New York hosts Seattle for the first time at Red Bull Arena in the second and final regular season meeting of the season between the two sides.  With both teams coming off 4-0 defeats last weekend, both clubs will be looking to get back on track.  The Red Bulls took the first meeting between the teams, 1-0, at QWest Field on April 3, snapping a LONG road winless stretch.  Just a reminder for those in attendance tonight, be sure to collect your #14 signs and raise the during the 14th minute to show your support for Joe Vide, and be as generous as you can to help defray Joe’s medical costs.  If you are not at tonight’s match you can donate at

New York Red Bulls:





Subs: Sutton, Chinn, Miller, Nielsen, Tchani, Mendes, Ubiparipovic

Seattle Sounders FC:







Subs: Boss, Scott, Levesque, Wahl, Montero, Sturgis, Noonan

PREGAME: Jozy Altidore is in the house and will be speaking to the media in a few minutes.  We are going to get a one-on-one later in the match and will post it later.


1′ And we’re off…

1′ Coundoul comes way off his line to stop a through ball, and it leads to a free kick for Seattle outside the area.  That leads to a corner.

4′ Seattle pressing play early, with New York on the defensive.

6′ Things getting chippy early, with Stammler and Nyassi having words and Ljungberg getting a talking to for a hard challenge on Lindpere.

14′ Lots of Joe Vide #14 signs being raised.  Great cheering from ESC as well.

16′ Some late arriving crowd as the PATH was shut down for awhile with a bomb scare.

18′ Seattle with the better of play over the first 18 minutes.

24′ Lindpere draws a foul just outside the box to the left of goal.

25′ Angel puts the kick just over the top.

27′ Salou gets put through onside, but can’t break free and no shot comes from it.

29′ NY is starting to put together passes and get creative, but can’t quite get the final touch.

30′ Petke nods on a Lindpere corner, but its put out by Seattle.

35′ Yellow to Hall.

35′ NY is generating numerous scoring chances and goal seems like it is in the air.

39′ Yellow to Borman

41′ There was a suspicious package at the Harrison PATH train station, which has caused delays to PATH service. The Port Authority Police Department and the Harrison Police Department are working together to resolve the matter.

43′ Richards sends a through ball that almost sneaks past Keller.

45′ Late corner for Seattle.


46′ And we’re back…

48′ No changes for either side.

49′ Salou went down.  Looks like he is going to be subbed out.

50′ Looks like it will be Nielsen.

52′  Salou went out with a left hamstring injury.  Nielsen set to come on.

53′ NY sub: Nielsen for Salou

53′ Borman saves one off the line on what looked like a sure goal.

55′ Nielsen playing as a support striker behind Angel.

56′ NY sub #2: Sinisa for Richards.

60′ Evans nods one over from a lofted ball.

63′ Vagenas is down and will be subbed out.  Looks like Sturgis.

64′ Nielsen gives it a go from 20 that Keller has to dive to save.  No rebounds there.

65′ Sea sub:  Sturgis for Vagenas.

71′ Yellows to Marshall and Stammler for an altercation on the endline.

76′ Evans’ shot deflected out for a corner.  Looks like Montero is getting ready to enter.

77′ Sea sub: Montero for Nyassi.

79′ Stammler heads a cross wide.

81′ Bouna comes off his line to beat Montero to a 50/50.

85′ Goal Seattle.  Montero beats Coundoul to the short corner off a quick restart.

87′ two subs: Tchani for Robinson and Noonan for Evans.

90′ 5 minutes of stoppage.

90+’ Yellow to Zakuani

FULL TIME: Seattle 1, New York 0.

Check back later for post match reaction.



  1. Starks in Tampa Says:

    very important game for both teams. Lets hope NYRB can get back on track and put out a good performance. I want to see more possession play and better passing today. The defensehas to perform better, they have giving up alot of shots this season.

    I can not wait for the game.

  2. Starks in Tampa Says:

    F Thierry Henry to sign with NY Redbulls after the world cup.

    !!!!!!!!!! amazing news!!!!!!!

    Can not wait!

  3. christian mtvernon Says:

    lol sutton in mid?
    im tired of stammler starting on the right!

  4. Ethan Z. Says:

    Sutton might be the creative midfielder we’ve been looking for….excited to see what hes got

  5. Ethan Z. Says:

    Starks, please dont say new york post

  6. Starks in Tampa Says:

    very poor start by NYRB, no possession whatsoever….just like last game Seattle is outplaying us, we got lucky last game against them we shall see today..

  7. Starks in Tampa Says:

    besides Lindepere out Midfield is horrible….I wish Nielsen was in shape darn it….I cant wait to see him in the 2nd half I hope

  8. karbaz Says:

    Ibrahim is too slow to be paired with Angel who’s not too fast himself. We need a quicker guy up front with Angel.

