After two weeks of long plane trips, the Red Bulls return home tonight to face FC Dallas at Red Bull Arena.  The team has a bit of a different look since the last time the team played at home, as Salou Ibrahim has been officially added to the roster, Brian Nielsen has been signed (but has yet to arrive) and Carl Robinson returned to full training for the first time since the Santos match a few weeks ago.  New York is 16-16-2 all-time against Dallas, but has taken the last three meetings at home.  Last season, the two sides split the season series, with each club securing three points on their home pitch. New York Red Bulls:





Subs: Sutton, Robinson, Chinn, Boyens, Ubiparipovic, Tchani, Borman

FC Dallas:






Subs: Hartman, Guarda, Avila, Shea, Alexander, Wallace, Yeisley


1′ And we’re off…

1′ Ream fends off the much faster Cunningham to defend a long through ball.

4′ Miller plays on Ibrahim, but its too far and Sala is there to snare it.

5′ On the counter, FCD gets a 4 v 2, but Cunningham puts it wide.

7′ Harris centers to Cunningham right in front of the net, but he can’t get a good touch and puts it wide again.  Dallas is carrying play thusfar.

10′ McCarty puts in a dangerous cross that Petke parries out for a corner.

10′ Goal FCD.  McCarty nods home a Pearce cross to take the early lead.  New York needs to tighten things up to get back in the match.

19′ Sorry.  Computer issues.  We are back as NY starts to pick up the pace.

21′ Miller sends in a dangerous cross that slips by Ibrahim first, then Richards.  NY starting to look dangerous.

23′ Kandji slides one through to Angel, but he is adjudged to be offsides.  He didn’t agree with the call.

24′ Yellow to Harris for a hard foul on Miller.

25′ Jair Benitez and Dane Richards having a nice 1v1 battle tonight.

33′ Petke sends  a through ball to an onrushing Hall, but its out of his reach.  After a frentic few minutes things are beginning to slow down.

44′ Richards with an individual effort that end up with him, Benitez and Hernandez all on the ground.

45′ At least 1 minute of stoppage.

HALFTIME.  1-0 FC Dallas.  NY started slowly, but picked things up as the half went on.  Let’s see how they come out in the second half.

HALFTIME: No subs for NY.

46′ And we’re back…

52′ Harris nods one wide off a McCarty restart.

53′ A near defensive gaffe almost leads to a FCD goal, but Ream is there to break it up.

56′ Harris finds Ferreira alone in the middle, but Coundoul parries it off the post and Petke clears it out.

56′ GOAL NY!  Lindpere finds Angel alone in front and he puts past Sala to equalize!

58′ NY sub: Robinson for Stammler.

59′ NY has the crowd behind them now as they put pressure on the FCD defense.

60′ Harris nearly puts FCD back in front as his header goes off the crossbar.

61′ Kandji finds side netting off a Richards feed.

64′ PK coming for NY!  Kandji is taken down by Loyd in the area.

65′ Sala makes the save diving to his left on Angel.  Still 1-1.

69′ Cunningham not shown the flag, but Coundoul makes the save anyway.

69′ FCD sub: Avila for Pearce.

71′ NY sub #2: Borman for Ibrahim.

72′ Borman takes over at left mid.  Kandji goes up top.

76′ Avila gets a through ball onsides, but Coundoul parries it wide.

78′ Coundoul AGAIN!  This time on a Cunningham redirect.

80′ FCD sub: Alexander for McCarty.

81′ NY sub #3: Sinisa for Richards.

82′ Ferreira’s shot is bundled out for a corner by Coundoul.

84′ Robbo’s free kick nearly gets to Sinisa, but Sala intercepts.

90′ PK coming for NY after Sinisa is fouled by Hernandez.

90′ GOAL NY!!  Angel buries this PK.  2-1 NY!

90′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

FULL TIME: 2-1 NY.  Angel gets the brace.

Check back later for post match reaction.



