The Red Bulls hope to win their third-straight game and keep their perfect record in the young MLS season when they take on Chivas USA tomorrow afternoon at The Home Depot Center. We caught up with assistant coach Richie Williams, forward Macoumba Kandji and defender Mike Petke for their thoughts on this weekend’s game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can also watch the video on YouTube. What lineup do you guys think we should put out? What are your thoughts on Chivas? Any score predictions? Let us know!



  1. christian Says:

    im so happy!!just got my first red bull scarf!!just need the jersey!

  2. christian Says:

    PS:did you guys hear that rbny might face cruzeiro from brazil in a friendly during the world cup?i dont know what to do since i was born in brazil and have been a cruzeiro fan from berth

  3. Cindy Says:

    Richie Williams is really hot!

    ahem i mean…. GO RED BULLS!

  4. gigi Says:

    id say same line up as last time, robo is still out right? and stammler played a great game the other day against a good seatlle midfield so no tinkering with it id say. and salou would make a good sub comming off the bench against the rather weak (phsycially) i mean…. center backs of chivas, they played bornstein in the middle right? my prediction is that angel will score a goal, and there will be at least one goal off a corner for us, we have been deadly off set pieces so far. I also predict that Salou will nag one if he gets off the bench. I expect chivas to go for a very offensive mindset, sence they havent won yet there gonna try and go for the win. But our defence has shown the potential to withstand immence pressure so no doubt we can get some chances off the counter. Overall, i expect a 4-0 win for the red bulls. Chivas doesnt have preki anymore, preki is the reason they were decent b4, he did a good job considering his squad. i mean on paper they have always been bleh.

    • gigi Says:

      you look at their players and its okay galindos form dropped bornsteins form dropped and klejstans form dropped. If red bulls play the same way they did vs chicago and seattle, we could be in for a clinic by the red bulls.

  5. Queens_NYRB_Fan Says:

    I had a dream that the Red Bulls will win this one 5-0. Chinn, Salou, Tchani to come on off the bench for the win over the Goats!

  6. Professor JCO Says:

    easy pp. Our offense hasnt looked all that great. It was our defense that won us the 2games. Chivas will be playing at home with their backs to the wall (no one was to go down 0-3). Its not going to be as easy as you guys think it is.

    if you asked me how many points i’ll be happy with on this 2 game road trip i would have said 3….now that we got that 3 i wouldnt be all that pissed if we walked away with 1. 0-0 prediction here.

    Sit back and dare chivas to come at us, they’re the ones deseperate for 3 pts…maybe then we can hit them with a counter from richards or kandji

  7. Sheko Says:

    Hey there, i would like for Irving Garcia to participate in this match… he is a good player with explosive speed through the sidelines and could cause damage to the Chivas defense. If he dosnt play, just wait until he plays and makes his debut, he could be the next crack :). Saludos Irving desde Yuma, and San Luis arizona compa!!

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