  9. Starks in Tampa Says:

    here is the problem with MLS, Midfield play all over the league is atrocious. Once this league starts to develope or bringin players from oversaeas that can play the midfield well thats when we will start to see better play on the field and a better product

  10. karbaz Says:

    Richards, zero soccer brain, all he knows is to run run run.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      hahah, he isnt a talented player, he has blazing speed but your right no clue what to do with the ball except push it forward hope to outrun the defender…. his passing is very weak….not a good player

  11. Oh_yeah Says:

    Path problem cannot get to game.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      really? wow so there are still people yet to get to the game?

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        Now, you know why we could not get to the game. There was a bomb scare next to the Harrison Path station. It started around 7PM; 30 minutes before the game. It means that couple of thousands fans could not get to the game.

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        We did not get to the game because there was a bomb scare at Harrison Path station. They halted path traffic from 7PM to 9PM. I could not get to the arena. My brother and I went to see Ironman. Good movie. I guess that I could thank the bomb scarce for not seeing the horrible performance by the red bulls. I saw a tap delayed or encore of the game; they did not look good.

  12. karbaz Says:

    Good god I just had a heart attack.

  13. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Seattle is just a better team they are showing it again…..they know what to do with the ball once they have possession..

  14. karbaz Says:

    God Stammler cannot pass a ball to save his life

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      pfffff stammler…. a slightly better version of Sassano, thats not saying much… if we had a better team, more depth Stammler would be a bench player at best…. he sucks.

    • Ethan Z. Says:

      Tchani should be playing over Stammler

      • Roberto Says:

        ditto that, and should have replaced stammler long b4 the 83 rd minute, hans what are you waiting for, very poor passing by stamler

  15. Starks in Tampa Says:

    omg this team can not hold possession…pathetic.

  16. karbaz Says:

    The lack of energy our guys are showing at home is just unacceptable, how are we gonna fill the seats if we don’t perform well?

  17. karbaz Says:

    I swear we need to start every game a goal down, we seem to only play well when we are losing.

  18. karbaz Says:

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. Terrible everywhere on the pitch. Too slow, no energy, no communication, too dumb with the ball, terrible all around.

    We are slowly losing the top spot in a very very weak eastern conference which is not a good.

  19. Rich Says:

    I drove an hour and half from NY only to be unable to attend the game because of a bomb scare. This after paying $10 for parking. Total waste of a Saturday night. Where was Red Bulls management other than sending out an email saying we missed you.

  20. Roberto Says:

    no sense of urgency from midfield, Lindpere almost invisible for large stretches of the match and hasnt really done anything since 2nd game of season, Robinson too old too slow, Stamler what could i say he still cant pass the ball correctly, Richards has proven once again that speed alone is not enough to be a good player, our 2nd string midfield creates more than these guys, Hans its time for a midfield shakeup two games two losses and not much creativity, its time too start Tcani, nielsen and Ubi and sit out these older guys

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      i agree 100% i have been saying our midfield sucks for the longest! once our infield improves so will Angel and so will our scoring plain and simple

  21. Eddie Reilly Says:

    I was at the game last night and, for me, it was pathetically unwatchable. I have seen secondary school games better than the crap I witnessed last night. Thank God Seattle is a terrible team otherwise the result would have been much worse. The lads were completely off last night. I was appalled at #6 attempt at fancy maneuvers in the first half. Before he attempts back pass flicks, he should practice one touch passes. We lost so many opportunities. What was all the garbage in front to the net? We’re not playing an indoor pickup. If you have a shot, drill the bloody ball. Real simple! The only descent shot was the free kick attempt. Bona was even off last night. There was no cohesion last night. No one was playing as a team. After Seattle’s goal, it should have been a long ball game Drill it up the right side and everyone push up. Don’t even get me started on the officiating. We have 4ea Yellows (I think it was four, I was so disgusted, I lost count.) It was Hall in the first half, that little squabble in the second half. Again, I lost count. My blood pressure was to high at that point! I literally thought I was watching a High School game. Angel, we are paying this fellow a boat load of money, go earn it. He did nothing at Villa Park as well. Sorry Lads, I’m a little pissed off. I understand you can’t be on every game but Come On!
    Signed – an angry (loyal) fan.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      Glad I missed the game. We could not get to the arena because there was a bomb scare at Harrison path station. They stop path traffic for two hours from 7PM to 9PM. We were in the train waiting to get to Harrison Path station. We were behind the last train that drop of passenger at the station, and looking at the arena and the big barn next to the arena. They had the train go back to Journal square.

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