The Red Bulls host New England in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup at Red Bull Arena.  Following the loss on Saturday away to San Jose, the team is looking forward to getting back on the pitch to prove that performance was not indicative of who they are as a team.  Much like the Open Cup win over Philadelphia, the starting XI for Coach Backe will likely consist of a number of reserves, including Conor Chinn and Andrew Boyens, who, along with Backe, shared their thoughts on the match.

You can watch the same preview, as well as the live stream of the match, on the Red Bulls video player HERE.



  1. big t Says:

    Give Garcia More Playing Time I Want To See Him Play

    • Belluschi_08 Says:

      yes..he should get more playing time..he has super ability, if he gets rythm he can be a decisive player

  2. Tyler Says:

    Go Chinn!

  3. DRENK Says:

    cant wait for the game! Ill be there screaming my lungs out!

  4. oscar zelaya Says:

    go red bulls!

  5. RESO Says:

    Is it me, or does Backe say “in a way” at the end of every sentence?

  6. Tim F. Says:

    Let’s go Red Bulls! We want to advance and win the US Open Cup! Please have a deep bench with proven goal scorers (e.g., Juan Pablo Angel).

  7. Luigj D Says:

    Iam not to happy wit Juan Pablo angel the way he is handling the game he is not working hard at all and i don’t think he has enough skills his feet i never see him taking on a defender or making nice moves and scoring like Cristiano Rolando does the only weapon he has is his head what do you guys think i think they should bench him and let him wake up a little bit because he is not playing for free

    • DS Says:

      You really have to be kidding me. You really expect Angel, who is 34, in the twilight of his career to play like arguably the best player in the world, who is in his prime at 25? Angel never played like C. Ronaldo at any point in his career, it’s not just going to happen now.

      Also, I completely disagree with your evaluation of his play. He’s scored countless free kicks and chips, (and PK’s) and made many skillful turns to lose defenders. Of his 4 goals this season, only 1 was with his head. Plus, I’ve never seen him press defensively as much as he has the past few matches. He never did that under Osorio. Plus, last week he was playing right midfield for most of the first half when Sassano was sent off and Richards was playing right back.

      As for some of his short comings, he really doesn’t have the best first touch. If he’s not shooting immediately, he does struggle receiving the ball at times. He needs the perfect pass, if it’s a bit off he can struggle to get a hold of it.

      “he is not playing for free”? What does that mean? If he’s benched then he’s getting paid to not play.

  8. Luigj Says:

    i never thought to c ronaldo with angel beacuse never have it nd never will have anything in common the only example i gave is how c ronaldo dribbles few players nd scores form outside the 18 yard box whcih angel never did nd i dont think he can nd i also never saw do it. if you dont understand what that means he doesnt play for free i will explain it he make 1.7 million dollars he doesnt move or fight for the ball he just wait for service i think we should get rid of him nd replace him with a 1.7 million player much better fighter i see older players for example del peiro who is 36 he plays like he is the late 20’s thats what i mean

  9. mario Says:

    Bottom Line Angel Sux No Matter How Much He Maker He Should See The Bench

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