Behind two goals from Juan Pablo Angel and seven saves from Bouna Coundoul, the Red Bulls posted a comeback, 2-1, win over FC Dallas tonight at Red Bull Arena.  We caught up with Head Coach Hans Backe, Angel, Coundoul, and Carl Robinson after the match to get their reaction.   Share YOUR reaction in the comments section below.

Here is a recap of the match:



  1. adrian Says:

    good game but Dallas played better. glad we got the 3 points. Hall needs to see the bench…Albright should be fit soon. Petke had some scary moments…Ream is da man!!!! And good bounce back game for Coundoul. Glad to see Angel is back on track. the Estonian express was impressive

    • Brady1981 Says:

      Please break down what exactly Hall did tonight to put him on the bench!

      • Matt Says:

        You need to broken down? It’s been an open door on the right side for three straight games. The guy is not a right back.

      • emilio Says:

        Hall played a poor game, him and Petke got beaten over the top and carelessly turned the ball over repeatedly, if not for Coundoul and Ream who picked up the slack we could have given up 4 goals, so we have to see how we can correct that, im glad we won but im not blind. I cant wait till Albright is back, Hall isnt ready. Period!!!

    • m3tRo b0y Says:

      Not for nothing,… it looked as if Petke might have got laid before the game which is why he wasnt focused for the first 20 minutes of the match,..he settled down after that…we should have lost the game but hey ill take the 3 points lol .. Bouna the Savior

  2. Oh_yeah Says:

    I have to give credit to Bouna; he was great in this game.

  3. first Says:

    first game tonight, won’t lie, won’t try to sound learned an talk technical stuff. but it will most certainly NOT be my last. great game.

  4. hall Says:

    he got burned several times, bad… and when he got burned you could see him jogging back very slowly. I don’t think there is anyone that could have done better, but there needs to be healthy competition at each position. We have it at forward and in the middle, but the wings and wing backs need to feel the threat of the pine.

  5. kahlva Says:

    Backe has said Jeremy’s not a RB. Hall agrees but says the right thing, “Anything for the team”… Once Albright is back – if he performs well, of course – then Albright will start and Hall will battle for a midfield place.

    Right now, Hall has had mostly solid games – with some big errors that thankfully haven’t punished us too badly. But they have mostly been solid.

  6. Sebas Says:

    Any Bouna haters in the house tonight?

    didn’t think so!

    • Alle Says:

      Agreed, where are the so called “Bouna’s Crap” and “Bouna needs to go” idiots? Hiding, that’s what!

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I agree man, I think Bouna gets a ton of crap thorwn his away but he is a good instictive goalie and he showed it last night. His weakness in net is timing, and knowing how to read plays which is the toughest thing to do as a GK turst me I played GK at a high level, had training sessions with the Metros years back and a GK not only has to make the quality saves that Bouna mae last night but he has to be the brain of the defense, and has to coordinate and read plays exceptionaly well….Bouna on a good day is a really good goalie, on a bad day well we saw the mental lapss vs Chivas

      • Sebas Says:

        I totally agree with you.

        BTW – Let’s take it easy on JPA. He hasn’t had his usual flare but I doubt the man has lost his mojo. Let’s give it a little bit more time.


  7. redbulls4ever Says:

    The redbulls were impressive in the second half, Ream did some excellent defending, Angel played well, three points is three points. Nice atmosphere last night. Go New York Redbulls……………………………………

    • m3tRo b0y Says:

      How in the world do you think Angel played well>>??? lol, i give him 0 credit for both goals.. anyone could make in his first goal, all credit goes to lindpere who did a nice move then a nice pass inside….and then Angel misses a pk, and makes the other…..he playd horrible… he didn’t make any open runs, offsides 15 times, just overal bad in general.. we need him him to go collect s.s and give aguedlo a chance

      • lou Says:

        totally agree.

      • redbulls4ever Says:

        I realise he didn’t play welll, yes he missed the first P.K. but realise this, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have three points. Yes, THREE points, takes us to nine in the league, better than ZERO.

        Enough said.

      • lou Says:

        so you don’t think that if we replaced him with any of our other forwards, chinn in particular, that they couldn’t have finished any of those easy looks that angle converted? i could guarantee you chinn wouldn’t have lost the ball after nearly every touch either. If angel is hurt then he should be sitting out. he will only end up hurting himself more. Missing the first pk was a more visible error on his part, but he did nearly everything all wrong yesterday. I’ve never been one of those people that has said angel should sit, but after the way he played and walked around last night, that’s basically what he deserves.