  1. Cindy Says:

    i am hyped! let’s go Red Bulls!!

  2. Keith Says:

    Interesting to see Stammler preferred to Robinson in the first 11. Loved the dynamic that Robbo and Lindpere had in the Santos game

    • lou Says:

      backe said he is being careful with robbo. he has been injured for a while so he is trying to work him back slowly.

  3. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    With Robinson just getting back to full training this week, his fitness isn’t quote 100% right now. Could be the reason he is in the 18 but not the 11.

  4. agnigrin Says:

    Robinson is still a bit banged up. Backe said he would come in at some point tonight… he is not fit to go a full 90!

  5. Keith Says:

    Ah well then, I thought that he had been back at training for some time.

  6. Cindy Says:

    i’m surprised Hartman doesn’t start over Sala…

  7. Karbaz Says:

    Cmon you Bulls!!!!!

  8. lou Says:

    attendance at the game is looking less then stellar. i hope it will be like last home game, where most of the fans came late and filled the stadium.

  9. Karbaz Says:

    we look terrible.

  10. lou Says:

    The whole team looks bad, but richards and angel are stinking the stadium up. Angel looks like he is playing with one leg. richards is… well richards

  11. lou Says:

    i hope they put robbo in for stammler to because stammler’s touch has been very poor so far.

  12. Starks in Tampa Says:

    we loook like ass, i knew it was a matter of time dallas scored, they should have 2 goalst at least by now. we are very lucky

  13. Starks in Tampa Says:

    salou has to finish that no question, he isnt that impressive

    • lou Says:

      i agree. i didn’t understand what everyone was raving about with regards to him in the santos game. He looks like a slower, bigger, less effective angel. and that’s bad because angel is playing very ineffectively.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        i agree lou, I think when rogers gets here from the UK he will really help us out…he is the type of player we need, and so is Nielsen. Nielsen is a young guy that can flat out play!

      • lou Says:

        yeah, seems like a lot of people have been against rogers coming here, but i think he can be another lindpere. By that i mean he will bring a high work rate and will surprise everyone who weren’t expecting anything from him. Backe wouldn’t take a chance like that on a garbage player. Other than ream, miller, and lindpere, our team has played fairly awful. If i were backe, i would take stammler and bring in robbo, angel out and bring in chinn, and if da luz was healthy, i’d take salou out for him and move kandji up top. just my 2 cents.

  14. Karbaz Says:

    we got better later on, hopefully we can get a goal back from someone.

  15. Starks in Tampa Says:


    well if they get shutout again today then backe will certainly have to do something try different things like he is tonight with salou on top….but mabe give chinn a real shot, he cant be much worse then what Angel, kandji, salou are doing.

  16. Alle Says:

    @lou: I’m looking forward to seeing Rodgers come, screw his criminal record (for those who don’t want him anyway)! He’s a goalscorer and that’s what we desperately need at the moment. The Nielsen (loan) signing is great as well, we have nothing on the left. Seeing Kandji on that side reminds me of last season, he belongs up front! Come on Red Bulls!

  17. Starks in Tampa Says:

    i hope this team doesnt start the trend to play down to their opponents level. vs Fire, and Seattle we came out great, vs CHiavs and Dallas, two teams that are not that good frankly, we came out very flat.

  18. Starks in Tampa Says:

    dude Angel looks like a shell of his former self…. he just doesnt look good at all!

  19. Karbaz Says:

    wow ream just saved our butts

  20. Starks in Tampa Says:

    wow reamm!!!!!!! what a freaking great roookie

  21. Alle Says:

    They nearly scored again, great save by Coundoul and the post!

  22. Alle Says:


  23. Starks in Tampa Says:

    wow what asave by bouna! way to keep them in teh game

  24. Karbaz Says:

    And theres Angel. That’s why he plays.

  25. Starks in Tampa Says:

    goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sick play by lindpere!!!

