Hey all, and thanks for joining us today as your Red Bulls look to stay unbeaten in the 2010 preseason when they take on the Houston Dynamo at 6:00 PM ET in the first game of the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic at the ESPN Wide World of Sport complex in Kissimmee, FL. The teams are nearly ready to go as we unveil tonight’s Starting XI for New York:





While some may play 90 minutes, expect to see certain players off the bench. Both teams have unlimited substitutes. Players who may not be available include John Agudelo and Tony Tchani, who are both dealing with injuries. Enar Jaager has another chance to impress the coaching staff as a right back, while forward John Wolyniec makes his first start in preseason since undergoing ankle surgery last year.

We’ll be Twittering the game (@newyorkredbulls), so be on the look out for that. Also, we’ll have exclusive post-game reaction after the match.

Toronto FC is webcasting the second half: Thanks to our friends north of the border.  No commentary, but a live stream.



  1. Cindy Says:

    thanks TFC!

  2. Carter Says:

    Thx TFC, sorry about the 5-0, c’mon Red Bulls you can do it make it our year! For everything.

  3. Darwin Says:

    Is there a reason why the Red Bulls don’t have a stream of their own?

  4. lou Says:

    it would be nice to have our own streams. It just shows how together TFC has it. Thanks to them, p.s. sorry we kicked ur asses last year.

  5. mullet Says:

    always bitching and moaning, always something to complain about. WE GOT THE NICEST STADIUM IN THE LEAGUE. oh boo hoo we don’t get a stream for a preseason friendly boo hoo,.

  6. NYCfan Says:


    Stop asking questions or Mullet will throw your backsides into a Gulag.

    Repeat after me, long live the peoples republic and freedom of expression is for wusses.

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