Just a few days after meeting for the first time, New York and Philadelphia will meet again, this time in a preliminary match of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.  The winner of the match will host New England Revolution, at a date to be determined by the home side.  The Red Bulls took a 2-1 win last Saturday, but will likely feature a very different side in this meeting.  The Union, on the other hand, will probably look very similar, as their roster size (21 total players, including three keepers) limits the players available for Peter Nowak.  The match will be live steamed on NewYorkRedBulls.comNew York Red Bulls:





Subs: Coundoul, da Luz, Albright, Garcia, Wolyniec, Ream

Philadelphia Union:





Subs: Knighton, Miglioranzi, Harvey, Fred, Le Toux, Moreno, Arrieta


1′ And we’re off…

4′ Nielsen whips one in, but Agudelo can’t nod it on frame.

7′ Sinisa finds himself alone in front, but its blocked away.

10′ New York looking very dangerous tonight so far, but the final touch isnt quite there.

16′ GOAL NY!!  Chinn puts one away off a rebound.  Stammler with the initial blast.

23′ NY dominating possession.  This side is showing Coach Backe that they deserve more playing time.

27′ Mwanga gives it a go from distance, but its wide.

30′ Nielsen puts in a cross, but Seitz is there to get it.

31′ Yellow to Jacobson for a foul on Borman.

36′ Some high pressure from Chinn causes a turnover.

39′ Stammler puts one on frame after a nice buildup, but Seitz makes the save.

41′ GOAL NY!!  Sinisa plays it wide for Sassano, who whips one in to Chinn who caroms it home.  2-0 NY

HALFTIME: 2-0 NY.  Great half from the Red Bulls.  Two goals from Conor Chinn are the difference.

HALFTIME: NY sub: Albright for Mendes.

46′ And we’re back.  First appearance for Albright.

49′ Chinn nearly gets his third, but Salinas knocks it away at the last minute.

49′ Nielsen lays it off for Agudelo, but its deflected out.

55′ Chinn nearly gets another, but he is just off his timing and can’t get a touch.

58′ NY sub: da Liuz for Nielsen.

64′ NY sub: Wolyniec for Agudelo.

66′ Yellow to Borman.

68′ Le Toux redirects it past Sutton to pull one back.  2-1 NY

73′ da Luz with a golden chance in front of the net, but he mishits it.

74′ Chinn nearly breaks away, but he loses his touch.

76′ Yellow to Miglioranzi.

77′ da Luz with a nice entry pass, but Sinisa’s cross cant be handled by Stammler.

81′ Late offsides call as Chinn found himself alone inthe area.

83′ NY sub: Garcia for Sinisa.

85′ Chinn witha turnaround, but it well over.

85′ Update: Le Toux went down and is being carted off the field.  Philly has no more subs, so will be down a man the rest of the way.

87′ Wolyniec ends a great sequence with a shot saved by Seitz.

90′ Mwanga puts one just wide in the area.

FULL TIME: 2-1 NY. Check back for reaction later.



  1. Tim F. Says:

    Let go Red Bulls!!! We need to match Philadelphia player for player. I would hate to bow out of Open Cup tonight. I’m hoping the team wins this trophy this year!!!

  2. Stan Says:

    red bulls have to pull out another miracle just like couple years back to go till final. I’m with they all they way.

  3. Tim F. Says:

    Philly has at least 21 players inc. 3 keepers. so at least 8 out of their 10 starters can be different than who started on Saturday.

  4. Metro-211-7 Says:

    Is it because the MLS pays the player salaries that we are not going to field our BEST ELEVEN? Is it? It sounds like it. Sometime ago Backe said that the USO Cup was important, like it is in Europe, and that he would try to win it.

    The last thing I heard from Backe is that the League is more important and that he is going to use some of the players who have not played yet. Now Backe is playing a different tune, isn’t he?

    Was it a call RBNY received from the MLS office to make sure they have their best eleven ready for next MLS game, vs D.C. United? Therefore… needing to use the “B” group today!!!

