As our General Manager and Sporting Director Erik Soler confirmed to the local media today, the team has signed Danish midfielder Brian Nielsen on loan. Nielsen will join the team once the club receives receipt of his International Transfer Certificate (ITC) and he passes a physical. Official press release here.

Several reporters were at training today with The Record’s Stefan Bondy, the New York Daily News’ Michael Lewis, the New York Post’s Brian Lewis and SoccerByIves/’s Ives Galarcep attending. What are your thoughts on the signing?



  1. Cindy Says:

    welcome to the team to Brian and here’s hoping he fits in and does well! we sure could use a LW!

  2. BlancDaBody Says:

    The signing looks to have promise. Nielsen has been an international with Denmark at all youth levels and I heard he recently got off of trial with Schalke.

    Hopefully he can help get some decent service to Angel and help in the attack on the left wing.

    Seriously, when Soler/Backe say they’re going after reinforcements…they ain’t playin.

    • m3tRo b0y Says:

      Angel needs to first get open…. How can ANYONE give him service if he constantly offsides and never attempts to make an open run…..His old age has caught up to him, a lot of people are in denial…Hopefully he proves me wrong

  3. Alle Says:

    Good signing BUT…it sucks that he’s coming on loan because if he does well, I’m sure our Austrian big brother won’t want to leave him with us come next year. We’ll see though, I look forward to seeing him on the pitch soon!

  4. rbfan Says:

    The austrian side has it’s own desires and player’s its looking at. Although they could snatch some players from us, they tend to leave us be. They are trying to win their own league this year for the second time in a row and i doubt much of their squad will change next season if they make it into the Champions league. Red Bulls have enough money that if they needed a new midfielder they could go grab an experienced one from another european league and pay booku money for him, they have no need to take our young players.

  5. Matt Says:

    Welcome aboard Brian. Very excited to see us shoring up the left side.

  6. soccer lou Says:

    The good thing is they recognize the issues that the team has and they got somebody young, talented, and hopefully ready to blossom
    now Rodgers still a mystery who knows (if it is up to me he can stay in the UK) there still the need for AMF maybe that third DP slot can be use for that
    now they can also get some help at rb and gk
    get ready folks with all this players coming in the heads are going to start rolling pretty soon stay tune……….

  7. cb Says:

    Welcome to the Red Bulls, Brian. We need some skill and accuracy on the left wing. Work hard for Coach Backe, and don’t forget he won 4 championships in Denmark!

  8. JW Says:

    Finally!! We a have a real professional soccer club here in NYC. The stadium is stunning. The manager and coach seemed to be interested in not only the short term but the long term. I see a balanced approach on every level so far this year. Henry? By all means, YES!! (This isn’t some David Beckham “I wanna be an actor-my wife told me so, Donatella Versace helped negotiate my contract BS”). He is a proven top flight scorer-not just a pretty boy with a knack for set pieces.

    He isn’t over the hill-he just hasn’t quite fit in at Barca. We’ll see if he has the support and desire to win@RBNY. Prediction: The smooth, laughing Frenchman makes the arrogant, pretty boy Englishman look silly. LA we’re NYC and we think you’re plastic. (But your team deserves respect for 3 wins and 3 shutouts. That’s solid-no two ways about it.)

    I love the fact that Soler and Backe see potential in a younger player like Neilsen, and are willing to try to develop him as a player. Period.

    Linpere and Ream are the best decisions this year by far. This shows me that they (along with Williams) seem to understand what they are trying to build here.

    Luke Rodgers? Who knows? Backe believes in this guy. I trust Backe so far. And ok to be quite honest MLS could probably use some misfits and maybe even some press. It ain’t the beautiful game but it is part of the game right? (Philly? Roy Keane? Cantona?)

    Backe’s bravado on saying we could win the MLS next year? Love it. Step up and try. Win. Win and you only push the league to become that much better.

    As per the Chivas match-phew man that stunk. That’s why I couldn’t watch the MLS a few years ago. If you can’t pass I can’t watch 90 minutes. I’m hoping that that match-after watching RBNY v Santos (youth development team), Chicago, and Seattle, well that that was just a fluke-AND a wake up call! (BTW I can watch ANY match when it The Premiere League Fan Zone on Fox Soccer on Tuesdays-cuz that is the best soccer every week hands down. ROFL!! Two fans of opposing sides calling the match after a few pints? Love it.)

    RBNY. RBNY forever. Just dust FC Dallas for me this weekend boys-just play with heart. The talent is there.

    Our Home Your Hell.

  9. Dario Says:

    We desperately need a LW. So hopefully he can provide some service .

    We should win tomorrow. No excuses.

  10. Victor Says:

    Ny york should get a left winger like adam johnson too bad Manchester City already signed him.

  11. christian Says:

    except for red bulls, the east is looking weak

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