Welcome to Philadelphia, PA and the 2010 MLS SuperDraft.  We will be here all day to cover the Red Bulls and the draft, both here and on our Twitter Account (#newyorkredbulls).  We will try and update here as often as possible, but will provide a running commentary of sorts on the twitter side.

The Red Bulls entered the day with seven picks (2 1st, 2 2nd, 2 3rd, and 1 4th) but changed that in the early morning today, with the deal after the jump.

12:45 PM: New York  has acquired defender and U.S. Men’s National Team veteran Chris Albright from the New England Revolution in exchange for a 2010 MLS SuperDraft second round pick (31st overall) and third round pick 48th overall). The Red Bulls still hold five picks in today’s SuperDraft; two in the first round (2nd, 14th), one in the second (18th), one in the third (34th) and one in the fourth (50th).  FULL RELEASE

2:21 PM: With the #2 pick, New York selects midfielder Tony Tchani from the University of Virginia.

Here is a short interview with Tony conducted moments after he was drafted.

3:18 PM: With the #14 pick the Red Bulls select Austin Da Luz, midfielder from Wake Forest.

A quick interview to introduce Austin.

3:48 PM: With the #18 pick, New York selects defender Tim Ream from St. Louis U.

4:58 PM: With the #34 pick (2nd pick, 3rd round) the Red Bulls select forward Conor Chinn from U of San Francisco.

5:58 PM: With their last selection of the draft (4th round, #50 overall) New York selects Irving Garcia, M/F out of UC-Irvine.

Thats it for us from the SuperDraft.  We will be getting some more videos that we will be posting in the near future.  Thanks for following along!


10 Responses to “RBR ON THE ROAD: 2010 MLS SUPERDRAFT”

  1. Cindy Says:

    man that’s a lot of picks… i’m totally ok with giving up the 34th and 48th picks for Albright… don’t touch that #2! i want Tchani!!

  2. emilio Says:

    Is it possible that Albright will be traded with the 14th or 18th pick for the 7th pick to get Duka?

  3. Alle Says:

    Interesting move for Albright, but indeed, don’t touch that #2!

  4. emilio Says:

    One thing we can say it looks like the club has a plan and knows what they are doing, Miller and Albright are solid moves to strengthen the back, Miller may be used as a center back, with Johnson and Albright as the fullbacks. At least we arent going after players like Khano Smith.

  5. Alle Says:

    Would’ve been nice to see Mwanga with us, but hopefully we make a decent pick next.

  6. Alle Says:

    Tony Tchanii!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cindy Says:

    aww very nice words from Austin Da Luz… i think we did good this draft… sad we didn’t get Duka, but now i’d just be glad to get Dave Van den Bergh back!

  8. Matt Says:

    Overall I’m pleased. Nice job with the draft.

  9. Tim F. Says:

    Great draft Red Bulls. Tchani, Da Luz and Garcia are fantastic picks. Don’t know much about Ream or Chinn but hope they do well.

    Albright is a class act; always treats fans well. Couldn’t ask for a better team player.

    Fantastic job Red Bulls!

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