The Red Bulls take on the Chicago Fire tonight in the MLS Opener at Red Bull Arena.  After an unbeaten preseason, the matches start counting for points now, and the retooled New York lineup will have to start proving that the preseason was an example of the play that the supporters could expect from the side in 2010.  Both sides have first year MLS coaches in Hans Backe and Carlos de los Cobos, and have a different look from 2009.  Lineup to be posted later.New York Red Bulls lineup:





Bench: Sutton, da Luz, Tchani, Sassano, Agudelo, Boyens, Wolyniec.

Angel makes his return to the starting XI after missing a few weeks after receiving a bad tackle in Orlando.  Borman also makes the lineup, returning from a hamstring strain.  Fresh off being added to the roster on Friday, Juan Agudelo makes the bench for Hans Backe.

Chicago Fire:





Bench: Johnson, Kinney, Krol, Husidic, Mapp, Bone, John

After a 70 degree night last week, we have about half that in terms of temperature this week.

6:46 PM:  They are showing the First XI video on the scoreboard.  We wonder if any of the honorees will be here tonight?

6:49: Jeff Parke is in the house, as is Dave van den Bergh.

6:51 Red Bull Air Race is dropping in with the match ball.  That was not as easy as it looked.  Its pretty windy out there.


1′ And we’re off at Red Bull Arena!

3′ Richards pressures the Fire rookie keeper into a corner.

3′ Sinisa can’t get to the Lindpere corner.

9′ Richards puts one wide after a nice buildup from New York.

12′ Tim Ream is defending well in 1v1 situations thusfar.

12′ Richards tries to split the defense but puts it over the top.

16′ Fire with a chance as Nyarko feeds a through ball to McBride but he puts it wide.

21′ Angel with a half chance off a Miller cross that goes through the area .

23′ Miller with a turnover that McBride bicycles off the post.  Close call there as the Fire turn up the pressure.

30′ Chicago with a free kick from 35 yards that Martinez puts over.

38′ Kandji gets space, but his sh0t is right at Dykstra.

40′ GOAL NY!!  Lindpere with a right footed volley to the top post!  1-0 NY

45′ 1 minute of stoppage.

HALFTIME: 1-0 Red Bulls

46′ And we’re back.

52′ Lindpere feeds Angel, who’s half chance goes wide.

53′ The winner of the Red Seat contest is Xenia Rybak.  We will be in contact soon.

54′ Chicago sub: John for Martinez.

56′ McBride with a shot with little pace that Coundoul gobbles up.

57′ Borman finds Angel in the box, but his shot is blocked by Conde.

58′ Conde blocks a Borman chance.

59′ The Nyarko McBride, John trio are creating chances for Chicago who is preparing to make sub #2.

61′ Chicago sub: Husidic for Pause.

61′ Free kick for Chicago right at the top of the area.

62′ Banner curls one over the wall that Coundoul punches free.  Looked destined for goal.

66′ Richards draws a foul 35 yards out.

70′ Lindpere with a knuckle ball that almost fools Dykstra.

71′ NY sub #1: Wolyniec for Borman

72′ 24,572 is the attendance tonight.

75′ Sinisa frees Richards down the right side, but his shot is in the side netting.

79′ Chi sub #3: Mapp for McBride.

79′ Nyarko nods one on frame but Coundoul jumps to catch it.

84′ John and Coundoul meet for a 50/50 that caroms to Nyarko, but he puts it wide.

89′ John centers towards Nyarko, but Coundoul is there.

90′ Tchani for Kandji.

90′ Free kick coming for chicago.

90′ 3 minutes of stoppage.

FULL TIME: 1-0 NY!  A great match to open the 2010 MLS season and Red Bull Arena.  check back later for post match reaction.


  1. Matt Says:

    Row 101 refers to the year 2010, 1st game in the new stadium
    Seat 11 refers to the minute the first goal was scored
    20 refers to the jersey number of Joel Lindpere who scored the first goal

  2. christian Says:

    good see anjel and richards starting

  3. Karbaz Says:

    Cmon you Bulls!!!

  4. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Had a friend who went last Saturday. Glad to see the pitch has had time to dry. Great looking field.

  5. wendel Says:

    is stammler injured?

