Another injury report will be issued Friday and the team is off today and tomorrow which will help with recovery, but you have been asking so here is the current team injury report:

Juan Pablo Angel – Questionable – Right Knee Sprain
Dane Richards – Questionable – Left Hamstring Strain
Carl Robinson – Questionable – Right Knee Sprain
Seth Stammler – Questionable – Right Hamstring Strain
Carlos Mendes – Questionable – Left Hamstring Strain
Chris Albright – OUT – Knee Surgery Recovery
Kevin Goldthwaite – OUT – Adductor Surgery Recovery
Giorgi Chirgadze – OUT – Hip Surgery

In basic terms, Questionable is 50/50 on being available to play. We think at least a few of the questionable players will play against the Fire.

47 Responses to “RED BULL INJURY REPORT”

  1. Cindy Says:


  2. Almedin Says:

    I heard Angel is most likely going to play.. Let’s hope so, because with Miller and Lindpere in the line-up he might actually get some great crosses..

  3. Jake Says:

    De Guzamn should have been at least fined for that tackle against Angel, criminal

  4. Billy Says:

    de guzman should get fined and suspended!! wtf that waz like a worst foul since mahmuda diallos crime of the century!! xP!

  5. Starks in Tampa Says:

    lets hope Angel plays as this team might actually get him the ball in advantages spots…

  6. soccer lou Says:

    that can only give minutes to those who need to impress the coach it might get very competitive that can only be good i expect them to come out and
    put out the fire . when do we know who’s staying =the final cut ??? help anybody???

  7. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Jon Busch anyone???? I am telling for a GK as small as he he certainly has made the most of it….I wouldnt mind seeing him on our side…

  8. soccer lou Says:

    did the red bull sign salou?? any idea on saturday’s lineup….

    • gigi Says:

      yeahh they just signed him

    • Alle Says:

      I’m happy about that signing, he looked decent against Santos (and he scored against Miami days before that). He shouldn’t have a problem with us!

      • Alle Says:

        When I say decent, I mean on the ball – but indeed, there is room for improvement in terms of communicating with the others.

      • lou Says:

        communicating and hustling. His legs also have clearly seen better days, and i don’t think he will be a game changer by any means, but hopefully he will be a serviceable forward that can hold the ball up well.

    • Alle Says:

      Indeed, he’s getting old. But I’m hoping after a few more training sessions, he’ll get into the rhythm.

  9. Starks in Tampa Says:

    I dont know about you guys but I wasnt that impressed with Salou vs Santos. He seemed to hog the ball too much and try and make too many unnecessary moves….didnt really play a team game…his dribbling skills from what I saw werent that great…..maybe it was one game, who knows….

    • soccer lou Says:

      i think he was ok remember he’s just coming off and injurie not too much practice time with the team. when u r over 6″ feet tall that’s the kind of game that u have to play he might have hold the ball a little bit more for my taste but nevertheless he was a constant present in the box and believe he got foul outside the box and then lindpere score. now i don’t know if him a JPA can workout but we’ll see stay tune…………

      • Starks in Tampa Says:

        Good points Lou. I forgot that he wasn’t in 100% shape…..I certainly think he can help the team and am not too familiar with him from his previouse teams just wasn’t all that impressed….if you guys like him and you guys seem to know more about him then me I am all for it.

      • lou Says:

        yeah i wasn’t that high on him either. I heard a few people say how good he was, but for me, he isn’t much of an improvement over our other forwards.

    • Kmb499 Says:

      That tackle he used to earn the yellow card was awful! I hope that’s the last one we see…

  10. emilio Says:

    I like Salou.He was impressive.

  11. emilio Says:

    Remember when Osorio said it was impossible to sign european based players?

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      Osorio is one of the WORST coaches I have ever seen. I have never seen a coach that absolutely got NOTHING from his players as much as he did, he lacked in game management and adjustments beyond belief. Had no clue about offense.

