Good evening and thanks for joining us for this late-night showdown between your Red Bulls and Seattle Sounders FC. As per the stereotype around here, it is cloudy and rainy in Seattle but it should be rocking here in front of an expected capacity crowd.

First piece of news: New York head coach Hans Backe will not be on the sidelines tonight. Backe felt stomach pains this morning and was taken to a local hospital to get checked on before returning to the hotel. Though it is not anything serious, after consulting with medical specialists, it was determined that it would be best for him to rest at the team hotel. We hope he makes a speedy recovery. Assistant coaches Richie Williams, Goran Aral and Des McAleenan are on the sidelines.

Here’s the lineup for the Red Bulls:





Substitutes: Sutton, Boyens, Borman, da Luz, Agudelo, Chinn, Tchani

Just a few notes for you to get started:

–          Midfielder Carl Robinson did not make the trip after he experienced some swelling in his injured right knee at training Wednesday. Seth Stammler, coming back from a hamstring injury, pairs in the middle of the park with last week’s goalscorer, Joel Lindpere.

–          Sinisa Ubiparipovic moves to the left side of midfield and Danleigh Borman starts the game on the bench.

–          Five players – Angel, Ubiparipovic, Petke, Richards and Kandji – started in last year’s fixture here in Seattle – a 3-0 loss to the Sounders in their first-ever MLS match. Borman and Hall, who made his MLS debut that night, came on as substitutes.

–          While the Red Bulls do not have any former Sounders players, there are several former Red Bulls associated with Seattle. Taylor Graham (2006-07) and Terry Boss (2008-09) used to play for New York, while Sounders FC Technical Director Chris Henderson was part of the team in 2006. Henderson played for Backe in the 1990s.

–          Fredy Montero, starting up top for Seattle, scored three goals in two games against New York last year. Here is Seattle’s lineup, with James Riley coming in for Zach Scott in their only change from last Thursday’s 2-0 win over Philadelphia:






Substitutes: Boss, Ianni, Sturgis, Nyassi, Scott, Estrada, Noonan

We’ll be posting occasional updates on our Twitter feed (@newyorkredbulls). Be sure to catch the match on Fox Soccer Channel, with the pre-game show starting at 10:00 PM ET. We’ll have post-match reaction later tonight. Enjoy the match and Go Red Bulls!!



  1. Cindy Says:

    oh geez! feel better Backe! also go Red Bulls!

  2. Professor JCO Says:

    get well soon coach! win it for Hans boys!!

  3. lou Says:

    I feel good about this lineup. I hope ubi get’s it done on the left because we cant have a 1 sided attack like last week, against a team as good as Seattle. I hope Da Luz sees the field today as well, I’m anxious to see how this kid can perform in the big leagues. I wouldn’t be opposed to giving chinn sometime up time as well.

  4. Starks in Tampa Says:

    very good start by the redbull so far…. very good.

  5. Tim F. Says:

    Get better Hans!!!

  6. Alle Says:

    KANDJI SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. lou Says:

    Switching between duke and this, but anyway GOAL!!! kandji.

  8. gigi Says:

    this win is for hans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get will soon goallllosoooooooooooooooo

  9. SchmidtXC Says:

    NY looks good tonight

  10. Snorkle Says:

    man, you’re kidding–we’ve been on the ropes for much of the half…

  11. Snorkle Says:

    Well, a lot of back & forth, actually…

  12. gigi Says:

    sounders fans sound quiet

  13. Snorkle Says:

    They sure got quiet after the goal.

    • gigi Says:

      u know i was watching burnly get dat ass woop by chelsea and they still brought the noise, those are true fans, just like us red bulls fans who stuck with our team after last season and the ones before that.

  14. christian Says:

    whatch wrong with bounas goal kicks?

  15. Snorkle Says:

    Is Kandji in a free role? I keep seeing him on the left but then popping up in the right and center too.

  16. gigi Says:

    mad receeding hairlines on the field today

  17. Snorkle Says:

    Ljunberg, the ref, and Keller, right? Who else?

