A difficult loss all around in which the Red Bulls played a man down for 77 minutes after Luke Sassano’s straight red card in the first half. As noted in the video, Ryan Johnson’s goal right before halftime was another big momentum changer before the Earthquakes went on to score three more in the second half. We caught up with Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe, who noted to the media after the match that he rewarded Sassano with a start due to his strong form in training, forward Juan Pablo Angel and defender Tim Ream.

We’re back at home, first against New England on Wednesday in Open Cup action, before taking on Seattle Sounders FC Saturday. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. kpugs Says:

    Shame on Luke, the game was over before it started.

  2. Tim F. Says:

    I lost electricity shortly after the second goal was scored — so I only saw the highlights from that point forward — but from what I did see, this game was a huge flashback to ’09, something I hoped would never resurface. Can the team immediately put this game behind them with two solid performances this week? I sure hope so.

    It’s too bad the team didn’t manage to get to 0-0 at halftime. It wasn’t just playing only ten men for most of the game, and it was a reckless challenge by Luke, there were very poor performances overall from Roy, Tim and even Juan Pablo at the offensive end. Either Dane or Seth was marking Convey on the cross that led to the first goal. Jeremy and Sinisa miscommunicated and failed to follow the player cutting down the left side on the third goal.

    Tonight I was only impressed with Joel — the game highlights do not do justice to his contributions. Under the circumstances, Mike was solid on the night except he may have been the one who was supposed to mark Burling on the 4th goal — and Tony was decent in the minutes he had. Other than that, NO ONE else impressed.

    Goal difference can come into play at the end of the season; I hope the team doesn’t regret not keeping the scoreline tighter.

    The Red Bulls have started out with the second best record by limiting their mistakes, by playing as a strong back four and by consistently creating enough offensive chances to get at least one goal. Tonight that was not the case on all fronts. Playing a man down so early on clearly was a pivotal moment but there were also uncharacteristic poor play from many players last night.

    Come on Red Bulls, please regroup and get wins against New England and Seattle!!!

  3. lou Says:

    I missed the whole game because my power was out for nearly the whole day, but from what i could gather from the comments, i apparently picked a great game to miss.

  4. BlancDaBody Says:

    Yea, it was terrible. After that sending off, we were forced to slot everyone back a little. Imagine the right side of the field with Dane playing Right Back and JPA in the right midfield spot. Ibrahim alone up top.

    Even then, we still were in the game until the first goal went through. After that, we folded.

    I dont know why Sassano was even in this game, and I still don’t know why Hans waited so long into the second half to bring Hall and Borman to play the full back positions.

    • lou Says:

      that sounds pretty awful. Did chinn or garcia get any playing time? i’d assume they didn’t.

      • BlancDaBody Says:

        Nope. I’m guessing we’ll see them in the Open Cup match on Wednesday. Hopefully Neilsen gets a little run too.

  5. shizzle Says:

    With all due respect to juan pablos “Finishing” skills juan pablo needs to start growing a pair of balls and play hard and maybe slide for a ball or dive for a header…i feel like his attitude has changed compared to his first season at redbullss….he acts like a diva and doesnt want to get his hands dirty….

  6. jspec Says:

    Didn’t get line up change. Tchani ok no Nielsen or Hall. This was an important game. Can’t lose against Seattle.

  7. jspec Says:

    Juan Pablo doesn’t move. A striker with speed last Night the score would have been different.

  8. gas huffer Says:

    Hans mentioned RB never gave up during the 90 minutes? They threw in the towel after the red card. The team attitude was weak!

    OK, let’s move on, but no more of this…

  9. Chris Says:

    I love my NY Red Bulls but that was a shocking match, glad I didn’t see it. That tackle by Luke was pathetic and he should know better. Does he need to go back to training in Austria to learn how to tackle properly??? Tim Ream was sucking wind and dragging as* all match long. Most of the reason why and how San Jose were able to score those goals. Can we get a new defender, send him back to Chicago where he can stare into outer space while the match takes place.

    Come On RED BULLS!!!

  10. Starks in Tampa Says:

    blooody awful game folks….lets put this behind us, regroup and put our A lineup vs Seattle. The Sounders just got killed by the Galaxy and to be honest I think they played better then us in the first match up so we need to come out strong!

  11. soccer lou Says:

    Well well well
    This was awful
    First Sassano dumb tackle no need for that so early in the game
    no need to try to impress the coach. he’s done it already in practice and with everythig he has done to earn that start. He needs to calmn down
    he put the team in a bad spot . The back line with Sassano getting that
    red card they completly collapse for the first time Ream look like a rookie
    and Miller really look lost . I think Backe did not responde either and the team look confuse out there. How bad is Nielsen fitness that he can play 45 minutes? and why take so long to bring Hall in ? the midfielders where trying to do too much . Tchani should start. The forwards where kind of scare to mix it up a little bit (JPA) and could not get anything going
    Coundul come on now!! What happen with the second goal????
    First time the team faces adversity of this kind and could not handle it
    with all that said the team still looking for that starting 11 , for sure they did not sign Nielsen to be a benchwarmer , and there’s still positions on the team that are not set . Who’s playing next to Lindpere in the middle and RB position still up for grabs . Bad game but still early in the season and there’s plenty of time to fix what wrong with the team.

  12. Tom Says:

    I thought we did alright in the first half as far as not giving up. That second goal was a back-breaker and things seemed to really fall apart after that. I’m not going to jump on Tim Ream for the game, the whole defense gets shaken up when a right back gets sent off. Yes, the game sucked, yes we played poorly. I’ll get save my getting upset for when we see how the team responds next week. Seattle will be a gut check, two teams losing 4-0 so both will come out on fire. Come on you bulls, get big.

  13. JayMah Says:

    Wow. Who are you people. The team went a man down in the 13th minute and you are all trashing the team. I am happy to see them lose 4-0 with a man down rather than with a full 11. Have some faith in the team! Your comments are immature. Wait until next week and judge how the team responds! If we lose as bad as we did with a man down next week with 11 men, then I will be a bit worried. But come on, the team is still growing. If this was an RBNY team in the past, I’m sure the score could have been much worst!

  14. Alle Says:

    Unbelievable post that is. It was a ridiculous loss, there’s nothing to be happy about.

    By the way, can RBR confirm whether Bouna will be on his way to Chicago tonight or not (for Senegal’s match against Mexico)?

    • JayMah Says:

      Yes it’s a ridiculous loss but don’t count the team out already. I’m “happy” for them losing 4-0 with 10 men rather than with a full squad.

    • Alle Says:

      I’m not counting them out, we’re still leaders. All I’m saying is, I’d rather have the draw with 10 men than lose – especially by 4 goals.

      @RBR: Nevermind, I heard the news.

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