This Monday night (Monday, March 15 @ 7:30pm on MSG Plus), “The Game 365” celebrates the opening of Red Bull Arena, the first true home of the New York Red Bulls. After sharing Giants Stadium for 14 years, the Red Bulls start a new season at their brand new, state-of-the-art stadium. Join host Fran Healy as he explores the new stadium and talks about the new-look team.

Mike Petke (Red Bull Defender) on why people should come to Red Bull Arena:
“To step into this arena and see what it’s about, I mean, it’s going to blow your mind…it’s going to be unbelievable.  It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to Europe. If you love soccer, [or] you’re curious about it, you need to experience it because I guarantee you, win lose or draw, hopefully win, once you leave an environment like this, you’re going to walk away with a smile on your face and you’re going to enjoy it.”

Don Garber (MLS Commissioner) on Red Bull Arena:
“Without a doubt Red Bull Arena is the best new building in the world.  This isn’t just great for Major League Soccer, but there will not be another building of this size that can compare anywhere, in Europe, in Latin America, in Asia.  So the fact that Major League Soccer, in the New York metropolitan area, we have this state of the art facility will help take this sport to another level.  Our fans in the New York area have been waiting for this for a decade and a half so a good thing for the league and a good thing for the sport.”

Erik Soler (Red Bulls General Manager and Sporting Director) on the future of United States soccer:
“I think a lot of people  think that the soccer here is not of a great quality and I think that’s a mistake.  I think there is good quality and I think the league is young, the sport is relatively young in this country still but it is coming forward.  And I am very confident that when you count a few years ahead this league will also be stronger, better and more developed and I can’t see any reason why soccer shouldn’t be just as god in this country as it is in England or Germany or anywhere else.”

About The Game 365
Former Yankees catcher Fran Healy hosts this half-hour talk show that features prominent athletes and entertainers.  New episodes appear twice a month on both MSG and MSG Plus in the New York area.  His interview subjects range from former athletes (Reggie Jackson, Larry Holmes, Andre Agassi), current athletes (Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins) and other notable figures (Jimmy Breslin, current New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Steve Schirripa).  The Game 365 hosted by Fran Healy, first appeared on MSG in 2006.



  1. Dario Says:

    hopefully we will see it this year and the league wont go on strike.

    That would be the worst thing.

  2. Erik Says:

    Um, no. Horse racing was on, not Red Bull Arena.

    • redbulls4ever Says:

      It was on, fifteen minutes later. It started at 7:45p.m. and finished at 8:15p.m. I believe it is again on at 6:30p.m. tonight. But I do know that it will be repeated through out the week on MSG. Also this weeks game against Santos is on two channels YES, TWO channels. This is got to be the first time that our team is on two channels at a time. Fox soccer channel and MSG.

  3. Kmb499 Says:


  4. C. Says:

    Ugh. Only Red Bull. I’m watching horses.

  5. Kmb499 Says:

    Just came on at 7:50pm

  6. jevanvoo Says:

    live tennis delayed the program, a quick check of the programming was all one would need to determine that 356 was scheduled to start after the racing

  7. Tim F. Says:

    I think the show is reairing this evening so those who missed it yesterday can watch it this evening.

  8. Chan Says:

    The MSG site only lists last night’s showing as the only one. Can RBR find out if it will repeat?

  9. C. Says:

    You aren’t missing anything. This was weak. It wasn’t an inside look at Red Bull Arena at all. Just a couple interviews geared more towards newcomers to the league and sport. You want an inside look go to here:

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