Due to the presence of a suspicious package under the Harrison PATH station, the PATH train service was suspended in both directions.  Vehicular and pedestrian traffic were restricted from accessing Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard.  Approximately 7000 fans were delayed about one hour from entering Red Bull Arena.


  1. Jake Says:

    Will there be any refunds/tickets to other games offered to fans who were prevented from accessing the game? 100s of fans were stranded at the Journal Sq. PATH station for most of the game, making it impossible to even see any of the game live. Service did not resume until 8:45pm on the PATH, which means that fans would not have reached Harrison Station until 9pm, and would not have gotten into the venue until 9:10, by which point the game was almost over. If the Red Bulls care about their fans who were unable to see the game through no fault of their own, they will do the right thing.

  2. TBrodie Says:

    I was stuck on Frank Rodgers Blvd. trying to walk to the game. It was a complete joke. Red Bulls should give credits right away to those of us who couldn’t make it to the stadium.

    I came home to see an e-mail from the Red Bulls almost chastising me for not making the game. It really rubbed salt in the wounds after the debacle we experienced tonight!

  3. Jeff Says:

    The biggest debacle was sitting for over half an hour on the bridge to cross from Newark north on to Rodgers Blvd. One police officer was turning cars around one at a time,over half an hour before kickoff, and directing traffic back into Newark, and around to the other side of Harrison, and taking us to the other side of the closed road, cutting us off from the stadium. That kept us on the other side of the closed road until after half-time.

  4. Jessica Says:

    The Red Bulls didn’t stop you from going to the game, the cops did. They don’t owe you any refund. You should be more grateful that the path station didn’t explode while you could’ve been in the arena. Suck it up & just go to another game.

  5. Tim F. Says:

    Red Bulls need to make the game day experience start earlier … to entice fans to come earlier if possible and to make a day of it. It’s not Red Bulls fault but their fans are impacted.

    • Tim F. Says:

      In light of how poorly the team played, maybe it is a blessing in disguise that some fans were unable to attend the game. Those who went through the transit ordeal and then saw the out of sync, poor passing and lack of urgency performance by New York might not be making a trip out anytime soon. Red Bull cannot be blamed for the transportation disruption but they should get back to square one with the team’s play… starting tomorrow.

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        Gee, I am glad that I missed the game. I am one of the hundreds that was stranded at Journal Square

  6. Max N. Says:

    The Red Bulls should check with those nitwits that “run” the PATH trains and come up with a Plan B when there is a situation like tonight. There had to be thousands of fans stranded at Journal Square and no way to get to the Stadium unless one wanted to pay a cabbie $40-$60 a head as they were gouging people who had no choice.

    There were no updates from PATH, no announcements, and no information as to what anyone could do after leaving the station. The cops were useless, all they cared about was whether there were any passangers sitting in the front seat of cabs. We were in the first train that went in (and only know about that by accident) and saw 30 minutes.

    I’ve seen anarchy better organized than this.

  7. soccersteve75 Says:

    Gotta agree with Jessica on this – What did the Red Bulls do wrong organizationally? It was an outstanding circumstance that they had no control over, the cops took over the whole thing. Are people suggesting that the Red Bulls should have a contingency plan to get people to the station in the event of a possible terrorist attack? Do you realize how preposterous that sounds?
    Living in the Metro NYC area, we can’t afford to mess about with threats like this. It sucks when you can’t make the game through no fault of your own, but it’s also not the Red Bulls fault. If they didn’t stop the trains and the station, God forbid, blew up…..I hope you get my point.
    There are priorities in life, and human safety is above attending a soccer game, as much as an inconvenience it is.

  8. soccerHP Says:

    What happened this Saturday was out of everybody’s control and yes safety is #1. But what it did show was some flaws in once again the NJ Transit system. I was one of the many passengers who missed most the game and was able to witness the lack of organization within the system. The conductor took us back to Journal Square and told us to get out of the station to take a bus to red bull arena but he didn’t tell us where and there was not one station agent to point us in the right direction. People were lost and walking aimlessly. The only time I did see a someone working for the path train was outside and asked me what was going and he told me wow I’m always the last to know. Are you serious wow that says alot about the system. Than you wonder why people hesitate to see a game it’s the transportation. The shutting down for a suspicious package is the out our control and that’s fine. But let’s say a train shuts down or someone gets sick at Harrison do they have a plan b? That’s what I’m saying and what I saw yes I know it was a suspicious package but got me thinking what if it was you know train shutting down cause of mechanical problems or somone getting sick at Harrison station and people are stuck at Jourbal Square than what would what they do?

