The club announced today that it signed forward Salou Ibrahim, who will wear number 29. The official team release can be found here. Ibrahim is with the Red Bulls in Los Angeles and could play a role in tomorrow’s match againts Chivas USA. What are your thoughts on the signing?



  1. Almedin Says:

    I like what I saw against Santos.. Hopefully he can keep up the good work..

  2. Alle Says:

    Decent signing, he’s experienced so that’s good. Looking forward to seeing him more often now after getting a glimpse at the Santos match!

  3. rbfan Says:

    So I wonder where Ernst will go, i saw the video of him on youtube when he played for our sister club in Salzburg, He was actually pretty good. Maybe he isnt ready for MLS just yet but i hope he goes somewhere he can develop into a good player. He deserves to play at least in the USL. Everything else sounds good though!

  4. Juan Carlos Says:

    The RedBulls have been making some very good moves this year w/ signings and releasings players. There “D ” looked 10 times better. Ibrahim loooked very good against Santos. I hope this helps the Red Bulls become a stronger scoring team.

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