The 2010 MLS SuperDraft is in the books, and the Red Bulls draft haul includes one defender, two midfielders, and two forwards, as well as a veteran back line player via trade.  RBR caught up with Erik Soler and Richie Williams post-draft to get their thoughts on the day (Full video to be posted on the official site as a Red Bulls Insider next week).  We also acquired some player highlight packages from MLS that include collegiate and MLS Combine footage, as well as an MLS Combine interview with Conor Chinn.  Videos after the jump.

Erik Soler and Richie Williams recap the Red Bulls’ SuperDraft

Tony Tchani Highlight Package

Austin Da Luz Highlight Package

Tim Ream Highlight Package

Conor Chinn MLS Combine Interview

Irving Garcia Highlight Package



  1. Cindy Says:

    Irving Garcia — that was a good pick too! good signs, good signs!!

  2. Lenin Says:

    I think Garcia is going to be a gem for NYRB

  3. kofix5 Says:

    Incredible set of picks guys! & we got Albright. I like where this is going

  4. lou Says:

    de luz- really excited about this guy, polished player, best left foot in the draft. He needs to add some muscle, he will have to adjust to the physicality of the league.

    Garcia- raw talent, small, but exciting and definetly a draft steal.

    Ream- reminds me a bit of goldy just from his appearance. looks solid and has good size/speed combo.

    tchani- strong, composed, and can contribute right away. As i said before i think, de luz will be the better pro in the long run, but i could be wrong.

  5. Tim F. Says:

    Great draft Red Bulls. Tchani, Da Luz and Garcia are excellent picks. Don’t know much about Ream or Chinn but hope they do well.

    Albright is a class act; always treats fans well. Couldn’t ask for a better team player.

    Fantastic job Red Bulls!

  6. Lee Says:

    I love this draft class we got need speed size and everyone of then can play the game they are not raw talent they know how to play the game they can pass they are good on the ball and they can score GREAT DRAFT and we got Albright if we can get him fit the draft class would be even betta

  7. Lee Says:

    IF u guys have espn360 u can see some game with Da Luz and Tchani

  8. JackR Says:

    I like the players the red bulls drafted. I think that the red bulls had a great draft. I really like the direction where the clubs going. I was pleasantly surprised by the trade for Albright. That was a great move. I am waiting for their next choice for designated player.

  9. Pico Says:

    Garcia might be the sleeper here. The fact that he is so small and with his technical ability he could become a player like Mauricio Cienfuegos.

    The most important aspect of this draft is the emphasis on the technical aspect of the players game. It is about time that the league places a premium on sound skills over athleticism.

    Hopefully Hans can work with this young group to form a very good team, and I am inclined to give him at least two years to make his mark.


  10. emilio Says:

    Im not gonna get carried away, being that there are not many impact players in MLS drafts, however I think Tchani can be an instant starter and da Luz looks like a solid prospect, and may become a contributer. The other guys time will tell. If three or 4 of the guys make the roster that will be good, but the team will be built on a few more acquistions.

  11. BlancdaBody Says:

    From everything I’ve heard, Tchani is supposed to be the most MLS reasy player in the draft. Hopefully he can step in and plug the hole in the midfield and help in attack when needed.

    I like Da Luz, from his highlights he looks like a technical ball handler. He reminds me of Benny Feilhaber on the ball. Looks confident with good service. Should be Angel’s best friend next season.

    I’m really starting to get pumped. Good draft Red Bull.

  12. Thierry Henry to New York Red Bulls with Raul? | | New York Red Bulls MLS Announcer Says:


  13. Marcelle Mccomas Says:

    Well, that’s very good, however think about additional options we’ve got here? Would you mind making a further post regarding them as well? Thanks!

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