Red Bull New York announced the full 2010 MLS Regular Season 30-game schedule today for the team’s first season at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ. In addition, the Red Bulls announced today that their Grand Opening match at Red Bull Arena on March 20 against legendary Brazilian club, Santos FC, will start at 6:00 PM ET.

CLICK HERE to view the 2010 New York Red Bulls schedule

All 2009 Red Bulls plan holders have an exclusive pre-sale window to purchase four and eight-game plans starting at 10:00 AM on Feb. 5 by calling the Red Bulls at 1.877.RBSOCCER.com or logging onto www.newyorkredbulls.com. Four and eight-game plans will go on sale to the general public on Feb. 8 at 10:00 AM.

What do you think of the schedule?  Which dates are you looking forward to the most?



  1. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    Is there a way to provide us with a file so we can import it into our Outlook Calendar?

  2. jason Says:

    iwas looking at it and it said fse for one boardcast thing wat channel is that ?

  3. JackR Says:

    Red Bulls have to play well to make up for last season.

  4. Almedin Says:

    Im pretty sure FSE is Fox Sports Espanol..

  5. Red Bulls Soccer Says:

    There will be no games on MSG channel anymore? Sad…

  6. Almedin Says:

    According to the Red Bulls Twitter page, the MSG schedule will be announced soon.. Just hasn’t been added yet..

  7. Cindy Says:

    i’m gonna try and get myself to that early April Seattle game. and the Philly game, no problem.

  8. francis Says:

    if you reflect on the release of past MLS schedules you might remember that MSGS’ schedule is always released after the fact. I can’t believe the 2010 season is almost here.

  9. Dario Says:

    Yeah, MSG still covers the RBulls, it will be released in a few weeks.

    I cant wait for opening day. LETS GO RED BULLS!

  10. Mike M Says:

    I’m psyched about the home opener vs. Chicago, of course. And the first game against Philadelphia.

    It’ll be interesting to see how playing each team twice, regardless of conference, works out. If it goes well, MLS should do away with conferences and have a single table for the league.

    • Red Bulls Soccer Says:

      I vote both hands for single table and no playoffs. Best team wins the Championship!

      • DS Says:

        You can still have the playoffs, but it shouldn’t name the overall champion, It could be more like the League Cup (Carling Cup) in England, we already have the US Open Cup as our FA Cup. We just need to somehow make it so the Supporter’s Shield is more important.

  11. redbulls4ever Says:

    I agree with the single table, but our great boss THE DON Garber doesn’t like it.

  12. kkk Says:

    CANTT WAITT!!!!!!!! For the jobs

  13. lucky Says:

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