At long last, tonight the Red Bulls blow the roof of Red Bull Arena, as New York hosts the Grand Opening match against Santos FC.  All the stars will be out and walking in via the red carpet as the sell out crowd take in the festivities on 6th St. and the loyal NYRB supporters march to the stadium.  As usual RBR is here to give you a play-by-play of the action.  Starting lineup are in:

For New York:





For Santos FC:





6:14 PM: The pre-game festivities are underway.  The MCs just got a few words with Jeremy Hall on the field.

PREGAME: Anthems are completed. We are moments away!

1′ And we’re off…

5′ First corner of the match earned by Santos.

10′ Red Bulls apply pressure, but Kandji is offsides.

11′ Salou earns a foul just outside the area.  Free kick upcoming.

11′ GOAL NY!!!  Lindpere follows up his own rebound on the free kick and puts NY up, 1-0!

14′ NY dominating possession right now and looking very dangerous.

16′ Yellow to Salou for a tackle from behind.

17′ Neymar and Richards get tangled moving upfield.  Both are down.

18′ Both are back on.

22′ First shot for Santos but Coundoul is right there to gobble it up.

26′ Another corner for Santos as a shot is deflected out.  Nothing comes from the corner.

27′ Free kick for Santos on the edge of the area.

28′ Santos tries to put it central but its over the the top.

34′ Salou and Aguiar both down from separate incidents.

36′ Both players are back on.

42′ Aguiar with a yellow after fouling Kandji.  New York’s physicality is getting to Santos.

44′ GOAL NY!!  Robinson sends in a corner that Ream heads on and Petke puts away!! 2-0 New York.

45′  GOAL NY!! Kandji switches fields to a an open Richards, who blasts one into the top corner.  3-0 NY!

45+’ Robinson is down and the Red Bulls are upset.

HALFTIME: 3-0 New York.

HALFTIME: Agudelo comes on for Robinson.

HALFTIME: Marcel for Giovanni.

46′ And we’re back…

46′ Another Santos sub: Monar for Breitner.

47′ Richards sends in a low cross for Agudelo that is put out for a corner.

49′ Lucas takes a free kick that goes right to Coundoul.

52′ Santos with a blast that Coundoul stretches to poke wide that results in an corner with no chance.

53′ Neymar with a blast that Coundoul parries for a corner.  Santos looks a lot more motivated this half.

55′ Salou earns a foul near midfield.  He has looked strong on the ball tonight.

57′ Another near chance for Richards, who found himself alone at the top of the area, but he put it over the top.

58′ Yellow to Zezinho.

61′ Sutton for Coundoul.

61′ Sassano for Richards.

62′ Sassano moves to right back and Hall moves to midfield.

64′ Wesley Santos for Sandro.

67′ Wolyniec for Salou.

73′ Yellow to Wolyniec after a likely retaliatory foul.

74′ da Luz for Kandji

79′ After about 20 straight passes, Agudelo gets called for offsides.

80′ Crystian for Zezinho.  Boyens for Petke.

82′ Jefferson for Santos.

85′ Tchani for Lindpere.

85′ Monar for Castan and Raphael for Costa.

90+ Goal Santos.  Germano heads it in on a restart.

FULL TIME: 3-1 NY.  Great opening night.  Check back later for post match video.



  1. Ethan Z. Says:

    time is moving too slow

  2. christian Says:

    field looked bad.stadium looked great

  3. Karbaz Says:

    GOAL!!!!!!!!! Red Bulls!!!!

  4. christian Says:

    ps.santos havent been brasilian “giants” since 06.i know because im cruzerense[cruzeiro…libertadores finalists] so i follow the leaue

  5. christian Says:

    salou looking good

  6. christian Says:

    lol the camera ppl cant keep up with the game!

  7. Karbaz Says:

    I hope our guys are fit because this game is being played at a pace I don’t think we’ve seen in the MLS before.

  8. christian Says:

    best mls friendly ever?

  9. christian Says:

    2-0 nyrb!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Karbaz Says:

    GOAL RED BULLS!!!!!!!!! 2-0

  11. christian Says:


  12. Karbaz Says:

    GOAL RED BULLS!!!!!!!!!!! 3-0

  13. Karbaz Says:

    Is it me or are the cameras not wide enough? Or is it the camera man because I couldn’t see who shot that until the replay.

    • Victor Says:

      you should have watched it on fox sports en espanol because I have both channels and on Fsee it was better.

  14. christian Says:

    its not you

  15. christian Says:

    the camera ppl should b fired

  16. Karbaz Says:

    Good I thought it was my tv or something, they better tell them whats up before the 2nd half if they even know whats going on.

  17. christian Says:

    or new cameras

  18. christian Says:

    cant wait 2 put out the FIRE!

  19. tiffany Says:

    red bulls are doing great! who scored the 3 goal?

  20. christian Says:

    Lindpere , Petke and Richards

  21. Karbaz Says:

    Im still not sold until we get 10 league games under our belt but I am impressed, very impressed. If we play like this on a consistent basis we should be good this season.

  22. christian Says:


  23. Karbaz Says:

    Anyone think we could get that Neymar kid on loan lol. Im just kidding but that would be awesome.

  24. Karbaz Says:

    Hey guys I just realized MSG is showing this game with real HD and better camera work if you didn’t know already.

