An enthusiastic performance tonight from New York, as Head Coach Hans Backe’s side posted a 2-1 win over Philadelphia Union at Red Bull Arena to advance in the US Open Cup.  With the win, the Red Bulls move on to host New England Revolution at Red Bull Arena on Wednesday, May 12.  Backe may have stated that he was concerned about the congestion fixture the team faces in May, but his team seems to have different thoughts as a side made up mostly of reserves played with passion, highlighted by the play of rookies Conor Chinn and Tony Tchani.  We caught up with Coach Backe, Chinn, Chris Albright (who was making his Red Bulls debut) and Seth Stammler after the match to get their thoughts.  Share YOUR thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Chris Says:

    it is a private video

  2. Darwin Says:

    Please unlock this video!!! it is asking for a friend request.

  3. kofix5 Says:

    Everybody played great. It was cool to see all the fresh starters get on the field. I was really impressed with Tchani. He seriously put it on the PU midfield during the first half. But maybe he has a little temper, I’m not sure if I saw correctly.
    it was cool to see Garcia get some minutes too. I had a very close up view of the action & he’s really good on the ball. Quick light touches & such. He got beat down on one play but I think the ref missed a foul on that play.

    As fans we were only 3000+ but f*kit we were loud. And the ESC sounded like a church choir to open the game. It was very nice.

  4. John Says:

    Come on!!! Release the video.

  5. parrishwest Says:

    PLEASE release highlights from this match.

  6. Tim F. Says:

    Congrats to the Red Bulls on a solid team effort; very please and in some ways this group looked more cohesive than Saturday’s lineup.

    As good as Conor Chinn was, it seemed as if he missed his share of chances and could have had six goals on the night. Also, Chinn put a weak shot on goal at the end when da Luz was wide open with a better angle to shoot. Stammler and Borman had good matches but I was particularly impressed with Tchani who nearly executed some great through balls and paired well with Stammler in controlling the midfield. Congrats to Luke on a great assist and for Ubi getting the ball to him. Glad to see da Luz and Garcia get some playing time as well. I hope these 11 get a game against another university side soon… perhaps Akron U or Wake Forest.

    Sutton played okay but needs to improve his distribution big time. Des???

  7. DS Says:

    Video worked for me.

    Great job by the team tonight, some of the rookies look like they have a lot of potential to play for the first team this season and in seasons to come.

  8. soccer lou Says:

    Wao this was very refreshing to see all this young guys
    play so well. There where times a thought that this unit play better
    than the first team ever play in five games .Tchani was tremendous
    for instances i thought i was washing a young version of Patrick Viera
    Connor what can i say hey! we got to get this kid a nickname he should wear number 99 (sorry Irvin) he’s a tank . nice to see Albright out there
    he looks like he’s back now they can use Richards off the bench now what happen to Mendez? Did he got hurt? why they took him out?
    also like whay i saw from Garcia he plays with a flare very much needed
    around the team overall i think it was a very good performance by everybody. One thing is for sure i really believe that what they got now
    looks like a pretty good bench there’s no excuse not to use it in league games. Good job Mr. Soler and Mr. Backe i really believe this group of rookies it’s the best in the league. thumbs up^…………

    • kyplyr_07 Says:

      Totally agree. These guys played well. They looked so good together. Like many have posted..way more cohesive than the Saturday starting line up. By the looks of it, I like the depth of this RB roster. Keep it up guys!!!

  9. RBNY fan Says:

    Props to Backe and Soler for the way they have constructed this team. Those who were questioning the Carl Robinson signing seem to forget that depth at central midfield will keep us in almost any game. In my opinion, Robinson and Lindpere are the top two but Tchani and Stammler would be a more than sufficient central mid tandem in MLS. With these guys fresh for USOC and other matches we will always be solid. We should be really happy about this performance overall and expect more of the same.

  10. Belluschi_08 Says:

    I believe Garcia should have gotten more minutes.. He has super abilities and natural talent. in the short amount of time he played he showed good composure and boosted the teams energy..tchani had a good game as well.

    • kyplyr_07 Says:

      agree man. good finesse, elagance, touch on the ball. he treats the ball well. he should’ve gotten more minutes.

  11. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    ALL our team played well. This is a testament to Backe and the coaching staff, as well as the players. Our depth is great, and they showed our “A” team how to play with creativity and heart. They should all be proud. GO RED BULLS!!!