    To be honest with you, I’m getting ready to go to the game, but I’m starting to see trouble in here. We might start a bad losing cycle here today, a result that would knock us out of ONE of the TWO competions we participate in 2010!

    Go Bulls, but I see trouble ahead!

    • DS Says:

      Sometimes I really do think that we have some of the dumbest fans in MLS

    • Al Says:

      Umm I’m going to act like I understood everything you tried saying Metro-211-7.. Well, Backe WAS planning on fielding starters but when he saw that we’d have 9 games before the June break (if we were to progress in US Open Cup), then he decided it isn’t worth injuring our players.. We have plenty of hungry players so I agree that we should rest most starters because we don’t want them to get injured.. Plus, we will be playing against Juventus soon so we need to be careful not to kill our players lol..

      • Metro-211-7 Says:

        If need be, why not using the “B” guys vs D.C. United. They, DCU, are not playing that well; they are in last place; we can afford losing an MLS game, if it were to to allow us to field our best 11 for the US Open Cup, besides we might lose to them with our best 11 anyway, like we did to Chivas.

        MLS is not stupid! They pay the player salaries. Why did they ‘let’ Philadelphia use theirs, though? I don’t know! Philadelphia is a new team and the MLS need to act descreatly about these types of things but I have a feeling they had something to do with us not using our best 11.

        Remember, when we played in the MercoNorte Cup in 2001 we did not use our best 11, instead we mixed up a few from our “A” and “B” teams and added a few others, who were more like ‘guest’ players than anything else.

      • Al Says:

        The reason we don’t add many starters is because we already KNOW what they can do.. For US Open Cup games (at least play-ins) and other non-season matches, its good to give the non-starters playing time since we have no reserve league. It let’s us see how good they can be and it shows us who might be ready to get more playing time during the season. For example, Tchani and Chinn definitely showed and proved that they deserve some playing time. And we SHOULD NOT play the “B” team against DC United, are you crazy? You basically stated that it’s ok to lose 3 points against a team that we should DEFINITELY beat. Every win counts, ESPECIALLY ones that we SHOULD 3 points from.

      • Metro-211-7 Says:

        If I had to lose one of those two games, I rather lose the game vs D.C. United. It will very unlikely effect our run for the MLS playoffs. Losing to Philadelphia, puts us out of the Open Cup, and one fewer trophy to play for in 2010.

        Of course I want to win both games, you bet!

      • Al Says:

        Losing to DC would mean losing 3 valuable points that we shouldv’e had. It is WAYYYYYY to early to start acting like we are the best team in the MLS (we only one each game by ONLY one goal). We need every win we can get, ESPECIALLY easy games like DC, because you never know when we’ll need those 3 important points. The US Open Cup is not important, which is why barely any MLS team plays their starters. A smart coach would rest his players for something IMPORTANT, like the MLS cup, and let the “B” team prove themselves in the US Open Cup since we have no reserve league.

  5. Julian Gaviria Says:

    Hans was asked during the press conference if he was planning to play his best 11. He responded by asking, is there a trophy here? Then yes.

    I’m sure neither team will hold back.

  6. J.K Says:

    Hans has already said he won’t play our best 11 tonight. He claimed that the fixture schedule is too congested in May. Has specifically mentions the Juventus game. Shame that a friendly game may end up costing us a fair shot at a trophy this year.

  7. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    I don’t think we are going to loose this match! Why does everyone think failure before we even step foot on OUR pitch! Our so called “b team” will be ready for this match and win! COME ON RED BULLS!!!

  8. Cindy Says:

    let’s go Red Bulls!!!!!!!!!!

  9. kahlva Says:

    There’s really no other choice but to field our 2nd team, tonight. That’s why we try to build depth on the team (which is extremely hard to do with the cap and the roster limits in MLS). Sucks, but the regular season has to take precedence. Hans & Co have done an admirable job building the 2nd team…let’s see how they do.


