The New York Red Bulls rode a three-goal performance by forward Juan Pablo Angel to defeat Toronto FC 4-0 Saturday night and win the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Kissimmee, FL. Forward Conor Chinn also scored for New York, which has gone unbeaten in the 2010 preseason, as it improved to 4-0-3 with Saturday’s win. The Red Bulls, who did not concede a goal during the tournament, advanced to the Championship Game after it defeated the Houston Dynamo in a penalty kick shootout, 6-5, on Thursday following a 0-0 tie.  READ FULL RECAP HERE.

Overall, a very solid match from New York.  The club strung passes together and held its shape extremely well all night, getting productive service to Angel.  Even when the team began to make substitutions, the side continued to play aggressive, attractive soccer and kept pressure on the TFC defense.

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What are your thoughts on the match?  Are you impressed with the rookie class?  Do you think the service Angel received tonight will be there when the games actually count?  Are you pleased with the team’s progress thus far during the preseason?  Share your thoughts in the comments section.



  1. Matt Says:

    Thought it was a terrific performance all around. Very impressed by Agudelo, Ream and Garcia worked hard as well. Tchani did some nice things when he came in as well. Keep it going and I hope Angel is OK.

  2. Sebas Says:

    Off topic: Will the Santos game be televised or available for streaming?


  3. Lee Says:

    Yes it will be on msg

  4. Oh_yeah Says:

    Wow, I am impress with the game. The rookies look fantastic. I thought that Aguedelo, Ream, Garcia, Chinn, and da Luz showed great skills. Tchani was alright. He started the preseason late, but he coming along nicely. It seems like guys are working hard to make the team, and get a contract. This a good sign. I like the way this team is forming. Great Job!

  5. Mike from linden Says:

    I’m impressed but it’s only preseason. Ream should get the start when the season begins. He seems to be doing exceptionally well from I’ve been hearing/reading. Where’s Chigardze, you know the first RB Academy player?

  6. C. Says:

    Video of the game please?

    • Red Bulls Reader Says:

      We are cutting together a highlight package and will post it Monday. We appreciate your patience.

      • simonmcdj Says:


      • jw Says:

        Where is it? I’m excited about how the team has done in pre season and can’t wait to see footage!

        (MLS and the NY Red Bulls could really do A LOT more to promote the beginning of the the MLS season. The hype has been slim to nil on the part of MLS.)

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        Yeah, that is because the player might go on strike. Why try to hype the beginning of the season when there might be a strike?

      • jw Says:

        oh. duh. momentary lapse of reason. i’m so excited for the new stadium, the santos match, and this season that that slipped my mind.

      • Oh_yeah Says:

        Actually, the red bulls have been trying to hype the beginning of the season. The league is not helping them though, being hard line with the player in regards to the CBA. This season could be mls best season ever. If I am the players, I would not strike this season. This season is crucial to the game of soccer in the US. They should work without the CBA for this season.

  7. YaBoy Says:

    Love the way Soler and Backe are putting it all together. They seem to have a plan, and it is producing on-field results.

  8. Ric Says:

    Could we get a higher resolution of that picture. I need a new wallpaper. 🙂

  9. noploplease Says:

    The whole team looked great last night. Keep it up Backe!!

  10. ernj Says:

    Does this count as hardware?

  11. Cindy Says:

    I guess it’s because he’s a seasoned vet by now, but Juan Pablo Angel is a great speaker!

    also seconding Ric’s comment!

  12. christian Says:

    what happened to kanji?

  13. Dario Says:

    Good Job RED BULLS keep it up.

    I cant wait for the opener.

  14. eltigreferoz Says:

    What a great result! A trophy’s a trophy, even if it has Mickey Mouse on it. Good job, guys!

    Deguzman’s challenge on Angel sounded obscene. He better watch his cornrowed, brainless ass when he comes back to New York.

  15. eltigreferoz Says:

    Also, any word on Angel’s knee?

  16. eltigreferoz Says:

    Also (last comment, I swear), can we please get some advertising in the NYc metro area? Apparently the only poster/ads for RBNY are in jersey off the PATH. Not good enough! I can’t believe a company with the marketing savvy of Red Bull would not see a real opportunity to attract fans by advertising for the team in NYC. I for one think some ads in the subway, especially the 7 train, would bring lots of fans in. Maybe if the ads also tell them how to get to harrison and how long it takes. Anyway…

    Maybe I just need to gripe to the marketing department…

    • mullet Says:

      you obviously have not gone out much huh¿ there are billboards both all over north jersey and NYC. Bus stops have ads, as do the sides of buses and the path stations you talk about. there have even been ads in brooklyn. they are doing radio spots, internet ads, and alot of other things. you also have to take into account the market that we live in, NY METRO area is very very expensive to have a marketing campaign. you sir don’t know shit about marketing. so before you go talking smack why don’t you do some research and ask around.

