A fantastic result for the Red Bulls, who played an even first half before bursting ahead with two second half goals to earn the three points. New York is now 5-1-0, marking the best start in club history, and won in the nation’s capital for the first time since Oct. 8, 2005. Since then, the Red Bulls had gone winless in 10.

We caught up with Red Bulls head coach Hans Backe, defender Mike Petke, midfielder Dane Richards and forward Juan Pablo Angel after the match (sorry about the lack of video today). Some highlights are up here.

Hans Backe on the match:

Mike Petke on the match:

Dane Richards on how D.C. approached him:

Juan Pablo Angel on the match:

What were your thoughts on the match? Who was your man of the match? Pumped about the team’s start? Let us know and have a great rest of the weekend!!!!


20 Responses to “RED BULLS ROLL WITH 2-0 WIN OVER D.C.”

  1. nando Says:

    proud of our boys… to san jose and bring back another 3pts!

  2. Cindy Says:

    huzzah RBNY! now if Dane just stays playing like he did in the second half! Angel too.

  3. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Very good win. Extremely happy with the performance. What an athletic gaol by Salou. His big body will be needed to score goals like that….man what a season so far…..from last years pathetic results to this year, night and day.

  4. mark Says:

    That Ream kid plays so’s hard to believe he’s a rookie
    His ability to connect on long passes is incredible.
    He has to be a leader for Rookie of the year!
    Go Red Bulls!

  5. Matt Says:

    Great result. Was down there with the traveling fans. I love the confidence we are playing with at the moment. Keep it up, boys!

  6. harry Says:

    We are doing well, very impressed with our team.

  7. jackv Says:

    Doesn’t get any better than this first half was a little scary but the boys pulled out another win.I think Salou is doing just fine,a goal is a goal no matter how you look a it. Great Job Redbulls your making your long time fans proud!

  8. lou Says:

    Impressive win given where it was, and how the first half had went. Some nice saves from bouna, ream played well as usual, angel looked more mobile then he has in weeks.

  9. Oh_yeah Says:

    Wow, I saw the game; This team have not played their best game yet. Eventhough they are struggling, they are still playing winning football. I have to give credit to coach Backe and the players. Good job.

  10. el Says:

    Richards played a great game didnt he, he was a terror all game. I dont understand why people dont like Salou, he has skill is a good passer, and has 2 goals his last two game, I dont know what else you want??

  11. Juan Carlos Says:

    This team is getting better and better each week. The ” D ” is starting to gel well w/ eachother.I think Hall is better as a Mid than a Defender. He seems more comfortable at mid. If Salou continues playing like he has over the last 2 weeks I see no reason for the Red Bulls to be looking for another forward. Don’t forget that Kanji willl be back . Maybe use the money for something else . Juan Pablo is once again becoming the ball hungry striker that he is . Keep the party Rock’n !!!!

  12. Tim F. Says:

    Great team effort! Look forward to Saturday night’s game.

  13. NYCfan Says:

    A shutout win against our real and not made up rivals in their house. How much better can it get. The difference in management and coaching from last year is just night and day.

    Is there a reserves match planned for sometime this week?

  14. Alle Says:

    This win feels great! Seeing DC down below is priceless. Still first as well, keep it up guys!

  15. Ceez Says:

    Looking good, boys!! LOOKING GOOD!!

  16. Cubillas Says:

    I agree with Juan Carlos. Is there a chance to see Albright start as a fullback and move Jeremy to midfield? Maybe on the USOC game against the Revs on the 12th.

  17. emilio Says:

    Nielsen and Richards are the teams starting wide midfielders. Hall will not be a starting midfielder for this team, and why would we want him to be, he is very limited offensively.

  18. Tampa Fan Says:

    Given a true opportunity and the lack of a selfish player on the field (Richards) I know that Hall would pleasantly surprise people offensively.

  19. Walter Says:

    Our New York Redbulls are a team that has made us so proud. Coach Backe we are thrilled to have you as our beloved coach.

  20. emilio Says:

    Selfish, Richards? Richards was one of our top players last week and we always rip him, Richards is a much better player than Hall, I think Hans Backe knows more about the sport than we do.

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