RBR ON THE ROAD- Day 3 – Arrival in Haiti

Brad Stammler (Seth's dad), Seth, and Jeremy land in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Today was a travel day as we packed for Haiti. Before departing, Seth and Jeremy went to a radio station for a short live interview with the afternoon crew. It was fun and they invited Seth and Jeremy back to the Dominican Republic.

Then it was off to the regional air terminal, a different one that we flew into. And that’s where we found our 18-seat prop plane waiting to take us over the mountains to Haiti. Though it was only a 30 minute flight, it was cramped and bumpy. The last person on the flight offered us water and snacks for the trip then jumped into the cockpit and served as our pilot! As soon as the door was shut, the engine roared to life and we were out on the runway. No safety demonstrations like you’re normally used to. We were airborne ten minutes before our scheduled departure time! Not like the airports in New York!

Thirty minutes later we touched down in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We grabbed our bags then headed for customs. Once we were through customs (a 30 minute process), we were met by our security detail. If you are a foreigner doing business in Haiti, you need a security detail. After we exited the terminal and went to the vehicles, I understood why. It was crowded with people pulling on you and your bags from the moment you exit. Though RBR has been to a number of countries over the two years, this was the first time that nervousness crept into the psyche. Then we were off for the hour drive through Port-au-Prince and up into the hills to the hotel. It was a crowded drive with people and cars everywhere. The first thing RBR notices was the colorful pickup trucks which we were told are called tap-taps. Basically, they are cabs for about a dozen people and if you want to get out you tap on the roof.

Soon we were at the hotel and we were escorted out to meet Jerold, who has handled all of the details of Sporting Chance Foundation here on the ground in Haiti. Jerold explained to everyone all that’s been done with the scholarships – 51 kids have received scholarships for school – and the construction of the water station, which went operational in late October. Tomorrow, we’ll get to visit with the kids and Thursday is a ceremony at the water station.

After the hour meeting we had time for a quick shower and then off to dinner with Bobby Duvall, a former political prisoner in the 1970s and builder of L’Athletique d’Haiti, is one of the main soccer facilities for youth in Haiti.  We’ll visit L’Athletique on Thursday. More on Bobby later as he’s a very interesting story.

For Seth, the return was exciting as it’s the first time he has been back in Haiti since 2006. Over the course of three years, he’s raised over $100,000 to fund the scholarships as well as build the water station. So the next few days will give him the chance to see the work that he’s done come to fruition. [Check out the video interview below].

Stay tuned for the updates.


3 Responses to “RBR ON THE ROAD- Day 3 – Arrival in Haiti”

  1. kofix5 Says:

    Nice work guys! Cool to see what your up to

  2. NYFINEST Says:

    good work!! remember dominican republic is a baseball country. #1 sport in Haiti is Soccer.

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    […] few of it’s younger players  –Luke Sassano, Nick Zimmerman and jet-setter Jeremy Hall (he’s now in Haiti with Seth Stammler)– to the Austrian mothership in Salzburg for some off-season training and the like with their […]

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