      • eltigreferoz Says:

        Relax, mullet. Do you work for RBNY marketing or are you just extra-sensitive about it? I hadn’t seen any advertising in my area (or any metro area for that matter), nor has anyone I know. If I’m just not seeing it, but it’s out there, great, good work sir. But if not, then there’s a missed opportunity.

      • mullet Says:

        to eltigreferoz:

        here we go:
        Newark, ads by every bus stop in downtown/irnbound area. ads on the side of buses in the same area. Billboards on routes: 21 norht and south, 287 north and south, 78, turnpike. billboards i have also seen right before the lincoln tunnel and on the way back. also billboards in brooklyn, manhattan, the path stations in Newark, Harrison, Jersey City, and Hoboken.

        whats up?
        and no i don’t work for them but i give credit where credit is due.

      • C. Says:

        I’m all over manhattan and brooklyn and I never see any advertisements. Expensive? If tiny colleges like St. Francis and Dr. Zizmore can afford it, I would expect a company like Red Bull to be able to handle it. The focus of all their advertising is in Newark. Plain and simple.

      • mullet Says:

        i guess harrison, jersey city, and hoboken are all newark. that or you can;’t read. haha i don’t think you understand how expensive it is and that red bull does have a budget. it’s not like they are just givenunlimited funds to go and advertise. they are doing what they can with what they are given to make it work as best possible.

      • mullet Says:

        yo wait all you (expletive deleted) talkers with nothing to back it up:

        go ahead check those out…

        and then go read through this a bit:

  17. soccer lou Says:

    red bulls great job so far, good rookie class. does that mean that they all are going to be consider for a roster spot? counting that they are playing a lot of minutes in every game and doing it well. ok i have to get this out of my chest the name should be new jersey bulls ok even if that’s all the soccer at the pro level that we have in the area great stadium and all that but i have hope that one day we’ll a team in new york with our own stadium with our own colors until then go bulls for the mean time great job so far.

  18. soccer lou Says:

    question are the red bulls playing concacaf champions tournament this year?and if they do when do they start?

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      No, they are not playing concacaf champions league. They were eliminated last by a semi pro team from Trinidad. They were last in the standing last season, so they could not qualify for champions league this year. Hopefully, they will make it next year because they have something to prove for the poor performance in the champions league last year. The way they got eliminated was the lowest moment in the club history.

  19. soccer lou Says:

    are the red bulls ready to start the season? does backe already have a starting lineup? who’s staying ? and who’s not? answers anybody?

    • mullet Says:

      All I got to say is that you need to learn how to be a sports fan. Go jump ship to NY NOW. We don’t like your types. We want fans who are gonna support no matter the name or who else shows up.

      • simonmcdj Says:

        GO EASY mullet head. he’s simply asking for more info.
        we all could use more in depth news coverage of the team
        RBR does an okay job with this but they could do more

        soccer lou– the new podcast Seeing Red will be a good source of news when they come out with episode 2
        and Brian Lewis writes the Extra Time blog at the NY Post he gets a good scoop now and then too

        nobody knows yet who Backe is keeping. i have my own wishes on who i would like to see stay on the team but we will know more n the next couple of weeks

      • lou Says:

        mullet you need to calm down. He just wants more answers. The team is playing better this year so far, but from media standpoint, a lot is still unknown, so his questions are completely valid.

        “We don’t like your types. We want fans who are gonna support no matter the name or who else shows up.”

        who’s we? yeah I’m not to crazy about band wagon fans, but soccer lou doesn’t seem to be that kind of person at all.

  20. TSmith Says:

    What a tremendous improvement on both ends of the field. The defense has been stellar in the preseason. Offensively, for those who are interested, here’s how the stats panned out in the spring season (goals in the PK shootout included). Obviously some of the trialists didn’t play in each game and Tchani was out for Spain, so this should all be taken with a grain of salt:

    Angel: 7 Goals, 2 Assists
    da Luz: 1 Goal, 4 Assists
    Agudelo: 2 Goals, 2 Assists
    Chinn: 2 Goals, 0 Assists
    Lindpere: 1 Goal, 2 Assists
    Richards: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
    Ream: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
    Miller: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
    Ubiparipovic: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
    Kolehaminen: 1 Goal, 0 Assists
    Stammler: 0 Goals, 1 Assist
    Tchani: 0 Goals, 1 Assist
    Garcia: 0 Goals, 1 Assist
    Hall: 0 Goals, 1 Assist

  21. Matteo Says:

    Looking forward to the highlight reel being put together! Thanks for the work behind the scenes – loved the link up sequences you showed in the Houston reel. Much appreciated!!!

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