Unlike the sunny days that have graced the team over the past, today was more overcast as the team had their morning session at the Walt Disney Sports Complex today. The team first practiced on a smaller field (a baseball outfield) before moving to a full-sized pitch for 11 v. 11 action.

New York Daily News/Big Apple Soccer reporter Michael Lewis was on site today speaking to coach Backe and players. Michael and Ives Galarcep (SoccerByIves/FoxSoccer.com) will be at the tournament this week. We caught up with defender Carlos Mendes after training. Mendes was recovering from serious hip surgery and played his first game minutes on Saturday in the team’s 0-0 tie against D.C. United.

On one of his first plays, Mendes made a full extension tackle to block Adam Cristman from going in on goal. We also got a sound byte from Backe about the state of the team heading into tomorrow’s match at 6:00 PM against Houston. Toronto FC/FC Dallas will follow at 8:30 PM. The tournament’s third place game takes place at 6:00 PM on Saturday, while the championship game is at 8:30 PM.


9 Responses to “RBR ON THE ROAD: DAY 10 – ORLANDO”

  1. Tim F. Says:

    Do you have any update on the CBA negotiations and what the players plan to do?

  2. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    As an employee of the club, we are not allowed to comment on the CBA. Sorry.

  3. jason Says:

    will the tournemnet be on tv ?

  4. Brad Says:

    CAn you provide a list of who is in camp etc, like buzz does on 3rddegree…? thanx

  5. bananabambam Says:

    Who is the big black guy wearing number 3 in the picture?

  6. bananabambam Says:

    Wow that guy def went through russian boot camp haha, he looks like drogba now haha

    • lou Says:

      yeah he’s big, but he has two shot knees so he has basically no speed, and he is not in shape at all. Backe said he wants to hold onto him for a while and see what he can be like when healthy or at least healthier. Before his knee injuries he was a metro killer, i doubt he can get back to that level but it would be nice.

      Is there anyway that we can watch this tournament?

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