FORT LAUDERDALE, FL– New York Red Bulls forward Conor Chinn tallied two goals in a six minute span in the second half to turn a 1-1 tie into a 3-1 win for New York in a preseason friendly with NASL side, Miami FC, this afternoon at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.  The Red Bulls stretched their preseason record to 6-0-3 with the win.

(NOTE: During the running commentary, we listed Conor as having the first goal as well.  As we were not on site, there was some confusion as to our lineup and subs.  Trialist Salou Ibrahim was the goal scorer in the first half and played the full 90.  Macoumba Kandji did not play but was on the bench.  We are also looking to fill out Miami FC’s lineup, and hopefully will have that information later today.  Match details are in the link below.)



20 Responses to “RED BULLS VS. MIAMI FC – RECAP”

  1. bananabambam Says:

    so wait Chinn had 2

    Ibrahim had 1

    Kandji was chilling. Is he injured?

    and thats all?

  2. soccer lou Says:

    bring on Santos fc let’s see how the new jersey bulls do and let’s get the season started men Chin should make the team Woly’s time in new jersey are done sign Agudelo and get another forward

    • Billy Says:

      u mean the ny bulls. n his time in new york r done. jus cause the teams stadium iz in nj doznt mean itz a nj team… im just sayin dude, nets gonna have a stadium in brooklyn by 2012 doznt mean ppl should start callin them the ny nets.

      • michael Says:

        actually the Nets are being called the Brooklyn Nets but their owner already, and i think they shouldnt be called NY Red Bulls, but unfortunately i dont have a vote lol

      • soccer lou Says:

        you’r right we dont have a vote on that so bottom line NEW JERSEY RB because they play in NEW JERSEY puting the NY on their name it’s strickly pr. don’t get me wrong Go red bulls anyway

      • NYREDBULLS Says:

        People need to stop squabbling over if the name is NY Redbulls or NJ Redbulls (which they are NOT CALLED) PR or not the COMPANY THAT OWNS THE TEAM CALLS THEM THE NEW YORK RED BULLS; IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS YOU WANT TO CATER TO THE NY MARKETPLACE, SORRY NJ THAT YOU ARE NOT THE BUSINESS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD but you guys make great chemicals and have room for stadiums, be proud!

  3. el Says:

    Hopefully Ibrahim Salou makes the team, he has a decent pedigree in Belgium having played with top club Club Brugge, he also was called up to play for Ghana in 2006 and 2007, and was considered by the Belgian soccer federation once receiving dual nationality.

  4. Lee Says:

    I really hope that bulls sign Salou Ibrahim 6’4 196 good speep with great foot work can use both foot and he know how to hold the ball . He is that we want kanji to me

    • lou Says:

      where did you hear that he had good speed? he is almost 31, as tall as a tree (so not that nimble), and has been plagued his whole career by knee injuries. If he wants to be successful at this stage of his career, he is going to have to play in the mold of a jpa, and hold the ball up well. Kandji is fast, salou is not, are you trying to say because they look similar that they are both fast?

  5. Billy Says:

    yooo woly bringz alot of xperience 2 the team. he might not be the fastes or most skilled player in the world, but he has a nose for the goal. He has a good 1st touch n could also be a good backup striker

  6. emilio Says:

    Obviously after last year any upgrades should be welcomed, Kandji has talent but he needs to stop drifting out of position, Salou is polished and can provide us with the second striker we have been lacking.

    • michael Says:

      very good assessment, i completely agree. plus Salou gives us a good insurance policy if Angel gets hurt, Woly has a nose for the goal but is only good in limited play.

      • lou Says:

        i might sound crazy for saying this, but i’d choose woly over kandji any day. Kandji (when he actually plays and isn’t injured) drifts out of position a lot. He plays with skill and speed so he’s nice to watch, but woly has produced more over the coarse of his career. I wouldn’t want to get ride of a proven backup striker, simply because kandji is younger and plays fancy. If kandji can actually get healthy and stay that way, then who knows, but right now he is just an expensive liability.

  7. christian Says:

    maybe they should be called the ny/nj red bulls or tristate redbulls

  8. christian Says:

    or just red bulls

  9. Tyler Says:

    Chinn is awesome! Comming off the bench and scoring Two goals in 6 minutes. We need to sign this stud.

  10. Dario Says:

    Good job Red BULLS.

  11. gigi Says:

    Could well be the best rookie class ive ever seen for the new york new jersey tristate red bulls metrostars. We have a good mix of youth and expirience i like where this team is heading, promotion of the arena has been great, everyones doing a good job, i have no complaints. I know its preason but this team is playing like a boss, beating teams like a boss, bringing in good trialists like a boss, and when we open against chi town were gonna get us some revenge LIKE A BOSS. whoo ra!

  12. emilio Says:

    Salou is a better player that Kandji right now, he knows what his position is and doesnt drift all over the field like Kandji, I like Kandji;s talent but he needs to learn a lot, Salou is a better option as a starter right now. Speed without skill and smarts equals nothing.

  13. soccer lou Says:

    the red bulls can do better than salou it’s better to get younger they have a pretty good (so far ) pair of rookie forwards GIVE THEM A CHANCE!! and if they need to get another forward they shoul try to bring someone not coming off and injuries or at least with some kind of experience and rithym i know i said they shouldnot bring woly back but in the case of salou – woly i keep woly for now……..

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