A solid, 2-1, win over Philadelphia today at Red Bull Arena for New York, with Salou Ibrahim netting his first goal as a Red Bull and Juan Pablo Angel providing the game-winner with a 67th minute penalty kick.  Following the match, we got reaction from Hans Backe, Ibrahim, and Jeremy Hall as New York won the first derby with the Union, improved to 4-1-0, and remained perfect at Red Bull Arena.  The two sides will match up again on Tuesday in a Lamar Hunt US Open Cup match at Red Bull Arena.  That match is scheduled for 8:00 pm.

What are your thoughts on the match?  Did you see an improved performance from Ibrahim and New York?  What are your initial impressions of Brian Nielsen?  What about the burgeoning rivalry with the Union?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I will take the win but our offense again keeps looking like a high school team… all we do is get the ball to our backs and they kick it forward, no possession whatsoever, we got lucky again, even tho we won I still feel that a team like the galaxy or team that knows how to possess the ball really well would really be tough on us…again a win is a win I will take them all day but this is concerning.

    • christian Says:


      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        I noticed our midfielders have very poor spacing not giving the backs any lanes to get them the ball too, they just stand around, also the backs have to be blamed as well, they play very scared when they have the ball at their feet instead of looking to advance the ball on the ground they launch it in the air…our forwards also do not look back to play the ball to the midfield when they see nothing up front…they realy have to get their possession game in order if we want to be serious about winning the cup this year…the East is weak this year and that is a good sign but if we face the galaxy in the finals (I know thinking way ahead)….we have to improve….

  2. Oh_yeah Says:

    The red bulls were much better than the last game vs FC Dallas. They were more organized offensively and defensively. This is a good win for the red bulls.

  3. herozg Says:

    Terible attendance today.

    Cant wait to see the 1500 people for the Open Cup on Tuesday.

    Any reason RBNY couldnt make some kind of announcement at yesterday’s match about Tuesday?

    • kyplyr07 Says:

      Good point man! I’m guessin those 1500 are from the ESC and GSS and couple others. I hope more people come to that game!

  4. agnigrin Says:

    Attendance was 6K more than last year’s 1st afternoon game… Not so terrible. With more victories, good play (and players) more folks will come. I am proud of the Red Bulls, they are winning while still a work-in-progress!

    • DS Says:

      I agree, we need to compare the attendance with the last few seasons, not with the grand opening.

      • lou Says:

        Good point agnigrin. It’s hard not to get frustrated with the attendances, but you have to put it all in perspective. I was at the game, I have season tickets near the south ward, and those guys in the south ward always give it their all and enhance the atmosphere so props to the empire supporter’s club and all the others.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      good point agnigrin I agree. Also with more winning, comes more exposure, and better more fluid play on the field will come a more enjoyable soccer product and thus more fans showing up and watching. No one will pay to watch Division 3 soccer. I played D3 soccer and these last few games reminded me alot of what we played like.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      I have to agree with you about the attendance. Last year the team was so bad; I think that it put off some people to come to Red Bull arena. Some people are not too happy with parking around the arena. Once they fix the parking problem, more people will show up.

      • emilio Says:

        The truth is the following, and most of you are going to get mad about it, but its still the truth. First, I appreciate the solid fans we have which make up the ESC and others alike, but the fact is our fanbase is poor overall, we cant compare to the fanbase of Toronto, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, DC. We have a new stadium and we cant get it to dramatically increase our attendance, the Galaxy consistently draw 20K as a result of a new stadium, and parking isnt an issue, there are plenty of spots, we have mass transit and traffic controlly has improved greatly. Our problem is that we dont value what we have, some fans compare MLS to Europe and South America and consider it an inferior product. But the fact is outside of the major european leagues and Argentina, and Brazil MLS is a good product. People will show up when Juventus plays and all that is is a meaningless friendly. Im european I support Barcelona but I dont compare, im a soccer fan, this is my local team, so I choose to support them. Yeah if Barca comes Ill watch but Ill also watch if Kansas City comes in, we dont have passionate soccer fans in this area, we have fans who support teams based on ethnic reasons, not footballing reasons. Half of the fans that will come watch Juventus probably wont know 5 players on the team. It sad but our fan base cant compare to many MLS teams fanbases, if DC United had our stadium they would get 20K plus, no problem.