  8. mgp Says:

    I’d like to see Albright at right back and Hall at right mid. I think Hall is doing a pretty good job filling in, but he is most definitely not a defender…and it didn’t seem like Dane was helping him out too much.

  9. Harry Says:

    I thought Angel played decent, wasn’t good, wasn’t bad. Metro boy go take a chill.

  10. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Hans Backe is the man and he is very honest just like I was saying last night, we were very lucky last night, very lucky..

  11. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Angel didnt play well and yes he had two goals but you have to consider the circumstances, he didnt play well. His first touches are HORRIBLE! but I think he still isnt 100% and still has to get his legs underneath him and timing down..

  12. soccer lou Says:

    All you JPA haters please show some respect to the man that has been the face and heart of this team in bad times ( how about for ever) and good times (so few humm…) the guy still rusty. the injury may have been worse than anybody thought. this guy plays hurt he always gives u 101% on the field. i dont get it .
    now you guys want the guy out. come now !!
    the team has gone thru some changes on the line up
    it takes times to develop chemistry people
    no MF has actually step up (besides lindpere. too busy defending) their games to provide acurate passes to the forwards (angel and co.)
    and there is going to be more changes with the arrivals (nielsen. rodgers?)
    so to see the full result IT’S GOING TO TAKE SOME TIME
    and b the way you guys are talking about the team captain
    and the guys that just score twice in an win

    • lou Says:

      Saying he should sit out has nothing to do with not respecting him. If he is hurt, he shouldn’t be playing. give someone healthy the spot on the field. Not only are we less effective with basically only 1 forward out there (last night it was like we had no forwards because salou was complete crap), but he is risking more serious injury by playing.

      • soccer lou Says:

        still jpa socre twice laste night
        in a win
        a win is a win
        he’s going to get better
        all i’m saying is this
        if there is anybody in this team right now who deserve’s time to get back to his own self is him
        even last night he was not 100%
        and he still deliver…………..
        salute to the CAPTAIN RED BULL

      • lou Says:

        right, he did score twice, but other then those 2 easy goals, he played very badly. let’s say it’s because he was injured, because that’s most likely the reason, but every minute he is out there, is another minute that he can receive a harsh tackle like the one in the toronto game. if he is already injured and playing badly, and he receives another tackle like that, who knows how long he could be out. If you could sit him now and let him get his legs back, rather then play an injured player, wouldn’t that seem like the safer option?

      • Cindy Says:

        JPA was called offside 4 times, and then had a goal waved off in the first half alone. if you aren’t getting called offsides THEN you aren’t playing. you get the ball to Angel’s feet and he’ll more often than not put the ball in the net. that is PRECISELY what the first goal showed.

      • lou Says:

        Who’s saying he wasn’t playing? it’s obvious he was on the field, he just wasn’t playing well. ream, lindpere to an extent, miller, bouna, they all played well. are you going to say angel played on their level today? And actually the only thing that happened when the ball got to angel’s feet was that he lost the ball. i’ve never seen his first touch be so poor. That first goal was an easy finish, any number of forwards especially on a professional level, could have easily put that away. 1 easy finish does not make a good game.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:


      I hope I am not misunderstood when it comes to JPA, I am not hatingon him, I think he is a great player for this league however I think has not played well so far in the young season and the reason for that i firmly believe he is hurt, and still has no legs….hopefully he will get 100% healthy and that would a very good thing for this team, when healthy he is the top forwarded in the league, or at least top 3.

  13. Chupi Says:

    Great Game Red Bulls it was def a full team effort offense and defense – along with some lucky missed shots on goal.. All the supporters group were on their game too -had the arena pumpin – on our way to 4-1 after rolling on the Union next week..

  14. soccer lou Says:

    NOW the game
    A win is a win and we all now this team need a lot of that
    they look very slow at the beginning of the game and they pay for it
    the defence was so so. they really did no adjust to what dallas was doing
    but manage to be where they need it to be a the right time.still bouna was the savior he play very good covering for his defence
    miller another good game
    petke please no sex before games look slow. play better lately
    ream dude!! another solid game for the rook
    hall we all kknow he’s not a RB and he plays likes he’s not a RB
    he strugle again. (ATTENTION MR. BACKE)
    the MF this is where it get crazy
    richards i give up!!. needs to come off the bench
    lindpere needs help. he’s trying to do too much good game
    robo he’s going to be really good but still rusty
    seth man sorry but someone has to go the bench bro. solid game
    kanji i would like to see him on the right side. solid game
    borghman who??
    sinisa energizing bunny coming of the bench. good minutes
    now up front this guys really look lost out there still
    JPA comes tru scores twice. looks rusty still
    Salou well first start look lost at time hey he’s trying hard
    got tired late so so game

    • Ceez Says:

      You, sir, are an idiot. Sorry though.

