We headed out to training today as the team prepares to leave for Spain (they travel tomorrow) and compiled this report:

The team played a series of small sided and small field games, concentrating on possession and finishing on small nets.  The games were fast paced, especially for just the second day of training, which is an encouraging sign, though its hard to learn much this early on in the preseason.  We were able to get a few minutes with Conor Chinn and Irving Garcia (interviews to be posted tomorrow) as well as get injury updates with Carlos Mendes and John Wolyniec (also coming soon).  Here are a few photos to get you through the rest of today…

Irving Garcia (L) and Tony Tchani (R)

Conor Chinn

Austin da Luz



  1. jason Says:


  2. lou Says:

    i thought garcia was pacheco for a second.

  3. Mike from linden Says:

    I likey I likey. Can’t wait till the season starts! Is there any video of the team doing there drills?

  4. JackR Says:

    Good start!

  5. kahlva Says:

    Very positive vibes to start the season – well done in the offseason Red Bull!

    I hope the training facility gets moved to the front burner though. We need to stop training on astro turf with american football lines…

  6. kofix5 Says:

    Bring home La Manga boys!
    Show Rubin Kazan how this game is played

  7. Agoof Says:

    Still waiting on the videos. Whats the holdup?

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