As many of you have noticed, the webcam has been down for the last few days.  We are aware of this issue and have a reason for it.  The Red Bull Arena website is currently undergoing maintenance as we prepare to launch a new and improved RBA site.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process, and we believe you will enjoy the new site when its up and running.  The web cam will return to action following the launch of the new site.


9 Responses to “WEB CAM UPDATE”

  1. Mike from linden Says:

    Very nice. I will predict a new angle and/or new camera on the arena!

  2. Darwin Says:

    Any idea what time frame on when the new site will be up ?

  3. John B Says:

    any chance the new site will show where fans can park their cars for those of us that travel via car not train

  4. Oh_yeah Says:

    Great news to hear about.

  5. herzog Says:

    To John B — Parking will be a real hassle. Anyone who thinks driving is a good option is fooling himself. Take the train to Newark Penn and hop the Red Bull provided bus.

    Also, I hear the whole league is getting new websites…..should be interesting.

    • Rickster Says:

      That’s about the size of it. I’d say that it’s not so much the parking that will be a problem, but the traffic. The roads accessing the site aren’t designed for the kind of traffic possible before/after games.

      There are several surface parking lots and a brand new parking garage servicing the Harrison Path station that should be available on game days..

      Having said all that, I’m sure RBNY will give us more details on parking, the shuttles, etc. very soon.

  6. Claude Says:

    I will be driving in from Bucks County, PA into the general vicinity and then taking the train in. From what I hear, stadium parking is limited and some parking will be available a few blocks away.

    I wonder if any other season ticket holders have more accurate information.

  7. Charlie N Says:

    I will be driving in as well. can someone at RBR or on the message boards give us drivers the heads up of the best way to go about doing this. Starting from the soft opening weekend straight on through.
    I’m not sure if parking @ Newark Penn and taking the PATH over or can I park @ the harrison station and just walk. If someone can provide the info prior to next weekend that would be super

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