  26. Alle Says:

    Great work by Lindpere to get it to him as well, what a player.

  27. Starks in Tampa Says:

    lindepere man!!! what a pick up. and just think rogers and neilsen will be doing just that as well…this team will be looking much better after those two start playing

  28. Alle Says:

    Robbo on, I can smell a victory.

  29. Starks in Tampa Says:

    kandji gotta hit the target there man cmon step your game up!

  30. Alle Says:

    PENALTY, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Starks in Tampa Says:


  32. lou Says:

    i knew he wud save it. y wud u let angel take it?

  33. Karbaz Says:


  34. Alle Says:

    Angel……I have nothing to say to that, disgrace.

  35. lou Says:

    he’s playing like a waking piece of (deleted), but yet he gets the penalty kick? I would have given it to lindpere.

    • Karbaz Says:

      You dont let a midfielder who is not known for scoring goals take a penalty, that’s just a fact of football, regardless of how a forward is playing.

  36. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I knew he was going to save it, had a hunch

  37. Alle Says:

    I agree, Lindpere would’ve scored that. I think Angel needs a wake-up call, the bench.

  38. Starks in Tampa Says:

    what a sick save by Salva….awesome save

    • Karbaz Says:

      hardly awesome, it was obvious where angle was going.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        dude cmon stop hating, that was a sick save by Salva, I am guessing you never played GK at a high level. in order to save a pK like that, it takes skill

    • Karbaz Says:

      no it doesn’t, and im not hating your just getting a hard on for a save that was obvious a mile away. He hit that with no power, or at least not the type of power he used to. You need to calm yourself kid.

  39. lou Says:

    i’ve never said this before, but angel needs to be benched. is it me or does salou play like he’s on ice skates? he looks so goofy when he dribbles. YESSSS bouna!

  40. Alle Says:

    Bouna Time!

  41. Alle Says:

    Kandji going up top now, good good.

  42. Starks in Tampa Says:

    wow bouna is really saving our asses tonight

    • Alle Says:

      He’s on fire, let’s just say that he’s shutting up those who say he should be replaced!

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        if we had a better keeper then yea maybe but greg suttan is not the answer either, bouna is much better

      • Alle Says:

        I don’t see the point of getting another though, he’s one of the best in the MLS. Why waste money there when we can get decent players to improve other areas of the field? It’s logic really.

  43. Starks in Tampa Says:

    wow again bouna!!!

  44. lou Says:

    zach lloyd is a good player. he has been on kandji all night.

  45. Karbaz Says:

    We have no speed in the mid except for Richards

  46. Alle Says:


  47. lou Says:

    do not give this to angel

  48. Karbaz Says:

    Thank you Angel, now with power.

  49. Alle Says:

    Finally Angel, finally.

  50. lou Says:

    The walking turd scores his second. only that man could play that bad and score that many goals.

  51. Karbaz Says:

    Crap or not we got the win from 2 Angel goals.

  52. Alle Says:

    Another win, yessssss!!!

  53. Karbaz Says:

    Bouna you redeemed yourself from the last game, great job my man.

  54. Starks in Tampa Says:

    great win, awfull defensive play tonight, bouna played great good win

  55. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I still do not think Angel is 100%, his first touches are HORRIBLE, and doesnt put himself in a good position to advance the ball and make something happen. we played a very bad game tonight, and fortunately that Cunningham didnt capatilize on a few mistakes by our D and Bouna came up HUGE all night…. very good win.

  56. Karbaz Says:

    I dont know what happened to our mid, or first two games against Santos and Chicago our mid played great, passing great, defending great but now they look slow with no creativity and Richards still has no football brain. We need Nielsen badly, and is it me or does kandji pass the ball like a girl? (no offense to the girls here) He puts no power on the ball when he passed it, it drives me nutts.

  57. jspec Says:

    take points. Wow can’t wait for MF to improve.

