We caught up with this year’s Red Bulls SuperDraft selections recently to get their thoughts on their first preseason as professionals, as well as how their teammates are accepting them, the club’s preseason trip to Spain, and several other topics.  In this second of two editions, we speak with Austin da Luz and Tim Ream.  Part I featured Conor Chinn, Tony Tchani, and Irving Garcia.

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  1. Almedin Says:

    It’s always good to see photos, highlights, and interviews from your favorite team. Keep up the great work RBR..

  2. Oh_yeah Says:

    They are solid addition to the red bulls. They will contribute to this club in the near future. Ream could be a start right now if the season starts today. Da Luz will be the creative midfielder that they are missing.

    • Cindy Says:

      i was thinking that too, Ream looks like he could start for the team come opening day and i feel like MLS’ rookie of the year has a very good chance of being one of our boys, but which one?


      • lou Says:

        i think if da luz can get starts at the stacked left mid position, he has a good chance of getting rookie of the year. But since ream has the best chance of playing right away, and since he has shown good vision, speed, and defending, my money would be on him having the best chance of winning rookie of the year out of all our rookies.

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        I think that Da Luz, Ream, and Tchani have good chance being consider as rookie of the year. Da Luz could be a major asset on the offensive side, but could he be a starter? Ream is a skill defensive back. I was pleasantly surprise with his skills. The player that I think that could have a major impact on the team is Tchani because he will be playing the holding midfielder role which is very important. He is going to be the guy to cut the passing lanes for opposing teams when they are attacking, and make the pass that will start the offensive charge. Holding Midfielder is important position which casual soccer fan don’t notice when watching a game, but he is very important to a team success. He is the guy that will get the ball when the opposing team has it. So Tchani is going to play a major roll in the red bulls success.

      • lou Says:

        We haven’t even seen tchani play yet (unless you counted the few minutes he played against TFC). I’m not saying he won’t be good, but let’s not jump the gun. Ream and Da luz have played amazingly, so at the moment they are more proven then tchani. I’m not going to just say he can be rookie of the year or has the best chance at being rookie of the year out of the rookies on our team, simply because of the number he was drafted at. It’s not reasonable or fair to put that kind of pressure on the kid. I want his play with the big boys to convince me. Hopefully he turns out to be great, but if being a fan of this team has taught me anything, it’s never to assume.

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        Yeah, I know what you mean being a fan of this team that you never assume anything. I have to say that it the reason they draft Tchani to be holding midfielder. They want him to play from end of the pitch to the another end. He has some technical soccer skills, but he is not experience enough. I feel that the management and coaching staffs know that he does not enough experience. This is when coaching comes in to develop that talent. You have to admit that the skills level for every team in MLS is about the same for every team, but the difference that make some team better is the coaching staff. I feel that we have better coaching than most team in MLS. Go check Backe pasted coaching experience in wikipedia, you will see what I am talking about. This guy have coached teams in scandinavian leagues that are similar to MLS, meaning that they don’t have unlimited funds to acquire players. He won championship with them. I feel that we have a chance this year, and that the reason is better coaching.

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