  12. TSmith Says:

    Yea, this was by far the most entertaining game since the Santos game. The B team showed the A team how to play real soccer in my opinion. Better possession on the ball, better playmaking. The rookies stole the show tonight, finally a chance for them to show what they can do. Tchani was the star of the night, he was everywhere! Chinn showed some real potential (yes scored two goals, but they weren’t really shots, he sort of just ran into the ball in front of the goal line, and had several missed opportunities to make the score much higher). But still a great showing. da Luz had a few of the best feeds to the forwards of the match and showed good ball control (minus the first free kick he took of the match). Clearly more of an offensive/playmaking minded midfielder. Garcia showed heart and feistiness, though unfortunately his size did seem to come as a disadvantage as Philly just manhandled him and the ref didn’t know whether to call a foul or just attribute the seeming roughness on Philly’s part to his small size.

  13. Brad DeSantis Says:

    Thanks to Red Bull for the lives stream, it was fantastic and greatly appreciated. They played like a real team last night and made me very proud as a Red Bulls supporter!

    • DRENK Says:

      Do you know if they’re going to stream other games? Do you have to subscribe to some service to be able to watch games through streaming? I’m definately making it to as many home games as possible, but away games and later games like last night i cant make, how do I watch through live stream?

      • emilio Says:

        Most games are on tv, this game was streamed since it wasnt on tv. You just have to click on the link to watch it.

  14. emilio Says:

    Coaches like Preki and Nowak are doomed for failure. They have a warped mentality and if things dont work or one player has a bad moment they get all over them and kill there confidence. Torres has been one of Philly’s best players in the early season, on Saturday in the first half he had glimpses and Nowak for whatever reason takes him out at the half, over some mistake that irritated Nowak, young players cant improve like that, and Preki has the same mindset, Toronto and Philly will not succeed with coaches with that mindset. Making them run around after the game, embarrasing them in that fashion, a true professional coach doesnt humiliate his team or call them out in the media in that fashion, Nowak isnt ready.

  15. eltigreferoz Says:

    Great game. Good to see all the reserves/subs in action–I wish we had a reserve league back! Kudos to Chinn. I think his first touch looked great. Now if he can just learn to take a shot more quickly–he could have had three or four last night.

  16. Tom Says:

    Hey guys, loved the game. Exciting to see how frighteningly deep our guys are this year. Does anyone have some contact info for anyone at red bull office? I’d like to email someone to thank them for the live stream of the game, I thought it was a good gesture for the fans

  17. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    You can email

  18. Petke fan Says:

    Thanks to the boys for the great effort last night. Very proud of the team and the results; two huge games, two huge wins.

  19. Big Al Says:

    I liked what I saw of the team, it showed that the success they are having is more related to system change than the efforts of a few players. Albright looked all right, he was solid and got better as the night went on. I have to admit I loved the fact that Phili trying to play starters to win didn’t work and bit them in the end.

  20. BC-Sec.130 Says:

    Great game, thanks Red Bulls for showning the game again. Tchani & Chinn have to start. Chinn scores every game he plays. Tchani will be a great help to Angel.

    Hall Petke Ream Miller

    Garcia Tchani Lindpere Nielsen

    Chinn Angel

    What do you think?

    Salou played good last week, I just don’t know how to get him in the starting line-up, Chinn has to play. 70th min Albright get in, if Albright could play central, I would start him over Petke. Next in line to get in Robinson, Richards & Borman depending on our needs.

  21. emilio Says:

    Chinn isnt ready to start, he has an uncanny ability to score and thats best suited as a sub when we need goals, his overall game isnt suited to start just yet, he is a one-dimensional #9 (nothing wrong with that) but with Angel we need to Start Salou as he is a better passer. Garcia is not ready to start he has skills but gets easily taken off the ball, and 9 minutes of action didnt show me he should start. Tchani eventually will get more time.

  22. Tyler Says:

    I disagree; the team needs to look at starting Chinn with Angel or putting him early in the first half. He has the intangible asset the team needs…Energy and fire to attack. When he is in the game the pace and the pressure is intensified.

  23. emilio Says:

    In soccer substitutions early in the first half dont occur, unless there in an injury, this isnt basketball or hockey. You saw him play one game lets relax.

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