RBR went over to Red Bull Arena yesterday to prepare for a video update (coming in the new year), but we stopped to take some photos while we were there as our holiday gift to our loyal readers.  The view above is of the fully completed Bulls and Sun logo on the lower bowl (which is also fully completed.  After the jump we will provide a quick pictorial tour of a few newly updated portions of what is an amazing stadium to behold.With lower bowl seating completed (with the exception of the club seats, which are scheduled to arrive soon), seat installation in the upper bowl has begun.  As of yesterday, the south end of the stadium has been completed, and more progress is being made every day.  Here is a photo of the south end of the stadium (the lower bowl section is the supporters sections, with section 101 being directly behind the goal).

Also, like we said, the Bulls and Sun logo has been completed at midfield in the lower bowl.

While we were there, we also noticed that the techs from Panasonic were installing the HD Scoreboard above the stand on the north end of the stadium.  That portion in about 75% completed, while the south end is just getting underway.  Here is a view of the north end.

The sound system at the arena is also functional, and the workers were listening to music through the stadium’s sound system to test the speakers and to put a spring in the step of the hard working union guys.  We then headed inside to get a look at the progress of the Pub and the Club Seat Lounge.  There are impressive bars in both areas, with carpet and wood floors already installed (though covered to protect them during remaining construction.  Here are views of two different bar areas:

We also got a look at the Red Bulls locker room, which as a whole is a top-notch area for our guys to prepare for a match.  Here is a view of the team lockers:

Obviously, there is still more work to do, but we were more than impressed with what we saw, and will share the video with you guys inthe next episode of Red Bulls Insider, which will be posted on the official site in the new year.  Until then, all of us here at wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season!


  1. Matt Says:

    I think I have a woody. Fantastic!

  2. kofix5 Says:

    My heart is pounding!

  3. Mike from linden Says:

    Wow this is top notch stuff! Keep up the good work at the arena! Noe let’s hire a head coach already!

  4. lou Says:


  5. Mr. Fish Says:


  6. Joe Says:

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait for these 3 months to fly by!

  7. Cindy Says:

    go union guys! Thanks very much for the photo update, it looks amazing and i cannot wait for the new year and season! also Happy Holidays to everyone!

  8. DrMemnok Says:

    Looks like a nice stadium. Will have to make my way out from California when my Galaxy play away.

    But the article needed some fact checking.

    “…of the hard working union guys.”

    You can have hard working guys, and you can have union guys…. But there are rarely hard working union guys.

    • Fred Says:

      Memnok. (comment deleted by moderator).

      You probably have never been to a job sight in New Jersey, that is union built. People put in a good days work, get the job done on time, and work safe.

      (comment deleted by moderator).

    • j1m Says:

      I might as well also put in comment deleted by moderator, because this post was a pile of (yep, it would have been deleted.) Obviously posted by a guy that’s never gotten his finger nails dirty without running to the manicurist. Elitest scumbag.

    • phillypride Says:

      Any worker that believes Memnok’s line has been duped by an employer or another similarly duped worker. Unions give hard working people a chance to work without being used and abused. Sure, there might be a few people that take advantage here and there, but you get people that take more pride in their work, have superior skills, and do a better job.

  9. Somebody Says:

    Thanks! Great photos!

  10. why Says:

    It’s beautiful hopefully some new and good things will happen there for the team and fans

    burn Pietravallo

  11. dfjersey Says:


    The stadium looks great. Can’t wait to be sitting in my season.

    The new coach, should we have one prior to the start of the season, will be very lucky.

  12. Dario Says:

    what does burn Pietravallo mean?

  13. Dario Says:

    BTW: the stadium looks amazing. I cant wait to go.

    It resembles a German/Spanish modern stadium. Great job!!!

  14. George in Tampa Says:

    Congratulation’s Red Bull fan’s. This stadium looks like it was plucked
    out of somewhere in Europe and placed in Harrison,New Jersey.
    Major League Soccer is really starting to take off with stadium’s like
    this being built and fan bases like Toronto FC,D.C.United and the Seattle
    Sounders have.

    Stunning,simply stunning!

  15. Johnny Says:

    Anybody know if the player benches will have those Recaro racing seats like you see in Europe?

  16. DavidJ Says:

    I hope Red Bull offers to take season ticket holders on tours of the Arena around opening day.
    Re Memnok, he’s a Californian, ’nuff said.

