Red Bull New York announced today the re-launch of, the official website of Red Bull Arena, New York’s state-of-the-art, soccer-specific stadium being constructed in Harrison, New Jersey. will become an all-inclusive destination for all things related to the new home of the New York Red Bulls, including arena news, features, directions to the facility, an event calendar, and a live webcam that will allow supporters of the Red Bulls to follow the final stages of the construction process.



  1. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Site looks very bad on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Have you guys tested it?

  2. bananabambam Says:

    Site looks awesome….

    Web cam sucks….

  3. kahlva Says:

    Hrmmm… the first page looks VERY crowded, and not quite right. Is there a header? Which section am I supposed too look at. Too much stuff on it.

    The individual pages, once you get into the website and away from the main page, look good.

    So this is NOT the page for the Red Bulls. It’s just the page for the Arena.

    And – when does the new webcam go up?

  4. eltigreferoz Says:

    So wait…this is the new website for Red Bull Arena, but for all team news we still go to Red Bull’s MLS site? Why not combine the two. I’ve always disliked the MLS-web-based sites we currently use and would much prefer our own dedicated site. Maybe we could combine with this? Seems we have two wesbite now where you can buy tickets, hear team news, etc…

  5. C. Says:

    Will the team stop training at Montclair State and use Red Bull Arena as it’s training facilities when it is complete?

    Are there still plans for a training facility? Where was it supposed to be again?

  6. Eddie Says:

    Site not great. Sorry Bulls.

  7. kofix5 Says:

    Wow you guys should really think about upgrading the DESIGN ASPECT of ALL of the sites.

    But do that after you sign Ze Roberto

  8. kofix5 Says:


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