The Red Bulls head to our nation’s capital for the first meeting of the year with Atlantic Cup rival DC United.  After having earned their first road win in too long a time earlier this year at Seattle, New York looks to slay another dragon and earn three points at RFK Stadium, a building that has not been kind to them.  Earlier this week, we caught up with Coach Backe, Mike Petke, and Joel Lindpere to get there thoughts on the matchup.


Luciano Emilio will be available for selection for the match, so it will be interesting to see if Curt Onalfo goes right to the Brazilian against the Red Bulls.  What are your thoughts on this match?  Ready to see New York get 3 in DC?  Share your thoughts below.


  1. kahlva Says:

    Hi guys,

    Any chance you could also post this like you did before – an embedded video or a YouTube link?

    There are some of us who can’t use/view that Video Player. (Silverlight doesn’t work on all platforms)

    • Alle Says:

      Yeah agreed, I can’t use it myself, youtube was better (or vimeo).

    • Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

      If you are talking about mac than just do a google search for silverlight for mac they have it on the apple website. I posted a link but it was not allowed 😦

  2. Cindy Says:

    shamon Red Bulls shamon!

  3. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    COME ON YOU BULLS! Be soft on your feet in traffic and be confident, they need to defend your never-ending attack not the other way around! If you are in front of their goal keeper then chip that chit!!!

  4. christian Says:

    condoul hat trick.go red bulls!!!!!!

  5. Chris Says:

    For those of you who have DirecTV, you’ll notice that they have a quick scoreguide that pops up on every sports channel (if you press the red button). The leagues they include depends on the time of year, but right now they include MLB, NHL, NBA, and Nascar. For soccer, and this is where the problem is, they include the EPL, La Liga, and even the Mexican league, but they’re missing MLS! I think this is a spit in the face and an embarrassment to America, MLS fans, and DirecTV itself.

    The fact that they skip over our/their own domestic league but include the foreign leagues in unacceptable. I’ve already sent DirecTV an email suggesting to include MLS, and I hope other people who feel the same way also email them.

    Here is the link:

    A secondary benefit of including MLS is that live & final scores would be pumped into about 50 million homes further increasing awareness & support of the league.


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