      You are all over Angel probably sniffing his butt-heat. I love the guy. GREAT classy ambassador of the game here in the US but he did NOT have a good game. He converted an easy sitter (unmarked) and scored on a PK. Yeah, GREAT GAME!…not. He’s not at a 100%…let’s just be real about it.

      Not only that but you say Salou had a so-so game?! He didn’t even deserve one “so”. He was TERRIBLE!! Slow, lumbering, terrible in the air, terrible touch. I was excited to see this man in action when I first heard we signed him but so far, he has left much to be desired. We’ll see how he fares this Saturday (if he even makes the lineup).

      And one last thing, you said “Kanji” had a solid game?!?! I’m tired of typing so I’m just gonna cut it off here. I’m sure you know by now though what I thought of Kanji’s performance.

      P.S. “Borghman” who?! He came on as a SUB and AS SUCH had a respectably well played game.

      Go away.

      • soccer lou Says:

        RB 2- FC Dallas 1
        anything else!!! oh BTW Angel scores twice
        and u are entitle to your opinion of the game
        as well as i’m we agree to disagree on the players performance
        but it’s all good

  15. agnigrin Says:

    I am loving DC stinking up the place. We have to be ready to play the Union. They will come out with early energy like FCD did!

    Player Ratings:

    Bouna 9 El Gato is back! MOTM hands down. Made three unbelievable saves to keep the Bulls in the game. It was certainly Bouna Time last night!
    Hall 4 He still gets caught up field after making offensive forays. This is not his true position, I know, but damn he has been playing it for a year + so I expect him to do better!
    Petke 5 Almost gave FCD a 2-0 lead with a horrible give away pass in the 1st half otherwise did a good job.
    Ream 7 Our best defender again. He slipped on one play at the top of the box that almost proved costly but he saved Petke on the play mentioned above. He distributes the ball well out of the back…
    Miller 6 Played better than last week but was not as effective as the game vs Seattle.
    Richards 4 Thinks too much and doesn’t make the right decisions. A selfish player that could be great is he wasn’t such a greedy bastard.
    Stammy 4 I feel bad for Stammy. He is a great person (His Haitian Foundation is a wonderful thing) but his soccer skills have not improved in the last 1 year +
    Lindpere 6.5 Great pass to Angel for the 1st goal. He literally wills this team to score. He tries to link with the other mids and forwards but sometimes gets tangled up and gives the ball away.
    Macoumba 6 Did not do that badly on the left flank but Macoumba slows the game down and lets the D get back. He needs to make quicker decisions and his pass to Angel on the offside goal was A+! He needs to do more play making like that but just make the pass a bit quicker.
    Ibrahim 5 He was all toes last night and had a great chance to score in that scuffle in the box but I will forgive him as he is still getting used to the team
    Angel 6.5 Finally woke up and started running again after the 1st goal. Th e1st PK was disappointing but he made up for it with that blast in the upper right corner on the 2nd. 2 goals can only help Angel get his form back.


    Borman 5 Good job on D but his passing still sucks
    Sinisa 6 The take down foul in the box at the end of the game gave Angel another PK chance.

  16. harry Says:

    Yes we won, we got the reward, lets concentrate on our next game.

  17. shizzle Says:

    anyone else think ibrahim is terrible?…blah blah blah ya hes getting used to the team but jeez…..he was non existant…worst touch,dooofy, clumsy, and has the worst balance ever falling all over the place.

    • lou Says:

      yeah he was complete crap out there. angel is supposedly injured and played horribly, and yet still out played salou.

      • shizzle Says:

        cannot wait to see brian nielsen tho after watching some videos of him on youtube.

      • lou Says:

        yeah he looks like a complete player. and if we do land rodgers, he will be a good complement to angel. angel holds the ball up and finishes, rodgers is a player that gets behind the d and stretches it. Salou on the other hand is the same sort of player as angel, only ALOT worse.

  18. ... Says:

    its bouna time!

  19. jackv Says:

    Bouna got lucky but he really saved the game lets give him the credit for that.Angel is the class of the team and pulls us out whenever the ball comes his way.Tim Ream is the man cool and collected for his age .Lets just enjoy the win untill the next game.Go Redbulls!