  10. Keith Says:

    Really excited by the starting line up. love to see how these boys do and work together. (camera work on the broadcast is interesting… Rather in your face heh, might make some dizzy after a while) Loving the production value that they are putting into the online stream, really wonderful stuff!

  11. Billão sem noçao Says:

    GO BIPA!

  12. thisisvictorkim Says:

    THE WORST CAMERA ANGLE EVER. I WANT TO SEE THE FIELD NOT ONE PLAYER. WOW. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE, the camera zooms out sometimes and it’s great but then it zooms back in to just one player. THERES 22 PLAYERS ON THE PITCH!

  13. christian from mt vernon Says:

    in the 12th right now and aduelo and ching looking good

  14. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    Sorry but Cangalosi is really bad, he overdoes the “announcer voice”. Please Red Bull get better commentators!

  15. Brian Says:

    neilson is playing great early on!!!

    p.s boyens playing in the world cup??

  16. christian from mt vernon Says:


  17. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    That IS what I’m Talking about!!!! GOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!!

  18. Billão sem noçao Says:


  19. Keith Says:

    20 minutes in and so far question marks on both sides defense but the Red Bulls midfield is absolutely storming and brimming with confidence and the front pair are making some excellent runs and trickery.

  20. christian from mt vernon Says:

    tchani is everywhere!!!

  21. lou Says:

    CHINNN!!!! get this guy some senior team minutes.

  22. christian from mt vernon Says:


  23. jack Says:

    red bulls b team playing the best ive seen the team play all year

  24. GV_RBNY Says:

    What a showing tonight by the Red Bulls so far. Great pace, the pressure on the attack has been overwhelming, and this 2-0 lead is very well deserved.

  25. christian from mt vernon Says:

    aduelo chinn tchani and boyens need minutes

  26. Brian Says:

    new lineup?????

    Boyens Petke Ream
    Richards Lindpere Stammler Neilson MAC
    Angel Chinn

  27. Billão sem noçao Says:


    Does anyone here miss J.HALL at all?

  28. emilio Says:

    Sassano is looking good, Tchani impressive, and Chinn has a nose for the goal, we have a lot of depth. very impressive.

    • thisisvictorkim Says:

      Did you see that last run by union? the whole right sight got burned for a goal chance, Ubi, then SASSANO, then Mendes got burned and faked out horribly. Sassano is no better or worse than Hall, probably worse cause he can’t push forward like Hall.

      • lou Says:

        yeah on one play. other than that, this is the most creative and together i’ve seen this team play all year. I want to see da luz get some minutes.

      • thisisvictorkim Says:

        no creativity from the right in the first half, all from the left and the middle from Tchani. yeah Sassano got the assist on that, but other than that Sassano and Ubi were slow to make decisions. They’re solid players, but they’re not first team material.

      • lou Says:

        maybe that’s true, but i have my doubts as to whether hall or richards are first team players either.

  29. Cindy Says:

    can we leave Ubi on the right [push up Hall] and sit Richards please? Sassano is staking his claim too. also can we use these rookies as supersubs earlier/more often in games?

  30. Billão sem noçao Says:

    Ubiparipovic will score soon
    I’m feeling this

  31. Brian Says:

    is neilson reminding anyone of dave van den bergh???

  32. christian from mt vernon Says:

    Austin da Luz!!!!!!!!!

  33. christian from mt vernon Says:

    why is John Wolyniec coming on already?

  34. Billão sem noçao Says:

    GO OLD MAN!!!!

  35. Nash Says:

    I´ve just miss J. Rojas.
    What a brilliant guy…

  36. emilio Says:

    da Luz isnt that impressive and Wolyniec’s days are numbered.

  37. e Says:

    da luz has to do better with that.

  38. Nash Says:

    Ubiparipovic is playing like the maestro of the team

  39. Tanque_the_99 Says:

    Rojas was engaged to van den Bergh: when one left the team, the other seemed to fail miserably.