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        Emilio, I agree with most of your point, but I must add this that when you include Los angeles galaxy and DC united in the attendance figure. These two teams have winning traditions in MLS; they have MLS and Concacaf Champion Cups. This club have no hardware to showcase. As for Toronto FC, Seattle Sounders FC, Philadelphia Union, they are new teams. The fan bases are still excited that they are just in MLS. You must remember the attendance figures for Metrostars/Red Bulls for the first six years of the team beginning; they are good for a team with no hardware. The only bad year was 1999. As for me, I had pledge to support them by going to the games once they move to Red Bull Arena. I have gone to Red Bull Arena for their last three games. I bought two ticket packages. I am going to try to come as many games as possible. I appreciate the hard work that the Red Bull organization is doing. Yes, it is easier coming from New York by Path. It is the reason that I will come to as many games as possible. Football fans have to support MLS because it is a good product on the pitch.

  5. BC-Sec.130 Says:

    Great game! So much better than last week. Also hoping the attendance get better. The supporters clubs were outstanding!!! I hope to do an away game with you soon.

  6. Roberto Says:

    Alot of people will not return to see the bulls until improvements are made to parking and the Harrison roads, after attending the first 2 games and being stuck in the parking lots forever alot of people who drove especially from New york will not be returning, people want convience and although the stadium is beautiful and breathtaking thousands of people will nut return, the aggravation of it all is just not worth it

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      Yeah, they need to fix the parking problem. They have to make it easy access for people who are coming to the arena by car. They also need to something about path. Port authority must expand it the path station, and have more train running before the games and after the games. If this is done soon, I garantee more fans will come to arena.

    • Centino Says:

      How ironic is it that one of the major complaints about Giants Stadium was the lack of viable public transportation to and from the games. And now, even with all the trains that practically drop you off at the gates, the excuse of not going to RBA because of terrible traffic and inadequate parking. Hmmm… (scratching my head).

    • Rich Perusi Says:

      I have both driven (from brooklyn) and taken the path over. Neither experiences were that bad. Even the Santos game, when i expected it to be a complete (deleted) for parking, it took a while, but it wasn’t terrible, and leaving has been SO easy both times.

      Taking the path is pretty easy, granted there weren’t 25,000 people leaving the FC Dallas game, but the path wasn’t as bad as public transit lines i’ve seen in england after matches.

  7. walter Says:

    Great win, three points. Good job guys.

  8. pete Says:

    yesterday was my first trip to rba. I live in brooklyn and am impressed by the public transport access to the stadium. took me an hour to get there. My first impression was favorable as I exited station just as union fans passed by. My girlfriend and I marched in step with the union folks. The camaraderie and patter reminded me of the days i travelled to away grounds all over scotland with celtic fans. Equally I loved that i could walk up to stadium and buy a ticket for myself and girlfriend. Tho i know this is because crowd was small.

    I wonder if others agree, but i believe the prices of tickets are too high. Why no concession for age? I also have to believe that tickets are overpriced for many of the ethnic and immigrant populations who would be inclined to attend soccer matches. In any other market faced with excess supply prices would tend to come down.

    Finally, does anyone know why there is so much sand on the field and why the field isn’t watered beforehand? This makes the field slow and the ball stick which contributes to the slow play. The ball needs to zip around the field faster and a wet slick field can help. The sight of the sand springing up when a player kicks the ball reminds me of that hellish rubber that explodes on field turf.

    • kahlva Says:

      The prices are too high? There are $22 tickets available, which is a terrific price for a sporting event. And there really isn’t a bad seat in the house.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      Pete, I have to disagree about the ticket prices. I think that they are very affordable for a sporting event. They are the most affordable that you can find. There are no better.

    • Adrian Says:

      The field is watered before the game

    • DRENK Says:

      Gotta disagree Pete, I think $22 is great for a sporting event and the views wasnt bad either. I was at the Rb vs. union game on saturday and they watered the field before the game started, as soon as players finished warming up a sprinkler system turned on.

      I think more people will show up as the team continues to improve and while attendance wasnt great the passed 2 games, i think people are still angry about the awful record from last year

      • pete Says:

        I have to say that if a stadium is mostly empty week in week out it is overpriced. Supply and demand. The red bulls in common with other teams throughout the world have imposed a voluntary price floor. It just doesn’t make sense.

        As a father who would like to take his two daughters 14 and 8 to a game that is 75 plus 20 transport and whatever in the way of expensive concessions.

        Luckily I can afford to do that once in a while, but even I could not afford that every home game.

  9. Slayer Says:

    I agree with the parking problems. I would go to every game if the parking and leaving after the game was not such a nightmare.

    • emilio Says:

      It took me 15 minutes at most to get on 280 west, that problem has been corrected the last two weeks.

    • DRENK Says:

      Try parking in one of the lots outside of the stadium, I don’t know if you’ve parked in that warehouse right next to the stadium but that place is awful to try to leave from. The lots away from the stadium are a short walk, but theyre less of a hassle then that warehouse/parking lot.