      • soccer lou Says:

        osorio it’s all news but i tell u what i strongly believe that players get u fired and they just gave up on him last years . but not just him everything was a disaster. just so you know i dont what to come around as osorio fan certanly im not but just think about this he’s coaching in colombia first division and his team (once caldas) it’s having a great performance in copa libertadores actually they look so good in the torunament that some “experts” think they can win it all. crazy right!.

  12. BC-Sec130 Says:

    Starks keep to your guns! I agree with your first reply, he didn’t look that good & he could have gotten a second yellow card. We can’t over come stupid mistakes,we need all 11 on the field. Got my fingers crossed for Angel, Richards, & Robinson. I thought Richards & Robinson looked great! Bush would be a great move!

  13. BC-Sec130 Says:

    Starks,I hope you know I was talking about Salou.

    • Starks in Tampa Says:


      yes I know who you are talking about thanks. Well again I do not know much about Salou, the first game I saw him play was this game vs Santos and I did not think much of him but for those of you who saw him play previously and are impressed I will be open minded about him….

  14. el Says:

    Salou was trying to impress at all cost, so thats why he went with those harsh tackles, slides. He looked dangeous and continued to play despite taking a knock in the 35th minute or so.

  15. soccer lou Says:

    hey guys and comments bring it




    let the debate begin!!!………

    • soccer lou Says:

      that’s for saturday only ok let me know what you guys think

    • Starks in Tampa Says:

      I think Ream deserves a shot, espacialy after what I saw this past weekend and espacially over Boyens. God I look at this team and I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE out Left Mids. Sassano is awful, Ubiparipovic played his best game I have seen him play this past saturday and it wasn’t all that great….

      • soccer lou Says:

        then instead of Sassano next to Lindpere
        Sinisa can do that and Da luz can see some action on the left side what you think?

      • soccer lou Says:

        or play Tchani next Lindpere and Sinisa on the left flank?

      • lou Says:

        I like Da luz starting on the left (although for some reason, backe won’t go for it), with lindpere and tchani in the middle. I don’t know if tchani is reading to start though since he hasn’t played much and is a raw talent.

  16. BC-Sec130 Says:

    Robinson & Richards must be out of the line-up if you didn’t include them. Ream has to start, I thought he looked great, very composed for a rookie. I’m not sold on Salou, but am willing to give him a shot.

  17. BC-Sec130 Says:

    How about given another rookie a shot – Chinn

    • soccer lou Says:

      in that case i don’t know if he is signed yet but Aguadelo might be next if not then Chinn or Woly but i think Woly it out

      • lou Says:

        I’d like to see chinn play instead of salou just based on what i’ve seen of both of them so far (which admittedly isn’t much, more of chinn though). I mean they are both big, strong forwards, but chinn is fast and young, he does however have less skill then salou. I wouldn’t start chinn right away, i would just try to work him into games slowly, and then if half way through the season if kandji isn’t working out and salou isn’t lighting it up, i’d play chinn ( that’s if we don’t get a second DP striker of course).

  18. BC-Sec130 Says:

    Sorry to get off the important thing – THE GAME! Any recommendations for a resturant in Newark before the game to talk Red Bulls & get something to eat?

    • lou Says:

      I don’t know where you are looking to eat in Newark, so I couldn’t really say where you should definitely go. I won’t post a link because red bulls reader will hold it up until they can review it which usually takes a while, but if you type in *Newark restaurants: restaurant reviews by 10Best* in google, you’ll find all the good restaurants you can handle. If you’re looking for a sportier place (because you said somewhere you can talk the game) try 60 park grill in downtown Newark.

  19. BC-Sec130 Says:

    Chinn was signed today

  20. Starks in Tampa Says:

    again not a fan of Sassano at all and I think Da Luz has a great touch on the pass….

    • lou Says:

      I’m a big fan of Da Luz. Apparently Backe isn’t interested in VDB who was recently waived, so maybe he has plans for Da luz on that wing.

  21. emilio Says:

    Sasson is now going to be a defender exclusively, that was an Osorio project, Sassano was never a midfielder.

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