  6. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    RBNY seems to be playing with a bit more confidence than last season. Not bad consdering a nearly new roster. Better passing would be nice, though.

  7. Karbaz Says:

    Bouna looks like crap.

  8. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Well, at least no one can say RBNY hasn’t had any goal-making opportunities. Keep up the pressure, Bulls!

  9. christian Says:


  10. Karbaz Says:

    Finally, Great goal.

  11. Karbaz Says:

    If we can make it to half time without giving up a goal then that will show us how different this team is.

  12. Karbaz Says:

    Oh my god we did it.

  13. BIG T Says:

    Team still doesn’t look good fire has more possesion better passes…but we have a goooool!!!!!

  14. wendel Says:

    Joel Lindpere is the Dave van den burgh of 2010. i’m saying it now.

  15. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Textbook goal – great power shot!

  16. BIG T Says:

    Define goal—-lindpere

  17. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    BIG T – you said it perfectly.

  18. BIG T Says:

    I wish garcia gets better I know he’s gona do some awsome plays its fun to watch him

  19. Lee Says:

    For all the guys on there that say the Bulls dont need a goalie you dont know anything about soccer

  20. gigi Says:

    Lindpere looks so energetic, freaking estonian energizer bunny. richards tracked back to defend…to defend! i like what hans has done with the team, he seems like the kinda coach to take players who one wouldnt think can perform to a certain level, and then make them perform above and beyond. but no knock agaisnt coundoul but id deff like to see hans take a look at bush.

  21. gigi Says:

    lol coundoul walk much?

  22. BIG T Says:

    -Coundoul looking like crap its like playing without a gk

  23. Karbaz Says:

    I’m scared of that big guy, they need to keep an eye on him.

  24. Karbaz Says:

    We need to sub out Ubi, he’s done all he could.

  25. BIG T Says:

    -Coundoul is alive!!!!!

  26. BIG T Says:

    Haven’t seen much of angel.

  27. Karbaz Says:

    That was a push if I ever seen one.

  28. gigi Says:

    i wonder if will see tchani or da luz today

  29. BIG T Says:

    Sub angel???

    • Karbaz Says:

      You dont sub off someone like Angel unless he’s hurt. Kandji hasn’t done much either, I would much rather him come off than Angel.

  30. Karbaz Says:

    Miller has had an amazing game.

  31. BIG T Says:

    Ill like to see da luz have heard a lot of good things don’t car for tchani

  32. BIG T Says:

    Agree with the Kanji sub

  33. Karbaz Says:

    I don’t get why we still use Wolyniec, and for Borman, a midfielder for god sakes. Put in Agudelo, give the kid a shot.

  34. Karbaz Says:

    Man Ubi has had a tough time passing in this game.

  35. gigi Says:

    tchani for kandji guess ubi is gonna move to the left now

  36. BIG T Says:

    Let give credit to -Coundoul

  37. Karbaz Says:

    good win, not a great game but we needed this win, good start for us.

  38. Glenn Scheyhing Says:

    Great game, Red Bulls! Thanks for the show!

  39. BIG T Says:

    Not the best game but we got the points keep it up red bulls

  40. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Fire played the better game but we got the bounces this game. overall we did very well, we just need to learn how to shoot the dang ball when inside the 18, even harkes pointed out , do we want to walk the ball in? Overall very good win to start the season, the crowd was great, we were a bit fortunate and really were having trouble with Collings John when he came in, thank goodness he didnt start the game….

    great start to the season for sure….

  41. Starks in Tampa Says:

    BTW Khandji sucks….I am so tired of his play its not even funny. The kid has speed but is awful with the ball. I am not willing to give up on him totally but he isn’t very good…Also Dane Richards, great game great speed and does very good things however when getting close to the 18 man he panics…..He had Angel for a sure 2-0 lead there oh well good to complain about this after a win rather then a loss.

  42. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Kudos to Ream, played another outstanding game made a few more mistakes then previously but that is to be expected….Kudos to Coundoul, after a shaky start, made a nice key save of the Free Kick, and started feeling more comfortable as the game went on with timing…….Kudos to Joel Lindpere boy what a great great pick up he is turning out to be….for people that do not know soccer it is CRUCIAL to have someone you can trust in the middle of the field and he certainly seems to be calm and cool and collected with the ball at his feet and spreading the ball around, not to mention he seems to know how to finish….and you may have noticed he was getting more comfy with Angel as the game went on…he and Angel should start to click soon….