  10. kyplyr07 Says:

    I will also have to disagree about the prices. Sorry Pete. I think even for season tickets and 4 game packages, they’re reasonable. I agree, though, that public transportation is really good, including those trolleys from Newark Penn Station and Broad St. Station. Although, waaayyy more people would come if parking were more easily accessible. Something about people and their cars. lol. It won’t matter too much for this first season, I think, if RB keeps winning and makes a good playoff run. Attendance will still be really good!

    And about the sand. I think is perhaps because of all the construction around the stadium and all the exposed sand and earth being blown in. Could it be? DK. Or maybe they just don’t wet it before game time. Who know?

  11. Starks in Tampa Says:


    I think you are right in some respect. I feel that the fans that RB have are very passionate but again lets not mistake this this franchise as being the prolific franchise in MLS, we are one of the worst franchises in the league. The galaxy have won a few cups and have been very successful.

    I think with a winning team comes fans, again make no mistake in the NYC area there is so much to do, so many other sports that have longer tradition and history that people follow it will be tough to get the real attention we are all seeking and wanting…. someday it might get there. But it will not get there if the team stinks, thats why winning is very important.

  12. emilio Says:

    Winning is important, but after the first season in 96 the attendance dropped considerably, there arent enough passionate real football fans in NY, thats unfortunately a fact we need to admit.

    • kahlva Says:

      There are huge amounts of passionate real football fans in the NY region.

      The problem is that the product on the field has been so poor, in such a bad stadium, for so long. That’s kept people away.

      Red Bull is doing things top class now, and the people will start coming. Every time I take the train back and forth to a game (while wearing Red Bull gear), I get asked about the team and the stadium. And people seem at the very least curious to come out and see. That NEVER happened with Giants stadium and when we were losing all the time.

    • soccer lou Says:

      i really believe that yes! they are passionate soccer fans in nyc the problem is that the team performance has not been good at all (15 years).
      many of them have been expose to a lot of soccer games from all over the world either from cable or the web but the fact is that they know whats good and what’s not good it all comes down to that. Wins,good premises,good quallity. should be enough to bring people but let’s be fare
      the red bulls really where lacking all that . Now problem solve
      but we have to give it time it’s only the beginning of the season the team looks good (while it’s taking shape) they are winning.
      little by litlle it’s working it’s way back to respectability around the league . Hey they are in first place look out… lol. but the fact that they are bringing all these powerhouses to the arena can only bring more people in
      im sure there a lot of people that haven’t being at the arena yet and this friendlys would serve as a spring board for more people to come around with all that said it going to take some time but so far so good
      good job RED BULLS
      p.s. now no matter what happend this year if next season we continue
      with the same argument then ” Austria we got a problem……………”

  13. emilio Says:

    Most ethnic fans in this area, think MLS is an inferior product, and do not have an overall soccer knowlege, supporting teams based on ethnic factors or popularity. Thats why you get large turn outs when a Barcelona etc. come but they arent consistent fans that will come in week in week out to support the local team. Toronto stinks, they show up, Philly stinks, they will show up, when Seattle struggles they will still show up.

  14. Tim F. Says:

    Red Bulls, we fans want the team to try to win as many cups and trophies as as possible, including starting this Tuesday in the US Open Cup. Too often, the team has de-emphasized this competition. I realize there are several league games coming up but I hope thought is given to the lineup and to the subs bench on who will play against Philly. For instance, I look forward to seeing what Chinn and Agudelo can do but hope to have Juan Pablo Angel on the bench in case his veteran leadership is needed. It will be good to see Chris Albright out on the field again as well. Good Luck Red Bulls on winning Tuesday and trying to bring home that first domestic trophy!

  15. Queens_RBNY_Fan Says:

    Think about it this way, If there was a new baseball league that was brought into Spain, then in Barcelona there was a baseball team that started 13 years ago that has not won any trophy.

    Then they build a new stadium, there are fans that support the team, but they compare them to other sport teams in Barcelona like the soccer team, which is world class.

    I don’t think there is a basis for the support yet. Unfortunately, New Yorkers are spoiled, and it will probably take a few winning seasons to get the stadium filled every game. It is frustrating, I know, to a fan of soccer to watch, but the truth is people have an expectation built around the City and not the beautiful game. In the 70’s why could we fill Giants stadium? because we had the best soccer player in HISTORY playing for the team.

    I go to support my local club and because i want to see a better product as time goes on from MLS. It will happen, probably not in my lifetime, but for my kids… maybe… I think it will take a generation honestly…

  16. Tim F. Says:

    Is coundoul going to start in goal and will it be Greg Sutton?

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