It seems like it was only a few days ago that we last met the Union, and now we are going to do it again, as the Red Bulls host Philadelphia Tuesday night in a Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Preliminary Match at Red Bull Arena.  We caught up with Coach Backe, Mike Petke, and Jeremy Hall late last week to get their thoughts on the Open Cup and playing the Union.  Check out the video below.

UPDATE: We will be streaming the match LIVE on our new video player

Will you be attending the match tomorrow?  Do you think the match will end with a similar outcome?  What lineups do you forsee from the two sides?  Share your thoughts below.


  1. Chris Demczuk Says:

    I will be there! I think this game will be great to get some reserves some playing time. Will the lineup only be new players? Im hoping for the sake of the fans that some regular starters play. LETS GO RED BULLS!!!

  2. lurock Says:

    giving irving garcia a cap please. im really interested in seeing this kid get some playing time.

    • Cubillas Says:

      I agree with you, Lurock. I think this kid has some something special to
      offer and I would like to see him in the field.

      • lou Says:

        I’d like to see Garcia, Da luz, and chinn get playing time. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.

  3. Adrian Says:

    I’ll be there…I hope agudelo gets some mins, curious to see him play in a “real” game

  4. BlancDaBody Says:

    I’ll be there, in 101 as always. I’m hoping that we take this tournament seriously, this can put us right into the Champion’s League and would also be nice to get some hardware in the trophy case.

    Let’s get some the young guys some run, but take it as serious as possible!

  5. jason Says:

    Will this game be on T.V. ?

  6. j1mbr0wn Says:

    I’m showing up. I expect the team on the field to do the same.

    Get ’em boys! Let’s collect some more Zimmerman tears!

  7. NYC Sports Fan Says:

    I’m looking forward to the game and seeing Chinn & Garcia in the starting lineup.

  8. Belluschi_08 Says:

    Garcia will not be starting..chinn will start for sure.. :/

  9. BC-Sec.130 Says:

    Please win this game boys!! Can’t make this one but will be there for the next one against NE.

  10. e Says:

    hopefully we can get 5,000 for this game, that would be ok for a mid-week cup game, that is a decent amount for this type of game. I hope the guys can pull this one off and hopefully, there are regulars on the bench to be subbed in for if needs be.

  11. Tim F. Says:

    I’m surprised that Albright was not listed among the probable starters who are Sutton, Borman, Mendes, Boyens, Sassano, Nielsen, Tchani, Stammler, Ubiparapovic, Chinn and Agudelo. I hope Philly chooses to play entire second string as well. Last year, DC played more starters than the Red Bulls and managed to barely hold onto the lead and defeated the Red Bulls.

    I hope the Red Bulls have a deep bench – Coundoul, Lindpere, Angel, etc.

  12. Dick Mac Says:

    Already getting ready to leave the office, run some errands, and get to Harrison for the match!


    Go you Red Bulls!

  13. marcia Says:

    We will be there (sec. 126) hope for a win, play hard Red Bulls!

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