    • HoBo Says:

      hey don’t knock all Californians, I was born and raised there in a union home and support union workers…… there can be lazy workers of all fields

  17. redbulls4ever Says:

    I just took a look at the interior camera for Redbull Arena and noticed some one had scribbled in two words in the fresh snow covering the field, does it read F%$#ING AWESOME ? This is funny, or am I seeing things?

  18. George in Tampa Says:

    I just took a look at the interior camera for Redbull Arena and noticed some one had scribbled in two words in the fresh snow covering the field, does it read F%$#ING AWESOME ? This is funny, or am I seeing things?

    Your not seeing things, the webcam caught former player Alexi Lalas
    peeing those words on the field.;-)

  19. Dario Says:

    Yes, I also saw the comment left on the field.

    Very funny, but very rude.

  20. Frog Says:

    Thanks, now sell the team and end this failed experiment

  21. Snow White, Red Bull  | MLS Insider Blog Says:

    […] completion. There are also some great interior shots of the locker rooms and club lounge as well. Check them out here if you’re feeling the need for a December dose of “facility feel-good”. Share […]

  22. jw Says:

    It is beautiful. Now, just fix your team.

    It’s like having a state of the art garage…for a broken down ox cart…complete with dead ox.

    • kofix5 Says:

      Bruce Arena just got 3 young Brazilian players from the same top team in Sao Paolo. That’s scouting. As good as it gets.

      That’s what I call a serious statement. Almost as good as this stadium.

  23. Kevin Payne Says:

    That’s way too many seats. They will never fill them.

  24. Drew Cary Says:

    hope the team’s new uni’s will be biohazard suits. They’ll need them since the site is a toxic waste dump

  25. Car jack jim Says:

    Awesome, right next to newark. The car jacking capital of the US. I’m gonna steal your cars when you park there, right out of the lot.

  26. Crack dealer Says:

    I’ll be in the lot selling crack if anyone needs any.

  27. empire supporter Says:

    I hope they designed the acoustics so that we’ll be able to hear the opposing team’s supporters singing well. Otherwise we won’t be able to rip of other team’s chants like they always do.

  28. Matt Says:

    Looks like all the DC morons have the day off – or are at home collecting unemployment.

  29. Robert Sanders Says:

    Another beautiful jewel for MLS. it looks awesome. Can’t wait to travel to the metropolis from the peach state to catch a Red Bulls game.

  30. Brian Ching Says:

    WOW its really coming along, can’t wait to bring the boys from Houston to play there

  31. BC-Sec130 Says:

    Look’s great, can’t wait
    Celtic has – You’ll never walk alone
    Red Bull should have – We weren’t born to follow by Bon Jovi
    Listen to the song it would be perfect!

  32. Sam Says:

    I hope Red Bull remains a sponsor, otherwise, there’s a lot of seat swappng to be done.

  33. cody Says:

    that’s what mls needs, top class stadiums like this one they are building. not the one row seating like the other mls stadiums.

  34. Jay Says:

    If it looks like a European stadium, that’s because it is. At least structurally, it’s a copy of the Hypo Group Arena in Klagenfurt, Austria
    Red Bull Salsburg play away games there.

    They have reconfigured the interior and put a decidedly American stamp on it. I think the combination will make the best stadium in MLS, and other teams will be hard pressed to match us.

  35. BC-Sec130 Says:

    when is the schedule coming out? Have to make plan to be at every game, sorry wife!

  36. francis Says:

    MLS needs to put into effect a law that demands all bench seating be removed from current MLS stadiums, future MLS stadiums, and any in the design stage. Red Bull Arena should set the new direction of Professional soccer stadiums in the USA. Happy New Year to all!

  37. cbw soldier Says:

    jd One New Years Resolution wish for 2010. No Redbull Interns slow walking through NYC. Please!!!! Happy New Year Redbull fans. Can’t wait for new Stadium, it looks great.

  38. Pete Says:

    Section 115

  39. gtaguy Says:

    holy shit i can’t believe how nice this stadium is looking.. I can’t wait for TFC to make thier first appearance there.. expect thousands of tfc fans to come out and make that stadium roar.. a night game there would be most impressive… wtg nyrb

  40. Devin Says:

    Wow I’m gona beg my parents to have us make this trip. SOUNDERS FC! 😉

  41. BC-sec 130 Says:

    Less-than 80 days to opeoning day and all the seats are not in, starting to get worried, any chance of a lock out Feb. 1

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