The Red Bulls take on Toronto FC tonight (8:30 PM) in the championship match of the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic at the newly re-branded ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Kissimmee, FL.  New York advanced following a 6-5 PK win over Houston (0-0 draw in regulation), while Toronto moved on with a 1-0 win over FC Dallas.  This will be the first meeting between the two sides since New York posted a 5-0 win over their Eastern Conference rivals in the 2009 MLS finale at Giants Stadium.

Toronto FC will be live streaming the match on their website (CLICK HERE FOR TO VIEW THE CONSOLE), while we will be providing our usual commentary here and via our twitter steam (@newyorkredbulls – Are you following us yet? You should!).  We will also provide our usual post-match reaction.

PREGAME: Here is how the Red Bulls will lineup:





Both Dane Richards (knee) and Danleigh Borman (hamstring) will not play tonight.  Both are carrying minor knocks, and with this still being the preseason, the team is holding them out of the match. Agudelo will play tonight after sitting out the last match due to a minor calf strain.

Here is TFC’s expected lineup:  Frei, Gargan, Garcia, Harden, Joseph, De Rosario, Cronin, de Guzman, Brennan, Bajic, Ijeh


1′ and we’re off….

5′  Teams are still feeling eachother out in the midfield.

8′ Agudelo taken down from behind by De Guzman.

8′ On the restart, Angel gets the ball to his feet in the area with a look on goal, but he can’t make solid contact and Frei makes the save.

11′  First corner of the match goes to TFC.

11′ De Guzman heads wide.

15′ Angel attempts a bicycle off a Miller cross, buts its wide.

16′ Corner for NY.

18′ Another corner for NY, but Miller can’t connect on the header.

23′ Agudelo uses his speed to create space and gets off a chance, but its deflected and goes off the post for a corner.

24′ Ream’s header off the corner goes high.

28′ De Guzman gets a sliver of space, but his go has little pace and is scooped up by Coundoul.

32′ GOAL NY!!  Off a Lindpere corner, Angel gets to the ball first at the near post and nods it home.  1-0 NY.

37′ Goal NY!! Miller whips in a cross after receiving the ball from Ream.  Angel slots it home for a 2-0 lead.

39′ Agudelo gives it a go from distance, and Frei has to punch it 0ver the top.

45′ HALFTIME: 2-0 New York.

HALFTIME: Jeremy Hall has a big cheering secti0n tonight.  Uncles, cousins, mother, club coach, even his middle school PE coach!

HALFTIME: NY subs: Patterson-Sewell for Coundoul, Sassano for Jaager, Stammler for Ubiparipovic, da Luz for Oebster, and Chinn for Agudelo.

HALFTIME: TFC subs: Wynne, Gerba, Kayizzi, White, Gomez come on.

46′ and we’re back…

49′ GOAL NY!!  Chinn leaves for Stammler, who plays to da Luz.  His cross is redirected in by Angel for the hat trick. 3-0 NY

54′ Yellow to Nane for a high kick on Hall.

57′ NY is moving the ball extremely well tonight and holding great shape in the back.

59′ Wynne takes a chance from the edge of the area, but its wide.

61′ De Rosario takes a free kick that goes well over.

61′ Mendes for Petke and Tchani (23) for Lindpere.  For TFCL Saric for De Ro.

62′ Kayizzi with a shot in the area that Patterson makes a kick save on.

65′ After a string of passes in close quarters that saw at least five players make a touch, Angel puts one over from the top of the box.

68′ da Luz takes a chance that goes wide.

68′ TFC Gala comes on for Harden.

69′ De Guzman draws a straight red for a hard foul on Angel.  He is being tended to by the trainers.

70′ Angel is gingerly walking off the field, but under his own power.

71′ Garcia for Angel.

74′ Garcia sends in a cross that Stammler heads wide.

76′ Wolyniec for Hall.

79′ White with a turnaround shot from the top of the area that Patterson pushes wide .  nice save.

81′ A nice building between Garcia and Wolyniec, but the cross can’t find Chinn.

85′ GOAL NY!  Tchani swings it to da Luz, who one touches it into the middle, where Chinn heads it home.  4-0!

FINAL 4-0 NY!  Check later for post match reaction.


  1. Steve Says:

    The game started at 8:00 pm guys, not 8:30 pm as you posted above!!!

  2. emilio Says:

    They are looking good great ball by Ream to Miller and the finish by Angel. Lindpere and Miller look like great signings. Soler has made two great moves.

  3. jason Says:

    this is great we actualy look like a soccer team

    • lou Says:

      i know, it’s crazy. What a pass that was by ream. that kid is going to be huge for us this year. Miller and lindpere are doing work out there. I don’t think lindpere has given the ball away yet (hard for me to tell cus my link is lagging like crazy).

      • jason Says:

        this is good that after angel got subbed out the team could still function without him and not rely on him that i think they did last year

      • lou Says:

        very true. The rookies and new signings stepped up in a big way. Ream was extremely impressive for me. In the houston game he managed to shut down oduro, so he’s got a lot more speed then he is given credit for.

  4. lou Says:

    I like the second half subs, i want to see what paterson- sewell can do, and i like da luz and chinn. i hope they both make the team. I wonder where garcia is

  5. cb Says:

    Loving the possession and communication with the Red Bulls. Lindpere and Miller are solid signings. Agudelo and Ream are looking good, too. Hope they both make the team.

  6. cb Says:

    Did I forget to say that Angel rules?

  7. Darwin Says:

    Who are these people?! Where did they come from?!

  8. Devil500 Says:

    Please keep us updated on Angel’s injury if it was serious or not please please please..

  9. lou Says:

    so when is hell going to freeze over?

  10. Jenny Says:

    Last goal was amazing. Three rookies tearing apart the Toronto defense. That one touch by da Luz was sick!!! Great finish by Chinn too.

  11. Oh_yeah Says:

    Excellent game! The offense and defense came to together. I like the way this team gelling.

  12. jason Says:

    is anybody getting the award cermony on their computer?…. cuz am not

  13. Oh_yeah Says:

    Red Bulls have to sign Agudelo. He looks good.

  14. Alle Says:

    I can’t wait for the start of the season already, great preseason so far.

  15. Cindy Says:

    looks very good! let’s take this and bring it to the new season! i guess that quiets some fears about almost a completely new staff. and our rookies look real good! Ream, Da Luz, Chinn, Garcia all looked good. Didn’t see enough of Tchani. Miller and Lindpere looked great, even the old boys look better mixed with the new guys!

    i hope we can sign Agudelo, he’s great! and Angel, what a beast! RBR keep us informed please if that knock he took is bad or such, please and thank you!

  16. Jason Says:

    Hey were is kangji these days is he still with the club even ?

  17. StevenX Says:

    It was a great game. Angel was amazing and Da Luz was master of the setup. The team was aggressive and had all their skills out, Toronto was out of their league (pun intended) on this one. Note to Toronto’s De Guzman: chill.

    • Oh_yeah Says:

      Yeah, you are right that DeGuzman needs to chill. The last tackle against Angel was not necessary. The game was already won by the red bulls. Why he needed to do that hard tackle. It is a preseason friendly game.

  18. frrapper Says:

    Where did these new fellows come from, and how, and when? Please inform.

  19. redbulls4ever Says:

    Pre season N.Y. Redbulls are looking good, our team is looking decent.

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