Good evening and thanks for joining us today, as the Red Bulls look to make it four-straight wins when they battle the San Jose Earthquakes for the first time this year. Here is your starting lineup for New York:





Substitutes: Sutton, Borman, Boyens, Hall, Nielsen, Chinn, Ubiparipovic

A few notes to get you started:

– Two changes from last week with Tony Tchani plugging into the midfield for Carl Robinson, who did not make the trip after having his knee drained earlier this week. This will be Tchani’s first career start in regular season action. Luke Sassano makes his first start of the season, playing at right back for Jeremy Hall. Sassano is from nearby Orinda, CA and his family is in the attendance.

– Dane Richards was a question mark earlier this week after suffering a left adductor strain in the team’s win over D.C. United. However, he trained Thursday and Friday and is ready to go.

– Salou Ibrahim came off with a shin contusion on Tuesday at training but is OK to go tonight.

– Mike Petke is on yellow card warning, meaning if he gets another one in the next three, he’s suspended one match.

Here’s San Jose’s lineup:


Convey———McDonald———Andre Luiz———–Gjertsen

Corrales———-Hernandez —–Burling————–Leitch


Substitutes: Busch, Glen, Jasseh, Ring, Morrow, Sanchez, Sealy

Kickoff is at 10 PM and will be televised live on MSG, with Steve Cangialosi and Mark Lisi calling the game! We’ll be doing live commentary on the match via our Twitter account (@newyorkredbulls) and have post-game reaction later. Enjoy the match!


27 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. ‘QUAKES – PRE-GAME”

  1. Tim F. Says:

    Good fortune tonight Tony and Luke!!!

  2. Ken Says:

    Is anyone suprised? I have been writing about Luke Sassano for the last few years as a die-hard fan on NYRB for years who never misses a game I could never stand Sassano he is WEAK, SLOW, and has no
    offensive skills and has always made stupid mistakes.

    Why sassano no offense over Hall who has been playing well. Hall
    assisted to Salou against PHilly and has always run down the flank.

    THis should be a lesson never start a scrup like sassano. Hopefully Albright back to.

  3. Starks in Tampa Says:

    sassano is HORRIBLE> Ken I like you think Sassano is garbage and has not talent whatsoever. Why the heck did he start???????

  4. Starks in Tampa Says:

    dude sassano is a stiff plain and simple….he is not an MLS player.

  5. Starks in Tampa Says:

    im so frustrated with that dumb challange and red card

  6. Julian Gaviria Says:

    Who received a red card? Just tuned in…

  7. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Sassano got the red card for a completely uncalled for tackle from behind

  8. Julian Gaviria Says:

    What an idiot…

  9. Tom Says:


  10. Starks in Tampa Says:

    i really do not ever want to see Sassano on the field ever again for NYRB.

  11. Starks in Tampa Says:

    that was a great goal by SJ but again it is hard to keep up against a team that passes this well in transition like SJ does when you are down 1 man.

  12. redbulls4ever Says:

    Nooooooooooooo, I don’t believe this, Johnson just called for the Earth quakes. That was not a red red for Sassano in the 13 th minute., a yellow possibly. aarg, the whistle just blew for the half time. Common New York Redbulls………………………….

  13. Julian Gaviria Says:

    It was so nice of Hans to let Sassano start that way his family could see him place. Kind of reminds me when I played for my community college, our coach would make captain the player who’s family would be going to that game…

  14. Starks in Tampa Says:

    well it may have been a red red but it was still debatable which in my opinion is still dumb, seriously what was his going to accomplish at best with a take like that?

  15. Starks in Tampa Says:

    BTW, Sassano starts over Hall becuase he is from the area and has family and friends in attendence? I didn’t know this was the YSOA or any other youth league. These are the pros damn it….anyone see Backe’s reaction? He thought to himself, this kid is never getting off the bench after tonight. He shouldnt Sassano sucks big time, no talent whatsoever.

    I have been watching NYRB for years now and this kid never did anything to impress.

  16. Starks in Tampa Says:

    LOL Julian my thoughts exactly….

  17. Ken Says:

    Hey starks thanks for your writing. Love NY but we need midfielders with speed Angel should not have to come back and play defense when the team is healthy. We need Kandji back and of course Hall who is much quicker down the flank. Sassano always makes dumb fouls and is not a soccer player like Starks says. Nice to see someone who knows the game! Also we miss Robinson who is a good defensive midfielder. I am tired of reading about all the Angel Bashers. He still hustles, and gives it all he has. Yes he is older but without JPA they will lose every game and never score any goals. LInpere had wide open net and missed but still love him. Stammler is good on defense but has not no offensive skills. Everybody is talking about how good LA is but they FORGEt that they went out and got 3 BRazilian midfielders who have speed and feed Buddle. IF JPA had the same midfielders with speed feeding him he would average three goals a game. SAssano cost us a big game and glad he will not be there next week for Seattle. Lets go out and get some quick midfielders who control the game. Good Luck next week to NYRB cannot win game without full team what a disgrace. Thank God we will still be in first but will fall way behind LA. Hall has been playing great and also contributes on offense. What does waterboy Sassano bring to the game. We should have cut Sassano and signed Zimmerman.

    Whats up the Ream? Just let the free shot go by? Thanks Luke have a great season on the bench.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      ken i agree with pretty much everything you said. Plus I noticed our backs are HORRIBLE in playing the ball on the ground, sometimes I feel like I am watching high school soccer when they get the ball they just kick it up the in the air instead of keeping possession….

  18. shizzle Says:

    With all due respect to juan pablos “Finishing” skills juan pablo needs to start growing a pair of balls and play hard and maybe slide for a ball or dive for a header…i feel like his attitude has changed compared to his first season at redbullss….he acts like a diva and doesnt want to get his hands dirty….

  19. gas huffer Says:

    JPA has been past it for a while now. Take him out instead of Salou and good things will happen.

  20. gas huffer Says:

    0-4. Ugh… Welcome back to ’09…

  21. Julian Gaviria Says:

    I’m still trying to figure why on earth did Sassano start…I hope my conclusion is not true. Can someone please explain??

    • kahlva Says:

      I think we need to give a little more credit to Hans. There’s NO WAY a coach gives a start to a player just because he’s from the area.

      Sassano has evidently looked solid in practices, as he did in the Open cup. No idea why he started – maybe the plan was to go a half, then have Hall come in, so they’re both OK for the Open Cup.

      Who knows.

      Long and short is it was a dumb tackle (replays showed his studs were up), and doomed us to playing almost an entire game a man down.

      Shake it off and look towards Seattle.

  22. thisisvictorkim Says:

    weren’t these boards raving about sassano after the usoc game?

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      if this board was raving about Sassano after USOC game then they obviosuly havent been watching him play over the years….plain and simple he is not a soccer player… very stiff, no skill with the ball, very dumb, low soccer IQ the list goes on…

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