The team trained this morning and is heading off to Seattle later today, but the big news in the MLS world is the expansion of the Designated Player rule – the mechanism for bringing in players above the league’s salary cap. You can read more here. Since the Red Bulls had two DP slots before today’s changes (one of them being filled by Juan Pablo Angel, the other vacant), they will be compensated with $70,000 worth of allocation money. What are your thoughts about these new rules?


  1. Mark Says:

    So I guess you’re confirming it isn’t the cruelest April Fools joke ever then?

    Definitely going to be good for the league. I think it would be better if 1 or 2 of the DPs didn’t count at all towards the salary cap though. 1 million of 2.5 million on 3 players is a bit much.

    As for RBNY, bring in Henry and Ronaldinho!! (Nobody said we had to be realistic with who we wanted to see, right?)

  2. Oh_yeah Says:

    I think that it is a good way to increase the quality of play on the pitch. RBNY should get Henry, and a quality attacking midfielder which this team needs badly. I would look for a quality attacking midfielder in Brazil. Sao Poalo FC and Palmeiras have good attacking right now on their team.

  3. Cindy Says:

    also nice that we get compensated! bring on Henry!

  4. kofix5 Says:

    has anyone noticed that last years Standings are STILL up on the Official Red Bulls site?

    Time to update

  5. Starks in Tampa Says:

    good rule change, about time. This should improve the quality of play on the field. I certianly hope Henry will be here later this year, what a great pick up he would be. Also, as Oh_Yeah mentioned look for an attacking midfielder from Brazil, those guys know how to get around the defense, and arent afraid with the ball at their feet, they can create numerous chances. Look at Neymar from Santos, he was electric vs RBNY.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      Starks in Tampa that would be a good choice, but I was think more of a Diego Souza of Palmeiras. Neymar would be great addition, but Santos is asking over $30million for a transfer. I think that would be too rich for RBNY. Diego Souza would be affordable.

  6. soccer lou Says:

    great news for the league that can only improve the skill level on the pitch and would make the league more appealing to players so they don’t have to burn there last wheels here or to those young players in europe or southamerica who see these league as up and coming . with all that said i would like to know what you think of Giovanni Hernandez colombian MD plays in colombia with Atletico Junior very skillfull player played in Colombia Argentina and Chile always very skillfull players with very good technique great passer and has tons of experience he should fit very good in this system and would free lindpere to run freely on the left flank

  7. soccer lou Says:

    think about this

    Martin Palermo
    Juan Riquelme
    Thiery Henry
    Giovanni Hernandes
    Clarence Seedorf
    Demarcus Beasly

    Tell me what you think remember it’s posible now

  8. gigi Says:

    Im gonna be thinking pretty unrealistickly so excuse the daydreaming in this post but i heard that chelsea might be having a clearout if they dont win the premier league, So that means carvalho,ballack all them mid 30 beasts might be out of a contract. it be super sexy but deff not gonna happen but a guy like ballack seems great for backs system. working along lindpere, they would do work together. But i can see him going back to germany fo sho. but id settle for van bronkhorst and lindpere working together in midfiled.

  9. gigi Says:


    Van den bergh——–Lindpere———–Ballack————–Richards


    ohh…one can only dream…one can only dream. having a 3rd dp and van den bergh seems unrealistic but if two dps arive in summer its only a half mil hit.

  10. Karbaz Says:

    Soccer Lou, are you serious with Palermo? The guy is a complete waste now, maybe a few years ago sure but now, he would be a waste of money. There are games where he literally stands around and does nothing, Angel at least tries to create something. I don’t want Palermo anywhere near this team.

    All I want is Henry, we don’t need anyone else, we need to give our rookies a chance to play some games, I don’t want this team to be like the Cosmos. Maybe one more midfielder and hat’s it.

  11. Tim F. Says:

    Do the Red Bulls still retain the rights to Chivas USA’s DP slot and in essence have three DP slots at this time or did that slot revert back to Chivas and the Red Bulls only have two DP slots like everyone else?

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      No, they did not retain the rights to Chivas USA’s DP slot, but they $70,000 allocation money for the DP slot.

  12. lou Says:

    I’d like to have Del Piero as one of our DPs. I remember a few years back, that there was a rumor that he could be leaving juve for the MLS. He’s arguably one of the greatest italian soccer players ever, he would be good for the club from a marketing standpoint but he would also raise the product on the field, and he can be that attacking midfielder we have been looking for. I don’t know how much he has left in the tank, but he did score 7 goals and added 3 assist in only 17 games this year. If he can produce like that in the Serie A, he should be more then fine in the MLS.

  13. christian Says:

    maybe rooney and arshvin?lol

  14. Alle Says:

    David De Freitas is a decent midfielder in France who plans on leaving his current club, FC Nantes, this summer. Why not? I don’t think he’d even fit as a DP, but still, he’s young and his salary probably wouldn’t hurt us either.

    • Alle Says:

      EDIT: He’s 30 so not THAT young but yeah, he’s decent. Either him or someone else, as long as they aren’t near retirement and play well, they’re welcome.

  15. Lee Says:

    Why do u guys like all them old players ………….I was to see us bring in TH14 and a young midfielder ….. some young player from brazil no more old guys

  16. christian Says:

    bring some of the brazillian team cruzeiro young players like the mid bernado and foreward eliandro.ive seen them play and they are good and shouldnt be expensive

  17. christian Says:

    or better yet,sign me!!!!!!

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