Though the team only trained once today, the morning session was intense. The team went through a passing drill before practicing crossing and shooting on target. However, the toughest part of the day was the fitness section, in which the players ran from sideline to sideline in under 30 seconds multiple times. These runs were interspersed by sit-ups, push-ups and other exercises.

It was certainly not unusual to hear players quietly (and in Mike Petke’s case, sarcastically!) voicing their discontent with strength and conditioning coach Jeremy Holsopple’s vigorous regimen, but as previously mentioned, having the guys in top fitness is certainly a goal under the Backe regime. Jeremy Hall and Danleigh Borman were spared of the runs, as they played 90 minutes in the 6-0 win over the U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team yesterday and jogged around the field.

Some of you might enjoy this (MetroFanatic hint hint) but here is an update on players’ squad numbers:
3 – Albright
5 – Ream
7 – Miller
13 – da Luz
16 – Garcia
18 – Coundoul (from 24)
22 – Chirgadze (from 26)
23 – Tchani
25 – Chinn

The players mostly relaxed in the afternoon, while some went to the gym for extra work. We’re going to have more video later this week, but for now, we have Dane Richards talking about heading to Argentina for the Jamaican National Team in their close, 2-1 loss last Wednesday, and seeing Diego Maradona in person:

4 Responses to “RBR ON THE ROAD: DAY 4 – BRADENTON”

  1. Cindy Says:

    beastly! keep it up boys, all this is just work going into a great new season!

  2. jason Says:

    nice stuff RB

  3. Steve Says:

    Fitness is key! Aside from infrequent shooting and too-frequent back-passing, everyone looked tired last year. Run, run, run before March 27 guys! Can’t wait for the opener!

  4. emilio Says:

    RBR, is Albright in Florida with the club?

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