  18. gigi Says:

    lindpere i think….i cant really tell. i coudl have sworn there was more

  19. Snorkle Says:

    So like 4 of 25 men on the field (22 players, ref & 2 linesmen)? That’s not so high, is it? 20%-ish.

  20. Snorkle Says:

    I’d like to add to the percentage by shaving off Zakuani’s mohawk with a cheese grater.

  21. gigi Says:

    Deff not as high as i thought it would be, i think LA galaxy has every team beat on the receeding hairline stat. donovan should invest in a wig, maybe made from the after fro from when zakuani gets that shaved off.

  22. Snorkle Says:

    Lando could do a Steven Ireland with a preposterous rug and then his USMNT team mates could yank it off his head and chuck it out the window like Elaine did to George in that Seinfeld episode.

  23. BC-sec 130 Says:

    Who’s on our bench?

  24. Snorkle Says:

    Yeah, good question–who is on the bench? Boorman? I dunno.

  25. Snorkle Says:

    Substitutes: Sutton, Boyens, Borman, da Luz, Agudelo, Chinn, Tchani

  26. Starks in Tampa Says:

    man Ubi i splaying a great game

  27. Snorkle Says:

    Dane Richards tries to dribble around the whole defense! Surprise!

  28. Julian Says:

    Richards needs to get his weight up

  29. Snorkle Says:

    Is Wolyniec injured?

  30. Snorkle Says:

    he’s not on the bench, that’s why I’m asking.

  31. gigi Says:

    prob a good time to insert a sub or two,

  32. Snorkle Says:

    Man, nervy moments here.

  33. Snorkle Says:

    Who and where? Boyens is a defender.

  34. gigi Says:


  35. Snorkle Says:

    man, 36,000 people–big stadium.

  36. Alle Says:

    Backs to the wall now, it’s time for a sub.

  37. Starks in Tampa Says:

    bend but dont brake defense

  38. Snorkle Says:

    man, my stream just died.

    wait, it’s back.

  39. Starks in Tampa Says:

    BOuna Coundouls strengths = great reflexes
    Weakness = timing, coming out

  40. gigi Says:

    looking at seatlles formation right now we can grab a second on a counter if we stay compact and organized

  41. Alle Says:

    It’s over finally, great win!

  42. Julian Says:

    Yeaaaa bullls!!!’

  43. gigi Says:

    THeroad winless streakk is over boys!!!!!! oh man, happy as hell, to win on the road finnaly is great, to win against one of the hardest places to play on the road is amazing

  44. Tim F. Says:

    Way to pull out three on the road!!! Great collective effort. Please work on passing in middle and final third though.

  45. Starks in Tampa Says:

    great win

  46. BC-sec 130 Says:

    Great win!! Does anyone have confidence in our GK? I can’ believe I’m asking that question after 2 shut-outs, but I have none.

    • Tom Says:

      I do have confidence but I see where youre coming from. I think Bouna has some bobbles and whatnot but you have to admit that his reflex saves are superb. I think he needs to learn a little bit of judgement on some plays and he’ll be great.

  47. SchmidtXC Says:

    The defense looked good, for all the possesion they had they really didn’t get too many good looks. Early season points will be big, as I think the Bulls will be adding a big name or two after the world cup.

  48. BC-sec 130 Says:

    USA if you need a defender, we have a good one REAM!!

  49. Tom Says:

    Wow. Just wow. bend but dont break baby! 36k going home disappointed tonight and i love it.

  50. BC-sec 130 Says:

    Angel starting o get the rust off, next week the goals start for him! Looked better in the second half,it only a matter of time.

  51. Sebas Says:


    It wasn’t perfect but it’s the begining to something good.


  52. Cindy Says:

    Stamms was great, J Hall was great, Ubi was good, Lindpere is a beast, Angel is getting his rhythm back, the back four was great, Roy Miller all over the place and not quitting, Ream again looking like a player with years of experience, and Petke is so much than he was last year!

    Condoul worries me with his bobbles, but he is super quick with his reactions, and Dane still kills me, but he’s getting a little better i guess. and Mac is learning!

  53. Ceez Says:

    REAM = future superstar for the USMNT!

    Yeah, I said it!!!

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