The club announced today that it has acquired allocation money from the Philadelphia Union. In return, the Red Bulls switched places with Philadelphia in the MLS allocation order, as New York moved from first to sixth.  With the top spot in the allocation order, Philly signed Michael Orozco on loan from Mexican First Division team San Luis FC.  With that move, New York is now fifth in the MLS allocation order.


  1. Mark fishkin Says:

    I guess the Soler/Backe boys don’t anticipate any new quality players showing up mid-season. How long did it take for RBNY to get to the top spot?

    • JackR Says:

      Yea, I think that you are right. I don’t think that they anticipate any new quality players showing up mid-season. Maybe in the august transfer window they will add to the club. I think that Henry is coming in the August transfer window.

  2. Dannyc58 Says:

    Awful. Just awful.

    The bar was set by Toronto & Philly:

    1st round pick, Player, and Allocation money.

    And you got 1 of 3.

    What an awful, awful franchise. You need to explain yourselves.

    I’m irate.

  3. Ken Says:

    What did we get out of this?? We do need an explaination!! I hope somebosy at RB understands the MLS!!

  4. Red Bulls Reader Says:

    Mr. Fish,

    The MLS allocation order is reset every season, and the Red Bulls held the top spot as a result of their 2009 MLS season finish. The order will be reset again following the final results of the 2010 season.

    • C. Says:

      So after that absolute nightmare of a season that we endured, we were rewarded with a top allocation slot to sign maybe a US Nat coming home sometime this season and you give it away for some chump change?? Please tell me how the top allocation slot isn’t worth more than a little money. I would love to know this. This franchise is pathetic. We now have nothing to show for that top allocation spot. Backe and Soler will no doubt go sign another hack failed European from the Scandinavian leagues for about 200K. Or maybe he’ll go sign ANOTHER goalkeeper!!!!! We don’t have enough of those!!!!! Maddening. How do you not at least get a draft pick out of this!!!!???? I’m dumbfounded.

      • DS Says:

        I’m sorry, did I miss something, have we been signing ‘hack failed Europeans from the Scandinavian leagues for about 200K’? When did they come in?

        None of us have any idea what the deal actually entails. Also, how many US Nat coming homes have actually succeeded? They came home cause they failed Europe, which is the same situation as you are describing of the players you think they are already bringing in.

        It’s ‘maddening’ that they are looking at keepers? We had 4 on the books for most of 2008, where you complaining then? Now we have 2 and neither has been totally convincing so it’s understandable that they are looking at new ones.

        When a new coach and a new GM come in, it is normal that all the players have to fight for their spot. We have 1 player on the team who doesn’t have to impress the new regime, everyone else is up for being replaced.

      • JackR Says:

        DS, I have to agree with about the allocation money. There are not many good choice with player coming to league at this moment. They should not start complaining yet. Give them time.

  5. DS Says:

    ‘What did we get?’ We got allocation money. If you don’t know, which it seems as if you don’t, allocation money is what we use to buy players. We don’t have all the billions from Red Bull, we can only use MLS allocation money to buy players. How much a team has is never released, but considering how tight the MLS purse-strings are I doubt it’s very much, so taking some from an expansion team, who gets much more, seems like a good idea.

    Also, who the hell cares about the allocation order? Basically it means that we no longer get first dibs on a player returning to MLS; cause that’s what we need, an over the hill American who is returning for a last pay check (worked so well with Reyna) or a player who couldn’t cut it in Europe.

    I am not going to give a verdict on this decision until I know who RB will buy with that allocation money and who the next player is that we could have chosen had we been at the top of that list.

  6. Matt Says:

    How much? If it’s not an awful lot this is a very stupid deal.

  7. Dannyc58 Says:


    The bar was set. We got 1 of 3. Historically its been

    1st Rounder
    Allocation money.

    Regardless of what you think, we didn’t get value for the pick. That is a fact.

  8. DS Says:

    You can’t say we didn’t get value when you don’t know what we actually got. Allocation money that we can use on a proven player is better than picking an amateur that isn’t proven.

    There was no bar set. We got allocation money to switch slots. If we had chosen Orozco then sold him we would have gotten the allocation money and sent to the bottom of the list, in this case we are now 4th. Also, they don’t have enough players to be able to give one up anyway, so I don’t think that was ever an option. Could we have tried to get a 1st round pick? Yes, but maybe we got more money instead.

  9. Dannyc58 Says:

    First of all, we are now 5th, not 4th.

    And what “proven” players are we buying with allocation $$? If they are new to the MLS, they are NOT proven.

    The only thing that has been proven, is that overall foreign players have a tough time adapting.

    • DS Says:

      Wait, just because someone hasn’t played in MLS they are not proven? I’d have to strongly disagree with that statement. There are thousands of proven players in the world that have never played in MLS.

      You don’t know who RB is looking to purchase with that money. It could be a foreigner, or they could be looking into getting an MLS player from another team, which would meet your narrow minded criteria of what a proven player would be.

      • lou Says:

        I’m actually going to have to agree with DS on this one. We really had no intention of signing any returning player, so then why not take some extra cash that we can put towards someone else? I’m hoping we got a good chunk of money, something substantial, otherwise i will be a little mad, but there’s no point in getting frustrated over the sum of money we got, because we’ll never know what that number is. I’m really hoping the cba raises the cap and epxands the rosters, thats something i’ll be happy with.

    • Pico Says:


      Allocation money was used to partially pay some of the 400k-against-the-cap for the MLS unproven JPA.

      But to address you original point, how much money do you think is enough to offset the 1st round pick + 1 player + money ‘bar’ you make allusion to? How do you know we did not get something equivalent to that?

      How about if we got $1 allocation + 1 player + 1st round pick? That still qualifies under your so called ‘bar’. Extreme example, but still valid.

      Until we know what amount we got (unlikely per MLS secrecy), to say we got fleeced or this is a bad move is silly. I would rather wait and see who we get with the extra money from this transaction. That will tell if we were right or wrong.


  10. kahlva Says:

    I agree with all sentiments.

    For the Red Bulls not to get from Philly what PHILLY THEMSELVES set as the bar for the #1 allocation spot (money, player, draft)… they better have gotten A LOT of allocation money.

    Here’s hoping.

    • DS Says:

      That 1st slot is only worth as much as the players coming into the league that you need the slot for. DC wanted Perkins so much that they were willing to give up so much. I think that was a 1 time deal.

  11. Red Bulls Trade Allocation Spot for Money - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] Red Bulls Reader reports the team has traded away it’s #1 allocation spot to Philadephia in exchange for allocation money. The trade left the Bulls with the #6 spot in the allocation order, but not for long. Philadelphia turned around and continued their attempts at solidifying an already impressive backline by adding US National prospect Michael Orozco , reported first by SBI. This moved the Red Bulls up a spot to #5. […]

  12. Lee Says:

    forget the bar being set philly is and expansion team that mean thay have a hell of a lot of money so we sell them the top spot whats wrong with that …… guys are crying over that top spot when u dont know how much money me got and u dont even know what us players are coming home …………we could use that money to get TH14 or someone else that can come play for us at that start of that season.

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  14. man Says:

    You people are dumb, how do you think they are going to pay down Henry’s salary? Not by sitting on the #1 allocation spot, that’s for sure.

    • JackR Says:

      You got it. They need allocation money with strict/ hard cap.

      • dannyc58 Says:

        For a few months now its been rumored that the DP’s will NOT count against the salary cap, so I’d keep quiet on that one until the new CBA is signed.

        Thanks in advance.

  15. olusola Says:

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