    I have to give great to the WONDERFUL WODNERFUL CD of the Fire Conde…..what a freaking stud! I was very impressed with his play…Nyarki is another forward who really impressed me tonight, he was one of the best players on the field tonight..

    overall a very good game to watch alot of action and the best part the referree really made sure the game had a great flow and I for one LOVED IT…

  43. Lee Says:

    . Lindpere new comer of the year
    . We need a Leftwinger ,Please get us a Leftwinger!!!!!!!!!!!!
    . We need a Goalie , Please get us a Goalie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Starks in Tampa Says:


    I have to give great KUDOS to the wonderful WONDERFUL CB of the Fire Conde….

  45. Alle Says:

    Good win even though we weren’t as convincing as we were against Santos (a friendly yes, but still, we didn’t see as much fluidity in the passing as we did last week). Don’t know why everyone’s raining down on Bouna when it was he who saved us from some close calls. Sure he had a shaky moment or two, but comments like ‘we need a new goalie’ and he’s crap etc, I mean wtf seriously. The team itself didn’t perform as well as it should have overall, that’s all. Thankfully, we got the win, let’s be happy about that! As for a left midfielder – we definitely need one.

    • Cindy Says:

      ditto this comment. Condoul preserved the win for us tonight, there were definitely a few highlight reel saves.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:


      good comment, I am not raining down on him , he was part of my KUDOS that I gave out. I think he can be a good GK for us, he has the reflexes and attitude, he has to work on the communication with his defense and timing….I think eventually he can cost us a goal or two but he is more then serviceable INMO and much much better then what we had the past two years with scrubs like Cepero and Conway.

  46. soccer lou Says:

    overall the performance was from 1 to 10 a 7+ Every time your keeper gets a great performance it’s no godd wich means the back line was not that good on my view
    Ream continues to excel
    Petke solid at best
    Miller needs to acert himself just a little more but good performance
    Jeremy Hall well this is where it gets intersting he was cought out of place more than a few times and look out of place i see why they try to sign the other estonian
    Lindpere continues to amaze everybody (thumb up^)
    Sinisa competes very hard but he”s better as a back up
    Bormann who????
    Richards crazy speed need to look up and trust his skills just a little more
    Kanji can anybody tell him to star playing for real and to take a shot at goal as soon as he can please!!!!!!
    Angel looks a little rusty but i’m sure he’ll get better (please don’t get hurt)
    Woly i don’t if he’s going to be with the club next week
    Tchani did he actually touch the ball??
    if you think otherwise or saw something different hey spit it out ………..

    • soccer lou Says:

      Coundul look shaky just a little nervous but hey a shutout it always good
      Backe very good game plan and the team won say no more.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I agree with most of what you said Lou. You are right Borman who? I thought Petke was like you said SOLID at best but made a ton of mistakes, to many giveaways……Again Sinisia made a few good plays, nice touches on some passes but overall I do not think he is a starter in this league at this point, that is not to say he can not improve and become one….Kanji like I said I am so over this kid, he has no clue what it takes to be a real striker….

      You know I dont mind Woly’s role. when he comes in he does his job, plays hard, has good touches on his passes, and can give you the occasional goal with his big body…not a bad reserve.

  47. Tom Says:

    Few thoughts from the game, yeah bouna had a few shakes, as a keeper you’ll have those games. I thought he was actually pretty great against santos and made the saves he had to make tonight. Angel wasnt as deadly as we’ve come to know him as being but I chalk that up to being injured since that preseason match. He’ll regain form. From what I’ve seen, Ream is something special; for a rookie hes playing with such composure in the back and making the key stops well. Also, Lindpere is awesome. The hustle this guy has put in is refreshing on offense and defense. I love the look of this team when the passes are connecting and I’m really excited for the next game. here we go now ny.

  48. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Also fellas lets give a some HUGE KUDOS to Hans Backe…great job manager, very good gameplan, composed on all fronts, you guys have seen what a REAL coach can do with a team…

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