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      I was there with you at journal square. There were no path agent or Jersey transit people directing stranded passenger where to go. It was a blessing in a twisted ways because we did not get to see the game. I went to see a movie, so I did not waste my Saturday night. I went to see a movie in Manhattan. I had a good night. Hopefully, there won’t be a next time. If there is an unfortunate incident like this in the future, they, path and jersey transit, should have agents out there directing people.

  9. Quinn Says:

    Some fans that got to the stadium were not even being allowed in at one point. I would say that the Red Bulls do perhaps owe a raincheck to those fans. That was not strictly a PATH issue. We turned around because we heard they weren’t allowing fans in. A friend of our biked from Brooklyn in a Redbull sponsored event, but wasn’t allowed in to watch the game. I understand that the PATH issue was out of their control, but they weren’t even letting people into the stadium at about 8:10pm.

  10. Andy Says:

    I was there with a client. I drove down from Conn only to get stuck in traffic, then stuck waiting with 8000 people to get into the game, Then when we did get in after the first half was over, it was only to watch them lose in the 86th minute. Then of course I get to wait an Hour at the GWB to pay $8.00 toll. The whole night was ugly. I also got a nice keyjob by some loser in the unmonitored parking lots of some business a mile away. The team is beginning a slide. I have watched and loved the Chicago Cubs of Major League Soccer to long to get my hopes up.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      PLease don’t equate the Red Bulls as the Cubs. They have not existed long enough to get that dubious honor. Hopefully, they will win something in the next five years.

  11. DRENK Says:

    Wow what a lackluster game, Redbull must’ve assumed they would walk in and get a victory, but Seattle was hungrier for win, it showed from the very beginning.

    Angel needs to sit down, he doesnt chase the ball, he was easily out-sprinted by seattle defenders time and again, he hasn’t impressed me one bit.

    Nielsen has been a good addition to the team, he plays with heart and was the only one that was trying to level the score. Lets hope he starts against Columbus this thursday

  12. Uncle Mike Says:

    This was my first game at RBA and I took a train to Penn Station, then walked down Market Street and over the Jackson Street Bridge, figuring it was the best way to get some pregame atmosphere. I had no idea anything was wrong on PATH before the game until just now. It was a bit of a mess after the game, with too many people trying to squeeze onto PATH’s uncomfortable cars. “Are you Tokyo, are you Tokyo, are you Tokyo in disguise?” And then there was some confusion trying to change at Journal Square, unsure if we could stay on the NWK-JSQ train and take that to the World Trade Center station, as it looked like that train was going out of service. But nobody on that trip said anything about a problem earlier. At any rate, the club can’t be held responsible for PATH’s emergency procedures screwing up people’s schedules. Maybe the officers on the ground, at Journal Square and Harrison, could have helped people get around better, but that’s the extent of the authorities’ (PATH’s and/or the club’s) responsibility. You want to blame someone, blame the person who left the “suspicious package.” He was either a criminal or a dope.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      Uncle Mike, I agree with your point that the club cannot be held responsible for the unfortunate incident. You have to agree that they, the club, path and new jersey transit must have emergency plan for an incident like this situation. It is not that hard to create or plan. Uncle Mike, believe me that I am in a profession that deal with incident like predicament.

  13. dan Says:

    I also waited at Journal Square for about an hour, knowing that it was too far to walk to the stadium. Then eventually gave up and went home. It would be nice for them to have some express PATH trains that go direct to Harrison for games, or how about we put a stadium above the tracks to the west of Penn Station in NYC? 🙂

  14. gf Says:

    wow-had no idea. It was my first RBNY game. I decided to go late so I skipped the train, drove and parked on a street across the river. Couldn’t have been easier. I ditched out of the traffic and thought it was strange that the cops were turning people around after they crossed the bridge but I also couldn’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t just park and walk.

  15. Stan Says:

    The bigger issue to me, is that there were no PATH reps to tell us where to go to get buses or to suggest alternatives ways to get to the arena.

    PATH’s website posted the police activity but there were no further updates from 7:35pm on. You were pretty much on your own once you got to Journal Square.

    We finally got inside the stadium by at the 50th minute.

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  17. Patsy Says:

    Stan, I agree, and on top of that, there were nobody there to tell us on the roadways what to do either. The boulevard was a mess! Took us hours, and not a soul to tell us what was goingon. The radio staitons really need to get better at informaing the public. Newark roads were jammed, but the mayor didn’t even show up to tell us what was happning.

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