  58. Red Bull Fan Says:

    MF was clearly lacking today as many have said.. happy about win but this game was ugly to say the least. Kandji, Salou and Richards constantly angered me, especially with their runs off the ball. I was hoping Chinn or Agudelo would get a shot at some point during game up top but at least we won. We have lost width in team currently imo, as in when we get it out wide we do nothing good with the ball

  59. Cindy Says:

    i don’t know where all this Angel hate is coming from because homeboy is back tracking into midfield and going wide to the wings to get service out. Kandji can’t complete a pass, Salou was incredibly ineffective, he looked like a bigger, slower Kandji [but at least Mac doesn’t give up]. let’s not even talk about Richards and how i don’t think he saw a single one of J. Hall’s overlapping runs which led to Dane turning the ball over and Dallas time and time again having a run at goal. Lindpere provided great on that assist but other than that he was half he player he was against Santos, Chicago and Seattle.

    i am real excited for Brian Nielsen to come in on the left because that’s sorely needed. and if Ubi plays like that off the bench, then he can be a super sub! Angel was the least of our issues. and besides hate all you want, this game would have been lost without him.

    go Red Bulls!

    • Karbaz Says:

      Someone who knows exactly what she is talking about. You go girl.

      • lou Says:

        Who cares where he is back tracking to? he still lost the ball almost every time he touched it. his first touch was almost as bad as richard’s is on a good day, and he was running like he had a piano on his back. The scary thing is that he wasn’t even the worst forward for us this game, salou was far worse. missing a sitter, and running like he had two pianos on his back. if angel is hurt, he should sit, he is only going to end up hurting the team in the long run.

      • Cindy Says:

        @Karbaz appreciated 😉

        @lou the point is JPA shouldn’t HAVE to backtrack, period. he’s a target forward, who we’ve seen since the second he showed up in Jersey that if provided the service he’ll 8 times out 10 get the ball in the net. we knew when we signed him he wasn’t in his prime, and we knew that each following year that he’s only going to lose a little pace. but he’s training ridiculously hard for this team (Stefan Bondy’s site will tell you all about it) and refuses to give up, even if he is favoring a knock still. give me JPA any day, i’ll gladly take it.

      • lou Says:

        I’ll take JPA, but i won’t take a JPA that is limping around the field. If he is hurt, y risk a bigger injury just so he can play? an increasingly injured angel is not going to be as effective as a healthy forward, and last night proved it. yeah he finished a chance but it was an easy look and other than that he played terribly. i don’t see what’s so bad about sitting him for a game and resting him.

      • emilio Says:

        Angel hasnt been great, but I’ll take goals, thats what he needs to produce, but lets not rip other players and say Angel was great he wasnt. Richards is salvageable, he wasnt our problem, our glaring weakness right now is Jeremy Hall and Albright should correct that.e

  60. adrian Says:

    Can we stop mentioning the santos game?!?!?!?! They had like their C team out there. Looked like a bunch of highschoolers. Yeah they had skill on the ball but c’mon son that was a friendly that didnt mean anything. It was a game to get everyone hyped up to come back for the regular season. ANd on top of them being bench players, they got like no calls and where getting hacked

    • kahlva Says:

      Yeah, it wasn’t at all because Santos were diving… 🙂
      And, no it wasn’t their First team…but no way was it a C team. Call it B if you like (some of their starters on the field, as well as their highly touted younger players)

      But I agree, who cares about the Santos game – which we won. We just won another game and we’re top of the East.

      GO BULLS.

  61. christian Says:

    i hope luke rodgers dosnt come.he has a bad thack record and even beat a 16 yr old girl

    • emilio Says:

      where do you get that he beat a girl, thats not true, dont make stuff up and he started 27 of 38 games with Notts County, if Backe thought he wasnt better than what we have he wouldnt sign him. We lack a speedy forward, thats why he is coming.

  62. christian Says:

    and hes not even a starter in notts county so kanji and chinn ae better

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