The latest issue of Men’s Health hit the newsstands recently, and if you take a look inside, you will find an article about what kind of lingerie to buy your special lady for Valentine’s Day.  Men’s Health needed “experts” to help with this task, and turned to none other than our very own Macoumba Kandji to provide his “insight”.  It turns out that Mac has a bit of a wild streak in his taste in ladies unmentionables, but it seems his girlfriend didn’t mind to much, as the article states, “Kandji’s gamble paid off”.  Mac’s photo didn’t appear in the online version of the article, but does in the print version, as shown in the capture on the left.  We will have to check in with Mac in February to see what he buys his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day when a magazine isn’t picking up the tab.


  1. Sam H Says:

    Hey – I’m from FootballUnited.com and would love to get in touch you to possibly discuss a couple of things…but I can’t find a contact address anywhere on here! I was writing to discuss the possibility of you joining our blog network – if you’d like to chat more, then please use the email supplied with this comment and you’ll get straight through to me 🙂

    (I’ve added you on Twitter (we’re @footballutd) – I’ll drop you a line on there too)

    Cheers, Sam

  2. kpugs Says:

    Fantastic! The official team blog is talking about lingerie and the team still doesn’t have a f**king coach. This organization is pathetic. And yet I still continue to add on to the thousands of dollars I’ve spent on it since 1996. I must be a complete idiot.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Kpugs, here’s the good news… Rojas is no longer on the team!

  4. Ethan Says:

    Do we now have to question what he is wearing under his kit?

    Coach, come on there ar e more important things than that , aren’t there? OH god its gonna be an even longer season this year 😦

  5. Alle Says:

    Kandji playa playa! haha

    @Kevin: ROJAS LEFT?! WHEN?

  6. lou Says:

    At least kandji can score off the field.

  7. jason Says:

    were does it say rojas left ?

  8. Alle Says:


    Great way to start off 2010. We’re also about to sign Costa Rican international Roy Miller from Rosenborg.

  9. VIRGIL Says:

    This post just reminded me that Valentine is around the cornor! Thanks for this post, I enjoyed reading it

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