It’s Day Four in La Manga, Spain. It’s Sunday and the coaching staff decided on a morning fitness session in the pool. It was a change of pace after two days of on the field double sessions, but it was far from an easy morning swim. And, with the rest of the day off, some of the guys are planning where they will go to watch the Jets game (tonight at 9 pm local time).

“It was actually hard session as we had to swim laps,” said Red Bulls goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul. . “We had to do relay races and each leg was 50 meters. It was a hard session but it reduced some of the impact that our bodies would take in a normal training session.  It was a change that also relaxed our minds. I now have a lot more respect for swimmers. How do they go so fast in the Olympics?”

After the session, the team had lunch and the rest of the day to themselves. Some guys slept or checked email or watched some of the soccer matches that were on the television. We’re in Spain, so there is a lot of soccer on the television (in English and Spanish).

A number of guys are set to go watch the game at a restaurant on the La Manga grounds. Die-hard Jets fan John Wolyniec is taking the lead. (We’ll have a report later tonight).

Tomorrow, training camp gets more serious with the first match that is scheduled for 5 pm local (11 am ET) against CSKA Moscow. RBR will be in attendance at the match and provide a post game report.


13 Responses to “RBR ON THE ROAD – DAY 4 LA MANGA SPAIN”

  1. Petke Fan Says:

    RBNY fans- well 1 anyway- is in Indy for Jets game. Go NY!

  2. Ethan Z. Says:

    make that two

  3. Dario Says:

    Not me, Milan Derby/Jets game= my couch.

    I hate Inter, I hope Milan wins. Go Red Bulls/JUVENTUS!

  4. jason Says:

    what time r redbulls playing santos march 20th?

  5. JackR Says:

    I just hope that red bulls make the playoff this year.

  6. blom Says:

    speaking of Santos.. looks like we might get to see Robinho

  7. YaBoy Says:

    I wish the CSKA Moscow game was televised somewhere! Cant find a stream to save my life

  8. emilio Says:

    Robinho is the most overrated player in the world, he couldnt cut it in Europe.

  9. emilio Says:

    Any updates on how the game is going?

  10. Metro Renegade Says:

    anyone not see woly drowning !?!??!? help that guy!~

  11. Draw With CSKA Moscow Gives First Glimpse Of 2010 Red Bulls - - The Offside - New York Red Bulls Soccer Blog Says:

    […] was a major part of their system. Backe has already been emphasizing these aspects of the game, as evidenced by the last few reports out of La Manga from RBR. This was a major, cataclysmic flaw to the Bulls 2009 system. Though only a friendly, a 1-1 draw in […]

  12. Luana Says:

    i would like to know about the Brazilian guys who are training the team of red bull.

  13. Juan Smiling Says:

    I’ve been following your site for some time

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