The club announced today that it has postponed Red Bull Arena’s Soft Opening event featuring the Red Bulls Under-18 Academy team and the United States Under-17 Men’s National Team that was scheduled later today due to heavy rainfall and extremely high winds.

“We are disappointed to postpone our Soft Opening event,” said Red Bull New York Managing Director Erik Stover.  “However, with the severe weather conditions we are experiencing, our priority needs to be on the health of the players and the safety of our spectators.”

The match will be rescheduled at a later date.



  1. JJ Says:

    Any reason that you couldn’t have rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, rather than an undefined postponement?

    • Brady1981 Says:

      Maybe the US team had flights booked for today? Logistically too expensive or a pain in the ass? I don’t know but I’m disappointed the game wont be played – imagine how upset the kids must be that they’ve lost their opportunity to be the first to play at the Arena!

  2. Tim F. Says:

    I think … this could ONLY happen to the New York franchise.

  3. Kmb499 Says:

    Thanks for the phone call this morning Eric Stover! Lol

  4. dude15 Says:

    sounds to me they don’t wanna damage the pitch for the ground opening next week.

    games have been played in worst conditions

  5. Brady1981 Says:

    I’m sure the postponement was entirely due to the pitch potentially getting damaged and nothing to do with the mass flooding, falling trees/power lines and 5 hour delays at the PATH stations. It would have been completely safe and easy for all fans to travel to and from the stadium in these conditions and the Red Bulls have no excuses for this postponement!

  6. duncan Says:

    can someone help me with the tickets i bought tickets for the red bull vs union game and i got a confermation thing by email when will the tickets be emailed does any one know what going on help me

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