This week, the club installed a red seat in Section 101, Row 11, Seat 20.  This seat holds special significance as it commemorates a special moment from the Grand Opening of Red Bull Arena last Saturday.  Can you guess what it means?  We will award a prize to the first person who can correctly identify the answer in the comments section below (valid emails must be included when submitting the comment – you don’t need to put your email in the comment itself).

UPDATE: We have received the winning answer, and will be announce the winner later today.  Thank you for your responses.


40 Responses to “THE RED SEAT”

  1. Xenia Rybak Says:

    that was when joel lindpere scored the first goal at RBA

  2. jason Says:

    it was the first seat instaled

  3. Lou Monaco Says:

    The first person ever to officially sit at the new arena.

  4. Alex Britez Says:

    Does it have to do with the “OUR HOME, YOUR HELL” banner?

    • Alex Britez Says:

      March 20 on the 11th minute goal, pretty sure the banner was is section 101 from some pics i saw online, but I followed it online so I’m not positive 😦

  5. Hrdina Says:

    It was the seat of the young woman who was the first person through the gate at the RB/Santos match?

  6. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    If we get a winner, we will announce at halftime of the match tonight in the running commentary post.

  7. Kev Says:

    101 is 10-1 which equals 9. then theres the 11. to commemorate 9/11? buuut i don’t know what the 20 would mean.

  8. Brian Says:

    Joel Lindpere (#20 for New York) scored the Stadium’s first goal in the 11th minute of the Santos match.

  9. christian Says:

    March 20 on the 11th minute joel lindpere goal

  10. joe nolan Says:

    location of first breaking ground when stadium was built.

  11. Tom Says:

    Lindpere is number 20, 11th minute, section 101 is directly behind the goal.

  12. adamkut Says:

    Joel Lindpere who is #20 for the Red Bulls scored the first goal in Red Bulls Arena.

  13. jspec Says:

    First damage seat

  14. Raymond Perry Says:

    101 – Empire Supporters Club Section

    11 Joel Lindpere scores 1st goal in RBA in 11th minute

    20 Lindpere’s number

    I was there recording it all in my field notebook! But of course, that was redundant because it will be etched inmy memory

  15. christian Says:

    Row 101 refers to the year 2010, 1st game in the new stadium
    Seat 11 refers to the minute the first goal was scored
    20 refers to the jersey number of Joel Lindpere who scored the first goal

  16. christian Says:

    who won?

  17. Raymond Perry Says:

    Well the 20 could refer to the date (20th March) but I’d still go with 101 Empire Supporters Club and 11th minute goal by Lindpere

  18. Alvaro Says:

    Row 101 – the 10 refers to the opening year of the arena. The 1 refers to the first game at the new stadium.
    Seat 11 – refers to the minute the first goal was scored
    20 – refers to the date of the first game at the new stadium.

  19. Gerard Ciarleglio Says:

    it stands for the date of the first game 101 row 11 seat 20….so 1011120, or (20)10, 111=3, and the 20 was the date!!!! 3/20/10!!!

  20. C Costanzo Says:

    101 – 1st section in the arena, commemorating first game

    11 Joel Lindpere scores 1st goal in RBA in 11th minute

    20 Lindpere’s number

    • Raymond Perry Says:

      C. Costanzo, good call on 101 being the first section completed (seat-wise). The one wild card here is that 20 could refer to either Lindpere’s number or the date (March) 20. If you didn’t nail it with this I’d try the same guess with 20 as the date. Give it a shot.

      I have to think the “special moment” was the first goal so I’m at a loss to come up with a better guess than yours. Good luck.

  21. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    DOTW/DOTY seat.

  22. Andrew B Says:

    101- The 10 stands for 2010 and the 1 stands for the first game and first goal in Red Bull arena.

    11- The first goal in the new arena was scored in the 11th minute

    20- Number 20, Joel Lindpere scored the first goal

  23. qrysdonnell Says:

    So how do we put a red seat in section 102 row 40 seat 20? (There’s no row 40!)

  24. Dario Says:

    Something to do with Giants Stadium?
    it is a seat from the old stadium…the first one put in…


  25. Domingos Oliveira Says:

    Section 101 represents game one at the RBA.
    Row 11 represents the minute the first goal was scored at the RBA.
    Seat 20 represents the number of the jersey worn by the scorer of the first goal, Joel Lindpere.

  26. ELLIE Says:


  27. Ringo from EST Says:

    First goal on the new Red Bulls Arena.
    101 I think is the section behind the goal?!?
    11 is the minute when Joel Lindpere scored.
    20 is Joel Lindpere´s shirt number.

  28. The Red Seat | MLS Insider Blog Says:

    […] Grand Opening match. If you think you know why the seat is where it is, head over to Red Bulls Reader for a chance at winning a special prize if you guess correctly. Share Uncategorized Red […]

  29. C Costanzo Says:

    Thanks Raymond….

    Another try…

    101 – 1st section in the arena, commemorating first game

    11 Joel Lindpere scores 1st goal in RBA in 11th minute

    20 The Date of the Month of the first match at RBA

  30. Josh Says:

    special seat for a special stadium
    place where the construction began

  31. Raymond Perry Says:

    Are we just not hitting the right combination?

    101 10 for 2010 1 for first game, first goal
    11th minute for 1st goal by Lindpere

    20 as in March 20th

  32. christian Says:

    i ran out of ideas so:
    joel lindpere made history when he scored the 11th minute goal.sec 101 is where the loyal esc satand the red seat representsthe past-giants stadium

  33. Patrick Says:

    First seat selected when season ticket holders picked out their seats?

  34. Raymond Perry Says:

    20 101 11 or 2010 1 11 is year of opening of RBA, 1st goal 11th minute (or 11th minute 1st goal (2010 11 1). I’m running out of ideas too.

  35. christian Says:

    to commemorate the first goal scored at Red Bull Arena. Section 101 is our Supporters Section Row 11 signifies the minute the goal was scored, and Seat 20 is for Joel Lindpere (#20), who scored the goal

  36. Benton Says:

    Section 8’s flare!!! FIRE!!!

  37. hives Says:


    […]THE RED SEAT «[…]…

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