Another impressive performance by the Red Bulls in an Open Cup match, as New York posted a 3-0 win over a depleted New England Revolution side tonight at Red Bull Arena.  A brace from fan favorite John Wolyniec and a Sinisa Ubiparipovic tally proved to be the difference as the Red Bulls advance and will host the Colorado Rapids on May 26 at 8 PM ET at Red Bull Arena.  We got post match reaction from Head Coach Hans Backe, tonight’s captain Carlos Mendes, and goal heros Wolyniec and Ubiparipovic.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s match? Did you make it out to Red Bull Arena?  Did you watch on the live stream?  Did anyone tonight put in a performance that demands more MLS match playing time?  Who do you think played well tonight?  How do you think the Red Bulls will do against the Rapids in the next round?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. gas huffer Says:

    Any chance for game highlights? Well done, Metro!

  2. christian Says:

    why is ubi not a first team starter?

  3. Tim F. Says:

    Good team effort. Sutton wasn’t really tested but he did what he had to and greatly improved his distribution. Boyens was absolutely fantastic last night. Mendes and Borman had great games as well. Albright had some strong moments including a cross that should have led to a goal.

    Tchani and Sassano had strong games as well although they were relatively quiet. Ubiparapovic got more involved as the game went along and had several good passes and penetrating runs.

    Nielsen played fine although I felt in the run of play sometimes he had trouble finding teammates and teammates had trouble finding him when he was wide open. He’s got great talent but needs to gel with the team.

    Hall seemed to struggle as a right midfielder and played more comfortably as a right back; in fairness to him, he probably needs more playing time in midfield. Garcia was a spark off the bench, made some great passes and runs for top combination plays; hope he gets more minutes next time.

    It wasn’t always pretty at the forward spots but they did what they had to. Wolyniec putting in two goals; Chinn struggled but I’m confident he will rebound. Agudelo looked strong coming off the bench but a couple of times he held onto the ball a little too long.

    More than individual play, they seemed overall to mesh well as a team. Great job. I hope they get another game together before facing Colorado.

  4. BC-Sec.130 Says:

    Can’t agree with Tim F. more about Nielson, he could be our best player, he has to play with our first team more. We dropped the ball by not getting Jon Bush, both our GK look shaky at times and neither one can handle the ball.

  5. jackv Says:

    Woly was great still has a lot of play in him.Ubi finally broke though great shot from way back he is a consisted player for the team.all in all a very good showing keep up the winning drive.Go Red Bulls!

  6. Brad DeSantis Says:

    First off I want to thank the Red Bulls for the live stream! Being able to see Woly put in those two goals was fantastic and Ubi’s was a real scorcher! Great job boys! Bring on the Rapids! Keep up the great work and make us even prouder than we already are!

  7. DRENK Says:

    WELL DONE RB!!!! Great game great atmosphere @ the arena, cant wait til the 26th!

  8. Greg Jayne Says:

    Nielson, Ubi and Boyens should be considered for the starting lineup. The game was great. The bulk of the play was in the New England half. Chinn had an off night. Woly though I hate to say it is starting to look past his prime. Awkward and clumsy with the ball. Nielson and Borman worked well together at times. Borman made at least 9 overlapping runs that Nielson could have sent him into the attack with. He chose most times to switch the ball. It was fun booing Smith and my thanks goes out to the ESC for keeping the atmosphere rocking! I have to admit I am perplexed as to why more people do not attend these matches. The last 2 open cup matches have been the best games I have witness at the stadium so far this year. At $18 per ticket it is even better. I missed the Santos game.

  9. SteveNYRB Says:

    I know the Cup games are cheap but it was cold and potentially rainy last night. Midweek games are tough for some people to get to. I think if they keep progressing in the Cup you’ll see more people coming out in the warmer weather. I went to the Union Cup game and it was fun but cold. Going to the Sounders match. If it’s 65 I’ll be happy.

    • Tim F. Says:

      I realize week day matches are tough but that makes the most sense for USOC games. Saturday nights should be for most MLS league games.

      You thought it was cold last night? You should have come to the Philly open cup match.

      Forget about rain; we have a roof!!!

  10. marcia Says:

    It was cold at Union Cup game and was glad to watch the live stream last night. Baby Bulls have a great future, Nielsen has terrific soccer insight and needs more time to mesh with starters. Sutton looked more comfortable, Woly plays with huge heart, Ubi had a nice night but NE’s A team is even badly depleted!

  11. eltigreferoz Says:

    Great game. For all of Chin flaws, he’s still young and I still think he’s got a really good first touch (not so much second or third). And he seems to get himself into some pretty good scoring opportunities…if only he were able to take them.

    All in all a Wednesday well spent. Like everyone else, I wished there were more people. But the folks who were there made themselves heard.

    I loved LOVED hearing Khano Smith booed roudn the stadium. Brilliant! That guy did nothing for us, resented us for it, and wasted a good chunk of our money. Granted, it was JCO who even brought him here. But still. What a stinker. And what a horrible player. I almost luahged myself silly when Revs subbed him on.

  12. Rob Robinson Says:

    Great job by the “reserves” again. Sometimes I think they look better than the starters and are more entertaining.
    I thought these players were really good, Tchani, Ubi , Nielsen (great), Woly, Albright , Boyens & Mendes .
    Although Chinn did not score and botched a couple of chances, I think his upside is very good. I love to watch him play as well as Agudelo for the short time he was in.
    The video was also very good, keep up the good work.

  13. Stu Says:

    I agree with everyone else in saying thanks to the RB for broadcasting this game. For those of use who can’t get to all the games, this is an awesome way to keep on top of all the action. The team looked great and I’m glad to see that our “young guys” could probably give most first teams a run for their money… gonna be a good season.

  14. soccer lou Says:

    Good game overall
    I would say this the team has depht and more than capable subs to come in any league game and perform. Nielsen and Tchani should start two young guys with a lot of talent that need to play. I would consider Agudelo on the
    RMF spot the kid has talent and swagger, mojo whatever you want to call it
    he’s got it

    • soccer lou Says:

      With Agudelo and Nielsen playing the side MF slots now you have pace, touch, cretivity and young legs ready to go.

      • Tim F. Says:

        I think that would be a good way to mix it up. Dane has had some important contributions this year even though he has been inconsistent as well.

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