Great win for the Red Bulls, who snapped a 27-game winless streak on the road with their 1-0 victory tonight. We’re having a couple of technical issues to post the video we got after the match, so for now, here’s the quote sheet. Make sure your put your thoughts on the match in the comments section below! Onto Chivas next week!

Richie Williams- Assistant Coach

(On the status of Head Coach Hans Backe…) “He is doing fine; he needed some rest and will be back with us next week.”

(On coming out with a win in tough environment…) “You have to give our guys credit; this is tough place to play with great stadium and fans. They have a good team and come and get a good result, everybody from front to back played hard and deserved 1-0 win.”

(On embracing the challenge of getting a road victory…) “Nobody wants to (be winless in 27 on the road) and we wanted to put an end to it and it be a different year. We battled and play intelligent and wanted to win. It was an excellent overall team effort.”

Mike Petke- Defender

(On having a different outcome this game than last year’s match…) Everything was different, from the form we played to the physical nature of the match. We deserved to win this match, they are a great team. They are a very good team and very good at home and this is a big accomplishment for us.”

(On the team playing more crisp and precise…) “As opposed to last year we don’t have four guys playing defense and four guys playing midfield. It is 11 guys playing defense and 11 guys playing offense and that is the biggest difference and why were able to get a win tonight.”

Macoumba Kandji- Forward

(On the league starting to take them for seriously…) “Of course, when we played Chicago at home and they are a very good team. We got that one goal and we defended really well tonight. If we get a shutout and they way we defended meant we had a good chance at winning the game tonight.”

(On scoring the goal in tonight’s match…) “The goal is just like we practiced, I started at the goalkeeper and backed away. Whatever comes out is mine and I just hit it with my left foot and then it went in.”


  1. cb Says:

    joy! thank you red bulls.

  2. Starks in Tampa Says:

    GREAT GREAT WIN. I can officially say this team is a 180 from last year. We are one of the better teams in the league for sure. The preseason and the two wins to start the season is no fluke.

  3. Larry Says:

    Petke hits it on the head with the 11 on D, 11 on offense comment…
    Starks, I’m starting to believe that this is no fluke as well.
    Bring on Chivas. Let’s get road win #2!

  4. Tim F. Says:

    Great team effort! Great win! Get better soon Hans!

  5. Oh_yeah Says:

    The red bulls are winning game that they would have lost last year. Get well Hans!

  6. Dario Says:


    Great Job! Go RED BULLS!

  7. harry Says:

    How proud I was to have watched 36,000 plus silenced. Our team is starting to take shape, a valued win. Assistant coach Williams fantastic job performed, speedy recovery for coach Backe. Bring on Chivas, I say DEAL OR NO DEAL.

  8. Mike from linden Says:

    I can’t believe it! This team is just great. No one can beat us! Let’s Go Red Bull!!

  9. redbulls4ever Says:

    Great performance last night and to actually go to Seattle and win is awesome. Go New york Redbulls…………………………..

  10. eltigreferoz Says:

    Great job, boys! Hope we can keep it up next week. Also, best wishes to Backe; he he feels better soon.

  11. Adrian Says:

    Great result…really excited about the direction this club is headed. Eastern conference looks very weak this yr, only team that’s a threat is Columbus and maybe NE. Looking forward to the US Cup also we got Philly first at RB Arena. Let’s make it a sell-out

  12. Victor Says:

    i can’t believe Red bulls pulled it off great win also the game was very good. Come on red Bulls keep it up.

  13. cbw soldier Says:

    Red Bulls playing very good soccer. enjoyable to watch. Keep it up.

  14. Mike M. Says:

    Very entertaining game and great win for the bulls! These two teams are the class of MLS, that’s saying alot about Redbull considering their last season. I think Seattle showed alot of class after a tough defeat at home, noone blamed anyone, unlike philly, and they all shook hands after the game and gave ny all the credit they deserved. Truely classy team, Seattle.

  15. Tony Mondaro Says:

    Great start for our Red Bulls !!

  16. bfox Says:

    It was awesome to watch. We actually DISTRIBUTED THE BALL rather than just whack it up field.

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