The Red Bulls announced today that they will be playing the Philadelphia Union in a Preliminary Round match on Tuesday, April 27 at Red Bull Arena at 8:00 PM ET. New York will host New England on May 12 if they beat the Union. For more information, head to our main site.

What are your thoughts on this matchup?


  1. Matt Says:

    Are tickets to USOC matches included on our ST cards, or do we need to purchase this match separately?

  2. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    They are not included in your ST cards. You would have to purchase tickets for the match separately.

  3. emilio Says:

    The fact its not included is gonna hurt attendance.

    • Mike from linden Says:

      No it won’t. If the team keepes playing well, people will go

      • emilio Says:

        A weekday game and not included in season tickets will definatelty hurt attendance, 10,000 would be a good crowd for this match.

      • lou Says:

        Yeah i agree with emilio. Attendance will most likely be shaky. Hopefully some of the later open cup games will be included though.

  4. eltigreferoz Says:

    When will tickets go on sale?

  5. Alle Says:

    Will it be live on FSC or MSG?

    • emilio Says:

      open cup games are very rarely on tv, definetly not on FSC.

    • DS Says:

      I believe that FSC has the rights to all US Open Cup matches, but they rarely show any, especially not a play-in match to the MLS play-in bracket. We are like 3-4 matches out of being in the actual Open Cup, there is no way any of the matches before the semi’s will be aired.

    • Alle Says:

      Damn this sucks.

  6. Adrian Says:

    Can’t wait also, going to be interesting since they also play 3 days earlier for a league game

  7. Cindy Says:

    this is nice since i can’t make the game on the 24th!

  8. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Season ticket holders needs to go for free to this match. It’s in the middle of the week and you Red Bull are being a little greedy…

  9. Claude Says:

    Open Cup games have never been free or even held at a real stadium. I’ve been to them at Rutgers, New Brunswick. At least now we get to go to RBA.

    Don’t be cheap, show up, support the team. It’s only $15 per ticket.

  10. Petke Fan Says:

    Remember, the USSF runs the open cup, not MLS/RBNY. Any ticket money they get goes to USSF HQ in Chicago. That’s why it isn’t in your season ticket plan.

    RBR, tell the players: This game means A LOT to us, we must play to win.

  11. Homebrew Says:

    RBR, would Chris Albright be eligible for this match? Is he subject to the same MLS Injured Reserve roster restrictions, since this is not an MLS match? Would be great if he could get some time in a meaningful match before returning to league play.

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