The team trained today and will train tomorrow morning before heading to our nation’s capital for a match with DC United.  A few notes from training: Greg Sutton missed the session with a stomach virus; Austin da Luz twisted his knee today and will be out a few weeks.  We saw him after training and he had a bit of a limp, but was NOT on crutches.  Kevin Goldthwaite was a full participant in training as he works his way back to fitness.

If you haven’t taken a look at the new video player, why not take it for a test spin by watching our recap of the two Philly matches (did you notice Hugh Jackman at the MLS match vs. the Union?).  And if you missed our live steam of the US Open Cup match, why not watch it now?

Who do you think will be the starting XI for Coach Backe on Saturday?  Do you think the heat we are expecting this weekend will effect the match at all?  Do you think newly resigned Luciano Emilio will be eligible for DC on Saturday?  What are you thoughts on the quality of the live stream the other night?  How can we improve moving forward?



  1. jackv Says:

    Nice to see Goldie getting back into the game.Just think Goldie and Ream now that would be a force for the defense.It was nice to see Boyens in on tuesdays game along with the new guys we haven’t seen much of yet!Lets get another win on Saturday. Go Red Bulls!

  2. Rob Robinson Says:

    Great job data streaming of Tues. game, thanks .

    Great to see fine effort by the 2nd team .
    It won’t be long until we see Chinn and Tchani starting some regular season games.
    Nielsen also looked pretty good.

  3. Cindy Says:

    that Philly games recap was very nice, the media player is great. it was fantastic that the game was live streamed [and very much appreciated] the only improvement i can think of is for the cameraperson to zoom out more so as to not have to dart the camera around to much to follow the game.

    glad to hear to Goldie’s getting better, hope Da Luz and Sutton get well soon! go red bulls!

  4. Cubillas Says:

    I was at RBA for the USOC game and I just watched the replay of the streaming video cast and although the quality of the feed was very good, I believe that the camera angle lost some of the actual spedd of the game. The first 30 minutes or so of the gfame were played at a very fast pace for a cold night.
    Maybe you might want to consider a wider angle on the camera work so the fluidity of the game is not lost while the camera is tryong to follow the ball. We might want to add some lower level shooting as well.

    On a different note, how about trying to arrange some transportation to bus fans into the game to boost the attendance. I will be willing to pay up to $10 to get picked up at some location and driven to the stadium, kind of like a park and ride setup because living south of the Driskoll Bridge maske sit too expensive to take NJ Transit and the Path.
    Doe sour marketing group haev an email to receive some suggestions to get more people to RBA?

    Keep up the good work

  5. kahlva Says:

    Excellent stream, and we all really appreciate it!

    Yes, the camera angle could be wider to show more of the game and less darting in and out of specific players. (Although not sure if that’s possible since I believe it was just a hooked-in feed of the Jumbo tron?)

    This team will go far if everyone keeps playing and practicing as hard as they have been. (although adding Henry and Del Piero wouldn’t hurt 🙂 )

  6. Chucky Says:

    I thought the webcast was one of the better sports webcasts I’ve seen. I think I had one skip the whole time I watched it. Yes,the camera could have been wider, but considering we’re watching something at a lesser resolution than tv, that’s not the worst thing in the world. I hope to we can catch all of the Open Cup games on webcasts (let’s hope there a quite a bit more!)

  7. Al Says:

    Trust me, the webcast by Red Bulls was amazing compared to MANY other teams. For example, out of curiosity I decided to watch FC Dallas vs DC United yesterday night and the stream SUCKED! The video was going extremely slow and wasn’t even CLOSE to the great stream RBNY had. Thanks Red Bulls! Keep up the great work.

  8. Tim F. Says:

    I think the starting XI on Saturday will be

    Angel and Salou upfront
    Nielsen, Lindpere, Robinson and Richards in midfeld
    Miller, Ream, Petke and Hall in midfield
    Condoul in goal

    Bench; Sutton, Boyens, Tchani, Chinn, Agudelo, Borman and Ubiparapovic (although it would be great to see Stammler here as well).

    I don’t think the temperative this weekend will effect the DC match. I don’t think Emilio will have his card yet at least I hope not.

    I went to the game Tuesday night but appreciate being able to watch the game again. You can improve by please doing live streams of every Red Bulls game that is not on and leaving it in the archive for people to watch.

  9. Wasabi Says:

    yo! what’s up with no Mayonnaise at the Stadium? you built a stadium from scratch around a Latin American community, you control the food vendors at your stadium, and as a business strategy you embrace the Latin American base… and you have no Mayo? wtf!?


  10. Matt Says:

    Regarding the tight camera, keep in mind that we were watching the feed from the Jumbotron. They probably keep it tight because they have to show replays in-house. If it was wider, the replays wouldn’t read as well onscreen. The poor guy was serving two masters Tuesday night, but he’s getting paid to shoot for the stadium’s screen.

    I watched the archived version on the website. Picture quality was great. The audio mix was not so great. Steve was OK, Shep was distorted at times. No real crowd noise, but I realize you didn’t have the full MSG crew there. My only gripe is that if I paused the game for more than a minute or so, it wouldn’t resume playing. I had to refresh the whole page and then skip ahead to roughly where I left off. No big deal, but real DVR controls would be nice on the archived matches.

    Thanks for putting it up next day! It was great seeing some things I didn’t catch in person on Tuesday night.

  11. mozaik Says:

    Thanks admins so much for this power and power programme

  12. Online Oyun Oyna Says:

    i agree with matt… go matt go :))

  13. Santastico Says:

    Love the links to the game recaps. Just one request – PLEASE offer a Quicktime-based alternative. It would be super appreciated. Thanks.

  14. Wasabi Says:

    …and don’t forget about the Mayonnaise in the Arena. Quicktimesand Mayo. I’d be a happy fan.

  15. oyun oyna Says:

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