  40. christian from mt vernon Says:

    how is tchani not in that man of the match list?

  41. e Says:

    Ubi is a good player.

  42. e Says:

    da Luz is lost, he needs a lot of work.

  43. Nash Says:

    wolyniec runs like one person with wet pants

  44. Nash Says:

    ALBRRIGHT is MUCH better than hall

  45. Tanque_the_99 Says:

    Luke SkySassano can’t play as a DF. worst than jeremy hall

  46. christian from mt vernon Says:

    a 4th sub?

  47. Nash Says:

    Missing Freeman…

  48. Billão sem noçao Says:


  49. Nash Says:

    Irving Garcia… what you guys tells about this player?

  50. christian from mt vernon Says:

    damn garcia…

  51. Mr. Nashs Says:

    Tanque 99, why you was not related to the game?

  52. Billão sem noçao Says:

    just waiting for henry

  53. christian from mt vernon Says:

    did he compare garcia to messi?

  54. Tanque_the_99 Says:

    Another damn tongue injury friend. i’ve been spending too much time in the computer and when it’s time to speak, my mouth cant handle

  55. christian from mt vernon Says:

    the commentator is way too dramatic.hes acting like philly is out playing us and we are fighting for our lives

  56. Mr. Nashs Says:

    No, Tanque is other one who wears the 99… Very Impressive Sticker

  57. Mr. Nashs Says:

    Another victory for ” Touros vermelhos”
    100% on OUR Arena

  58. Tanque_the_99 Says:

    and it’s another ubiparipovictory! nice job in the first half (black out after the subs)

  59. lurock Says:

    the stream was fantastic and you know what was even better? that game! fantastic first half with chinn getting those two great goals. the entire team performed really well and it was exciting to see. second half was a bit rockier, but still an excellent effort. Thanks Backe for letting Garcia play. He looked incredible out there during those final 10min or so. I was watching and going, “wow, he looks kinda like messi out there!” and the next thing i know, the announcer compares him to messi! haha. great game. Come on Red Bull!

  60. cb Says:

    great first half, and they hung in there for the second. good to see the rest of the team play. we’ve got some depth. thank you red bull reader for the live stream! (let’s have another for the next Open Cup match.)

  61. redbulls4ever Says:

    Very impressed with the stream, Steve and Shep you guys did an awesome job. New York Redbulls were amazing, especially in the first half. Coach backe you have turned this team into something we the fans have craved for many years. Thank you for the support in turning this team around into a winning franchise. New England here we come, Wednesday May 12th. Chinn played well and to the rest of our players in tonights game good job New York Redbulls……………..

  62. Cindy Says:

    Irving Garcia is scrappy lil mofo! i like it! Austin Da Luz is coming off an injury, i’ll let it go that he was just ok. i feel like Tony Tchani keeps improving which is very nice to see [our #2 is better than Philly’s #1 draft pick]!

    • Al Says:

      I definitely agree.. But can’t forget about Chinn and Sinisa (Ubiparipovic).. Chinn had a nose for goal and he was always in very good spots and couldv’e had more.. I see him getting some playing time as a late sub.. Also, Sinisa really showed some good things out there.. Not the best, but definitely helped with some dangerous attacks..

      • Cindy Says:

        i was saying i like Ubi for the right, i definitely appreciate that a lot of our old players have been reinvigorated this year! and Chinn is great, he has plenty of time to get in there and stake his claim, and i’m sure he will.

  63. Belluschi_08 Says:

    irving garcia has great natural talent..he should def get more playing time..

  64. emilio Says:

    I dont understand why everyone is with roster limits, MLS now has a 24 player roster and we have 2 additional spots for homegrown players, thats 26 players, European teams have a manimum of 25 first team players and in some cases can call from the reserve team, but that doesnt occur often, especially for the big teams. So the rosters are not limited in MLS, they have an expansive roster.

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