The Red Bulls opened Red Bull Arena in grand style tonight with a 3-1 friendly win over Santos FC.  The win ends New York’s preseason on a high note, as the team posted an unbeaten 7-0-3 record under new head coach Hans Backe.  Overall, it was an impressive performance against a very successful Brazilian side.  Here is a post match reaction from the team:



  1. Alle Says:

    I was happy to be there, what a game! Looking forward to Chicago next weekend!

  2. John Says:

    Where can we see more of that post game press conference?

  3. Clayton John Says:

    mike petke = god

  4. JR Says:

    What an amazing new stadium!

  5. cb Says:

    beautiful stadium, passionate supporters on both sides, 3 terrific goals: the beautiful game is here, NY/NJ! what a night.

  6. Matt G Says:

    It was great to see Petke score. I saw him get one in overtime at RFK years ago. Tim Ream looked like a seasoned veteran. Woly giving one back was a very entertaining moment. Hall racing past the “future star” early sent the message that Santos had no chance. Dane scoring like he did and not always trying to push the ball forward raises my hopes for his play this season. Lindpere and Robinson look very good in the middle. Bouna had a few solid saves. Boyens’ play was solid. Sassano made the Brazilians look silly.

    Ubi needs to get better. A couple of good moves then coghing up the ball isn’t enough. Big Mac has to learn to finish. I’m looking forward the other kids contributing.

  7. eltigreferoz Says:

    What an excellent game, what an excellent stadium and experience! Seriously, I was as happy as a kid in a candy shop. Thank you so much, Red Bull!

    Did anyone else there have trouble using the text number to nominate your MOM? I got an error message. Anyway, for my money, I thought Lindpere was awesome last night. He looks a good acquisition. Also, Tim Ream is a monster. Can’t wait till next weekend.

  8. Starks in Tampa Says:

    great great start….lets hope this continues…

  9. Alle Says:

    For the Portuguese speaking:

  10. The special one Says:

    Here is a cool video of opening day at Red Bull Arena:

  11. redbulls4ever Says:

    Last night was an unbelievable game, our new home is breath taking. What a great game, three goals against Santos in the first half. Our team looked so sharp and organised. Petke you lead our fine team with great abundance and took this game to new heights. Coach Backe welcome to Redbull country, let’s have a great season. The crowd was amazing, the weather was awesome and I can’t wait to be there in section 122 supporting our great New York Redbulls this coming Saturday. If we play against Chicago like we did against Santos, all I can say is………………………… lets blow out the fire. (sorry, bad pun) By the way, the fireworks in the post game were incredible, good job guys.

  12. Starks in Tampa Says:

    great video special one.. thanks.

  13. Nick Rbny Says:

    post game celebration

  14. Roberto Says:

    everything was top notch from the stadium to the level of play, but the town of Harrison needs to step up and fix the surrounding roads and parking lot areas, it took me 45 minutes just to get out of parking lot A, not good. but other then that an incredible nite and jaw dropping stadium

  15. Ceez Says:

    i had no complaints about anything save for 2 things. saw the match from my great seats in 126 😀 but i was disappointed with the condition of the field. what’s with all that sand/dirt/whatever coming up after every kick, bounce or tackle. maybe they didn’t water the pitch? considering how slow the ball rolled…

    And also, PARKING!! What. The. Funk. Seriously. It’s terrible. I had to park a couple of streets down from RBA and jog into the stadium because i couldn’t keep waiting in traffic anymore…i was gonna miss the introductions!!

    Not a complaint, but a FLY OVER would’ve been cool. Lol

    • dude15 Says:

      so obviously u are not aware of the weather conditions that that field has been through in the past couple of weeks. In my opinion grounds keep did an excellent job to get it to the best shape possible given the conditions. and as far as the parking goes it is bad but people were told to TAKE THE TRAIN or get there really early so you wouldn’t get stuck in traffic. u apparently missed both.

  16. lolo Says:


  17. Starks in Tampa Says:

    Yo dude,

    easy there guy, those are legit complaints but again nothing out of the ordinary. As far as I see it, seeing traffic is a good thing, it means people are showing up….

  18. Chris Says:

    Congrats on the opening victory in RB Arena. Hopefully the team will have some stability over the coming seasons along with my Chicago Fire. I always look forward to NYC and Chicago teams facing off and when one or the other is crap the season just seems to lose a lot of charm.

    Good luck along the way.

  19. el Says:

    The field hasnt fully settled in, the grass hasnt fully taken root, but that can be credited to the weather we had this winter, once the temperatures increase and with water the field should be fine. The traffic wasnt that bad considering the circumstances, if you get there early or take mass transit it isnt that bad. It took me 20 minutes to get to 280, not bad.

    Backe is a good coach he has a system.

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