  20. redbulls4ever Says:

    Good point

  21. Phil Solano Says:

    anyone who watches soccer knows that some games go like last night’s….we definitely deserved a tie, maybe not a win..BUT – how many times have NYRB been on the UNlucky side of matches like that?? Plenty!! Take the three points and run – onto next week and Philadelphia – I am from upstate, but i can’t wait to get down and see the new stadium!

  22. BlancDaBody Says:

    The way Dane continues to over extend the right side, Albright can get burned just like Hall has been.

    I think it will turn out that the sooner Albright actually gets on the field at Right Back, the quicker we will all realize that Hall’s the better option.

    As it stands right now, Albright can’t even get fit to play a league game, I wouldn’t go calling this guy the messiah as of yet.

  23. Walter Says:

    New York Redbulls, all I can say is we love the new stadium.

  24. Mike+102 Says:

    I think anyone who was there would admit that to escape with a win was more than lucky. Dallas pushed the tempo and had the better chances overall. Angel scored 2 but looked creaky – though we’ll take the goals and the points for now. Not a great effort but a great result… and it was fun sucking in the smoke fumes and yelling at that jack-off Sala (anyone see him grab his injured teammate by his injured leg and yell at him?). All things being equal, a great start to the season!

  25. DS Says:

    Look, we didn’t play well but we won the game. We improved on last week’s performance and as long as we keep improving that’s what matters. FCD had a better game in the midfield, until Robinson came on, and we played better in the box. All their chances either missed the goal or Bouna saved them, and we scored 2, that’s the bottom line. As for individual performances:

    Angel played his best match of the season so far. That’s a fact. His movement was much better, he seemed more passionate when discussing plays with teammates and the ref, and he put 2 away. He’s not going to be the same player he was in ’07, so there’s no point in expecting him to be. He was injured in pre-season and now he’s getting better, and the performance showed that. The finish was not as easy a tap in as everyone is making it out to be, and the only reason he was offsides on that disallowed goal is because Kandji didn’t pass him the ball early enough.

    Salou was awful. His tough was terrible, his passing was terrible, his positioning was terrible. Just a game to forget. I think he played pretty well against Santos though, so lets hope this is a blip and he’ll improve.

    Dane actually was getting his head up when he was running up field with the ball, which is something he has almost never done in his entire career, so you have to give him credit for that. He’s not going to transform from a runner into a player overnight.

    Stam just hasn’t been the same player since his surgery in ’08. He’s come back in and he’s not as dominating as be was in ’06 and ’07. Right now he’s just filling a gap til Robinson gets fully fit.

    Hall is not a RB, everyone knows it. He’s doing the best he can and getting no help from Dane. Albright won’t be much of an improvement though. He’ll have better positioning, but he doesn’t have Hall’s pace. What our RB needs is for Dane to track back and help.

    Bouna had some great saves and didn’t really put a foot wrong. Ream had another impressively solid performance. Petke got beaten by speed a few times, but that’s expected, and we were able to recover every time. Lindpere played well but had to spend too much time defending to be enough of an offensive threat. Miller was solid, and Kandji was just ok. Ubi came on and made a big impact, held the ball, covered for Hall, and drew the pen.

    Of course we need to play better, but everyone needs to calm down a bit. We are 3 and 1. We have more than half the wins of last season and almost half the points after 4 matches. It’s good to want more from your team, even if they are winning, but they battled back on a night they didn’t play well and came away with a victory. I say good job to everyone not named Salou, and let’s see an overall improvement against Philly.

    • lou Says:

      What about angel losing the ball nearly every time he touched it? he had two goals, we won, but he (at least to me) looks like he is injured, and i like that he may be trying to play through the pain for the fans or whatever, but that might not be the best idea. As for richards, he missed every single over lapping run that Hall made. If his head was up then he must not have been looking on the field. everything else i agree with.

      • DS Says:

        Angel got awful service for almost the entire game. This was his best performance of the season and he can only continue to improve. Richards has never passed to an overlapping player on his right because he never looks in that direction, he doesn’t expect anyone to be able to run past him on the flank because of his speed. I saw him look up into the center on multiple occasions against FCD, which I’ve never seen before. This is an improvement on how he used to play, that’s all I’m saying. He is not a good player and probably shouldn’t be starting for us, but he’s not going to becomes great over night and I just want to point out that there is some improvement.

      • lou Says:

        Ok as long as we are on the same page with richards, because i agree he shouldn’t be starting either.

    • Adrian Says:

      Hall’s pace??? Is it just me or does it look like he runs in slow motion?

      • lou Says:

        I think his pace is over rated, but he definitely has more of it then the 30+ year old albright. Then again, pace isn’t everything, richards is the prime example of that.

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