the team yet but when he does arrive do you really think anything is going to change with the same group of MF and system yeah right ! good luck with that!!!! who’s the other solution Salou?, Chinn, Kanji, Agudelo ………..once again good luck with that im not even getting all technical about it because it seems that you guys dont understand that aspect of the game so let’s leave that alone the fact of the matter is if you JPA out WHO’S YOUR ANSWER RIGHT NOW
    feel free to reply with his replacement name ok

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