  25. christian Says:

    ii feel stupid watching this on fsc with the bad cameras and cameramen.thx.anyway now 2 injuries

  26. Karbaz Says:

    I don’t like Sutton, at all, thought he was a C-rap goalie for Toronto TBH.

  27. christian Says:

    me neither

  28. christian Says:

    who is ream?he is playing well

  29. Karbaz Says:

    Draft pick, yeah he’s been playing great. Coach says he’s got a real chance playing for the national team.

  30. Karbaz Says:

    He’s been raving about all pre-season.

  31. Karbaz Says:

    *about him*

  32. christian Says:

    this is the best i seen form Ubiparipovic

  33. christian Says:


  34. Karbaz Says:

    Man I wish Angel played

  35. christian Says:


  36. Karbaz Says:

    Good win, wish it was a shutout but whatever. I’m very optimistic but I’m not counting my eggs just yet.

  37. christian Says:

    who is Agudelo where is he from?

  38. Karbaz Says:

    From our Academy, hot prospect for the US.

  39. christian Says:

    hope more players come up from the academy

  40. Karbaz Says:

    We have the best academy in the MLS, we tried to sign a guy last year but MLS wouldn’t let us, they know we would rule the MLS if we signed all our academy kids.

  41. Dario Says:

    OM..that stadium is the best small stadium in the world. Simply amazing.

    Well played game as well. Impressed.

    I cant wait for the game v. Chicago, I hope that Richards, Angel and Robinson are healthy in time for the game.

  42. soccer lou Says:

    rb really look good tnite very organize and i hope they can can keep it up
    the season it’s about to start. the electricity was good great fans (we are everything) and red bull did a great job. now let see the same intensity when the games really count thumbs up ^ so far . DONT LET THE FANS DOWN!

  43. Starks in Tampa Says:

    WOW! Great game by NYRB, Backe really seems to have this team on the right track, with an impressive win versus Santos, granted they were missing some of their players, but Chris Sullivan nailed it by saying the confidence is glowing off the NYRB players. Wow I knew Juan Carlos Osorio was a awful coach but this really shows how bad of a coach he was, with no mid game adjustments whatsoever….with that said I am very happy with the way NYRB is playing and lets hope they continue their fine play into the regular season….good showing boys….

  44. The special one Says:

    Anybody know what the crowd tonight was?

    Also I don’t remember but around the middle of the second half, nyrb really played some nice position getting like 20-30 passes without losing the ball. Even Chris Sullivan pointed it out. Naymar, what a player, i expect to see him in Europe soon and he is only 18! Why wasn’t Robinho playing? Grass was alright. Overall a success

  45. Alle Says:

    25,000 sellout the speaker said! Although some seats weren’t filled (especially some towards the bottom, there’s no way season ticket holders brought every seat down there, no way – even if some people were missing out). Besides that, great game!

    Can RBR confirm whether Edgar Davids was really on the pitch at halftime?! If so, that’s cool.

    • jensph Says:

      All the seats in the bottom rows are season ticket holders’. I’m a season ticket holder – and when it was my turn to choose my seats, the bottom rows were already claimed. In the Giants Stadium days (not long ago), they always counted the season ticket holders as part of the crowd turn out – even if they don’t show – and they probably did the same tonight.

  46. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    We can confirm that he won on the pitch at halftime.

  47. Victor Says:

    Will people I watched the game on fox sports en espanol and the camera people did a great job it was like on widescreen mode. Glas RED BULLS won hope RB get more wins in their season and hope the stadium gets pack every time they play their.

  48. Victor Says:

    Also I did not see Robinho I thought he was going to be there.

  49. The special one Says:

    Edgar Davids was there? what happened at halftime?

  50. Oh_yeah Says:

    Wow, the game was all that I was hoping for. This team look like that they might have a magical year. The arena is magnificent. I hope that we get crowds like we got for this game for every game this season. The crowds is the 12th man for the reb bulls. They will win games in this arena. Good job!

  51. kahlva Says:

    SUCH an amazing night. The team looked the best I have EVER seen them play. Sharp passing? Stringing passes together to try to attack, to hold possession, to patiently look for that one dagger pass that will spring the offense? Crazy.

    The stadium is as advertised – the best in the US. It’s hard to describe. You have to go to see it (if you can get tickets)…

    A few points I hope they get sorted out:
    – the field. Coming up in chunks…and how WET was it? For the entire first half, every step (and I really mean ever step), showed a shower of water.

    – The sound system. I was down in the 2nd row, and couldn’t understand a single announcement, or hear any of the interviews, or anything on the big screen. It was bad. I hope they just don’t have speakers up in the 2nd tier (which would mean it’s possibly too loud up there)…

    But, really, I don’t want to complain about a thing. If the team plays like this all year, I’ll be in heaven.

    PS – WHO made the amazing banner in 101? “OUR HOME, YOUR HELL”??? Awesome.

    • Alle Says:

      Are you sure that was water? From where I was, it looked like sand! It definitely made the ball slow though. I’m just happy it didn’t affect the performance! A great show that was.

    • Roberto Says:

      i sat in section 201 where the speakers are right there but i could barely make out what they were saying especially when they were playing music at the same time, and Alle is correct it was sand that was being kicked up not water.

  52. jacksays: Says:

    I was really impressed with the arena ,what a great job.what a great night can’t wait till next week.

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