A solid 1-0 win over the Fire tonight to open Red Bull Arena to MLS play.  Joel Lindpere was the goal hero with a 40th minute strike, and Bouna Coundoul came up with several clutch saves to preserve the shutout as the Fire pressed the attack.  Here is the post match video:

What are your thoughts on the match?  Who was the Man of the Match?  What were some of the turning points in the match?  What was your Red Bull Arena experience like?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Private video?

  2. John Says:

    Private?? Come on RBR ….make it public.

  3. bfox Says:

    First game for me and the stadium is fantasic. The whole experience felt “real”, authentic. Good win, expect Lindpere to be a beast this season, showed great hustle. Sharpness was lacking all around. Feels like we’ve risen to all a whole new level as a club. I thank Red Bull for their commitment to New York.

  4. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    What’s wrong with Tim Ream? He keeps on moving?!

    • jmp Says:

      Think it’s an illness he is suffering from – when not on the pitch, he actually moves around like that.

      Kidding – I am pretty sure he is using an ergometer bicycle when the interview is taking place. 🙂

      Good result!

      • lou Says:

        Great game, the atmosphere was insane. I don’t think the crowd has ever gotten into the game like that. The back line was shaky but did alot of thinks well. Tim Ream is simply a stud. Lindpere got my vote for man of the match. Bouna made some great saves but was out of position a few times. I would have liked to have seen da luz make an appearance, and hopefully angel gets into the game more next week. Overall, good job Red Bull.

      • lou Says:

        didn’t mean to post that there. my bad.

      • gigi Says:

        Either that or he needs to ease off that red bull.

  5. Oh_yeah Says:

    I thought that bulls play a good game. Fire had more possession, but the bulls won. This is a good sign for the team.

  6. Colin Gorman Says:

    yea good job tim we are so proud of you. tim keep up the hard work. we are really happy with your game on saturday night.

  7. Al Says:

    Tim Ream was on the bike – you can see him during Lindpere’s interview.
    Overall, the team has more confidence than last years. The passing is amazing now, the back 4, though shaky at times, is very solid. Middle- nit having Robinson holding the mid tonight put Lindpere on overdrive chasing back and creating.
    This week: PUT OUT THE FIRE!!!
    Next challenge: Shutting down Seattle next week!

  8. kahlva Says:

    Psyched for next week! Hopefully we can get revenge for the first game there of last year…

    And hopefully with an extra week everyone’s a little bit healthier too (Angel), an available (Robinson, Salou)…!


  9. bryan Says:

    tim ream was using the bicycle during the interview.

  10. Jim Says:

    Great match. Its like night and day compared to Giants Stadium. If we could add Dave Vandenberg to provide service on the left side…LOOK OUT

    • gigi Says:

      after reading some of the things hans and backe said, i doubt hell be suting up for the red bulls this season but jeff park was in the house right? i heard he wants to come back, deff would add depth to our backline.

      • Ceez Says:

        oh maaaan! if parke came back, our back line would be BEASTLY!!! pleeease bring Parke back!

  11. C-dilly Says:

    I thought service from the left was good, but we had no one on the back post. Dane? Jeremy? It was obvious that our defensive shape has improved. Keep it up Red Bulls!

  12. TSmith Says:

    Was Agudelo injured? Why no da Luz or Tchani until the last minute?

    • Brady1981 Says:

      Agudelo was on the bench so can’t have been injured, I assume they brought Woly on over him as Conde was having a great game at the back for Chicago and they wanted to add a physical presence up front to match him.
      The team was playing very well so there was no need to bring on any subs early, bringing on Tchani at the end was to waste a few seconds and add an extra defensive minded player to close out the game.
      I thought the substitutions were common sense

      • TSmith Says:

        True, Agudelo and da Luz would have made the game much more interesting offensively for us though. Our defensive end is looking quite good though. Tim Ream was a great get.

  13. Starks in Tampa Says:

    well you guys saw Tchani when he came in, he was very timid, getting bounced off the ball granted, his first MLS game must have been very nervouse. Look bottom line I think the lineup you saw today is the lineup that will be here the whole year barring any injuries, the rookies like da luz, tchani will get there playing time and if they impress in limited action that could open the door but I think Backe is really committed to having a consistant lineup this year. I for one am glad…I would like to see Da Luz take over for Ubiparipovic down the road, and Tchani for Khandji but we shall see.

  14. Claude Says:

    Am I the only one who a porr game from Sinisa Ubi? Errant passes, holding the ball too long, etc. We need Stammler healthy ASAP in his place.

    Defensively the team looked solid, Ream plays extremely calmed for a rookie. Jeremy Hall was excellent.

    Dane Richards and Kandji should have passed the ball a lot more. Angel didn’t see a whole lot of service from the wingers.

    Would love to see Robinson healthy soon and Salou once his paperwork is in order.

    Man of the match for me was the tireless Lindpere.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      i agree with everything you said, I completely forgot about stemmler….he would be a nice upgrade in the middle for sure.

    • emilio Says:

      Backe likes technical players who keep possession and are good on the ball, Ubiparapovic is superior to Stammler in those areas, and he has played well the last two games. Dont be surprised if Stammler is behind him in the depth chart. Backe prefers players over destroyers, and thats good to know.

  15. redbulls4ever Says:

    Good job guys, fantastic atmosphere. Did all of us make the most out of those clappers last night.? Also it was such a pleasure to put out the FIRE last night.

  16. Ethan Z. Says:

    Sinisa had an excellent match…always kept possesion wasnt scared to hold the ball and excellent balls to richards and angel

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      dont know about excellent but he played better then in the past, again to me he isnt a starting player in this league, maybe he can be later on but I just do not feel comfortable with him.

      • gigi Says:

        I also thought he played good now that i think bout it. But hes gonna have to work hard to be a starter though when robinson stammler come back to form and when Tchani gets into good form. I also have a feeling we may get a DP for Center mid this season, either that or for the left wing which is why hans and backe arent going for a certain dave van den bergh. But i do like sinisa alot, if he can find a way to be consistent then i hope we keep him cuz he could contribute to this team no doubt.

      • gigi Says:

        when robinson and stammler come back from injury*

  17. Starks in Tampa Says:

    DVB interested in returning to the Red Bulls

    Richards on the right side, DVB on the left with Lindpere and Stammler in the middle….that is a very good Midfield. Ubi, da luz on the bench for depth…. sign me up…

  18. Dario Says:

    I was impressed with Ream and Lindpere. They look like good additions to the team.

    I want to see more out of Roy Miller and Jeremy Hall, not that they were horrible.

  19. Starks in Tampa Says:


    good point, if they in fact they think they can land a Henry or Raul then the addition of DVB is unlikely.

    • Claude Says:

      I say pick up Dave V. and worry about a potentially huge new signing later.

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        yea I wouldn’t seeing this, either way I would be happy, DVB on the left side or Henry or someone else, a top DP…good times ahead lets hope.

  20. kahlva Says:

    Oh, and a gentle suggestion to RB –

    Don’t have players give interviews while they’re riding the bikes. It looks… very, very weird.

  21. emilio Says:

    Angel missed a sitter on a great cross, he should have made the fame 2-0, if we are gonna criticize lets be objective.

  22. Ceez Says:

    A) I can’t stand Ubi. He is TRASH! He controls the ball, takes a dribble for a second or two and then proceeds to cough up the ball!! I’m sorry…I’ve NEVER been convinced Ubi has what it takes. I don’t know what game people here were watching on Saturday.


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